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Making Christmas Merry | Make a list of giftees and plan your purchases. Now.

(Christmas is in less than two months, you know. 😉 I just realized that as I was typing this post! )

Hopefully thinking about your Christmas priorities and realizing that it’s ok to not exchange gifts with everyone you know will make this job a little simpler for you this year.

I find last-minute shopping to be incredibly stressful, so I like to get as much done ahead of time as possible.

But of course, you can’t really get your shopping done ahead of time if you haven’t figured out who you’re giving gifts to, and what you’ll be buying/making.

Since I’m a pencil and paper sort of planner, I just take a notebook page and make a list of all the family members I’ll be giving gifts to, and then jot down some gift ideas for each person.

Once I have family members covered, I also make a list of other people to whom I might give edible gifts (like neighbors, people at church, etc.) That helps me to plan out my holiday baking so that I’m not busy doing it all at the last minute.

Don’t worry if you don’t have gift ideas for every person on your list right now-just having the names written down is a step in the right direction. And once you have a list, you’ll have a handy place to jot down ideas as they come to you over the next month or two.

Speaking of gift ideas…I have some thoughts on buying meaningful gifts for people, but I want to give you time today to make your gift list.

So, go get that done, and tomorrow, we’ll talk about meaningful gifts.


Joshua’s 365 post: A doodle

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Thursday 1st of November 2012

For several years, I have wanted to do a craft with my Haitian sensations that would point them toward their native Haiti. Each Christmas, artists in Haiti use cardboard and tissue paper to make lantern like houses and churches to herald in the holidays. The light shining through the tissue paper gives a stained glass effect. Since I would be winging it... I better get started!


Monday 29th of October 2012

I agree - we set the budgets and made the list earlier this week. Our lowest budget since we met ten years ago as things are tighter this year. The biggest cut was between hubby and me. We are actually excited about the lower budget and giving each other a list of things we would enjoy. Nice series of blog posts.


Monday 29th of October 2012

I'm *almost* done with collating the gifts. Just these pesky scarves now really to knit - but it seems I may have cracked it. I tallied up and I make up approx 12 Christmas boxes and then there are 4 Kids to write letters to Santa. This actually sounds a lot. But this is a reduced amount. I'm nearly there though - perhaps need to get a bit of a move on with the actual decorating of the old shoe boxes! That's one thing that creeps up on me every time!

The Greatful Mom

Monday 29th of October 2012

I'm excited about this!

I feel like it's never too early to start planning for the holidays--I love Christmas!

I have been making a mental list of who I'm giving to and what they're getting for a couple of weeks now, so I guess it would be smart to take your advice and write it all down! I'm also eagerly awaiting your post on meaningless gifts. I really get zero joy out of giving something that does not come from the heart.


Monday 29th of October 2012

Gift list - check, christmas cooking schedule - check, now I´m going to look in my pantry and see if I have to buy any ingredients for gingerbreadcookies... I made lussekatter a week ago, I´ll probably have to bake one or two more batches but that´s ok.

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