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Christmas stream of consciousness

I published the Five Frugal Things post yesterday instead of today.   Whoops.

So, hows about some miscellany/stream of consciousness for today?


dried hydrangea

(random photo of a dried-up hydrangea, to go with a random post)

Let’s see. What’s newsworthy and not-yet-blogged-about in my life lately?


I got Joshua signed up for college classes, starting next semester.   He’s a junior, but he can take college classes at the community college for half price while he’s in high school.

Can I brag on him for a sec?

(This is a thing moms with blogs can occasionally do. Heh.)

To start off, he had to take a placement test that all new students need for English and math.   The guy administering the test told us 90% of high school students test into remedial math first and he suggested not taking it. (??)

math dinosaur

(Joshua can math better than Math Dinosaur.)

But Joshua and I thought he should go for it, and he did, and I’m pleased to say that he tested into the highest math and the highest English.

(All the administrators who saw his test scores were very impressed.)

I know my kids are not the sum of their test scores or anything, but I’m still pleased that Joshua did so well.

Even though I’m not really big on tests, it’s sort of nice, as a homeschool mom, to get some positive standardized feedback.   And it’s delightful to be reminded that it’s not necessary to experience years of standardized tests in order to do well on one.

homeschool math outdoors

Also, I am very proud of Joshua (ok, and me too) for hanging in there and working really hard on math even though neither of us love it.

The English part of the test…well, that I am less proud about because words come way more naturally to us than numbers!

I always think that hard work on things that don’t come naturally deserves way more credit than hard work on things that are fun/come naturally.

Incidentally, when I was standing in line at the college cafeteria, a young student asked me how many finals I had left. Considering I’m 2 years shy of 40, I feel like that was a serious compliment.

Or maybe she is just really bad at judging age.

Or she thought I was a really old college student.

I’m gonna go with compliment. 😉

Think positive, I say.


This December, I am remembering the Month of Pneumonia  that we had last year at this time (everyone but me got pneumonia!), and I am super grateful that no one at my house is sick.

Christmas pneumonia

Honestly, I feel grateful mostly for their sakes but also for mine. It’s hard to be sick, but it’s also kind of hard to be the only healthy one in a houseful of sick people.

However, it’s not as hard as trying to take care of people while being sick myself, so yay, immune system. Thanks for coming thru for me.


I’m doing pretty great with my Christmas shopping this year.   I’m done shopping for almost everyone, and I’ve helped the kids get all of their shopping for each other done too.

velvet gift bag

Yay me!

Unfortunately, I have not made my annual photo calendar for Mr. FG’s grandma yet.   Must get that done.


There are some non-negotiable Christmas traditions that I feel like we need to do each year or it’s not Christmas, and we did most of ’em already.

fg Christmas cookies

(Amazing what happens when no one has pneumonia.)

We got a Christmas tree, decorated it together, made Christmas cookies together, shopped for presents, and put up outdoor Christmas lights.

cookie decorating

Basically, I just need to make Pfeffernusse and bake some goodies for our neighbors and I am good to go.


We are enjoying week one of our annual 3-week Christmas vacation from school.

We’ve taken a long Christmas break for many years, and I feel 100% not-guilty about that because we go at it pretty hard the rest of the year, and we always finish our work in early to mid May.

frosted christmas cookies

So I feel like a 3 week Christmas break is quite justifiable.

It is also quite marvelous.

Related: Isn’t it interesting that the last 3 weeks of summer break seem so short (ACK! Summer is almost over!!! The sky is falling!!), but when you have 3 weeks off in December, it seems like a vast expanse of time?   Or is that just me??


How’s holiday prep going at your house?   And if you’ve got school-age kids in the house, when does your break start?

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Saturday 19th of December 2015

Just fyi, the average age at our local community college is 36 ;-)


Saturday 19th of December 2015

Ooh! Well, that takes the wind out of my sails. ;)


Thursday 17th of December 2015

One more exam has to be taken tomorrow... Biology It's not her favorite. All the shopping and wrapping is done. All the kids will be home this year for 5 days!!! That includes 4 kids plus 2 spouses.

You inspire me!!! Thank you and Merry Christmas!!


Thursday 17th of December 2015

Congratulations to Joshusa and you!


Thursday 17th of December 2015

Atta-Mom! And WAY TO GO JOSH!

Yay for Early College programs through the Comm. College. My daughter (homeschooled all through) took a bunch of online college classes last year (called eStart here in NH) and this year as a senior is dual-enrolled (double-yay for cheap classes for high school kids!) and doing all of her coursework at the local community college. She's had a blast and even the not-so-fun classes have been good experience. She's been accepted to her first choice 4-year school with an awesome scholarship for next fall and they will transfer in all her comm. college credits (between 40-50 total) when she starts!

Break starts here tomorrow officially - Merry Christmas!


Friday 18th of December 2015

Yes, the cheap high school kid tuition for college is marvelous!

Molly F.C.

Thursday 17th of December 2015

Yay for Joshua! Yay for Kristen! And Kristen, THE bag, the velvety bag! I deliberate each year as to what extra special present goes inside it. :)


Friday 18th of December 2015

I thought you might notice your bag making an appearance!

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