The Christmas of sickness


I don’t think it’s ever happened to us around Christmas before, but we’ve had a lot of this: And this: I think everyone is finally on the mend now (and so far I haven’t gotten sick), but whatever this bug is, it is slooooow to leave (at least, once it develops into pneumonia and bronchitis!). […]

Reindeer and Snowmen (well, cupcake versions, anyway.)

reindeer cupcakes from Aldi

Sometimes the best-laid plans get derailed.  And boy, a lot of things have gotten derailed this last week at my house! Here was the plan: Aldi had a holiday blogger program this month that didn’t work out for me for a number of reasons, so as an alternative, I suggested that I use the gift […]

It was a good day.


Thermal mugs, not lenses, in case you didn’t notice the wonky brand name. Just the six of us. Gifts. Hugs. Cinnamon rolls. Christmas music. Books. Games. Our not-so-traditional dinner tradition of crepes (made by Mr. FG and me. We kind of rock at this.), sausage, and bacon. I hope your day was full of good […]

Guess the cookie artist (and win a $50 gift card to Amazon!)

cookie guessing 2013

So, you know that we made frosted sugar cookies last week. And if you were around last year, you know that we did a just-for-fun cooking guessing contest…I posted six cookies, and you guys tried to guess which of us made each cookie. We all got a kick out of watching the guesses roll in, […]

The tree, it is decorated.

christmas tree decorating

(On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I post a photo or two and just a few words.) That’s a good way to spend a December evening, I think. _____________ Joshua’s 365 post: Non-Digital Minecraft

Give more presence

christmas house

Normally I post a photo on Tuesdays, but instead, I wanted to share this video with you today. I’ve posted stuff from the Advent Conspiracy in years past, but the message bears repeating. I know I need to keep hearing it. Email subscribers, here’s a link to the video, since it won’t show up in […]