Food Waste Friday, er, Saturday.

Normally I do this on Fridays, but my posting plan went a little wonky.  And I didn’t want to skip this because heaven knows *I* need Food Waste Friday posts to keep myself on track.

This was really, really not my best week. And it came on the heels of so many stellar weeks.

Oh well.

This bread was forgotten about because I happened to bake English Muffin bread, which was far more novel.

moldy bread

Should have frozen it.


This bag contains two mushrooms so foul smelling, I couldn’t bear the thought of opening the bag to photograph them.


And then there is some moldy cauliflower, a bit of gravy, and some mushy kiwis (check the package before you buy them, Kristen!)


Oh! I forgot that I composted the last bit of a head of iceberg lettuce.  I could have eaten it, I suppose, but iceberg is so non-nutritious compared to the other greens I had, I opted to eat the more nutritious ones.

iceberg lettuce

On a more cheerful note, many leftovers were eaten.

leftovers with a fried egg

(leftover veggies and shrimp with a fried egg)

I picked through the last of a bag of cranberries and saved the good ones.


And I froze some fruit that no one wanted to eat (for future smoothie use, of course!)

freezing fruit for smoothies

So, there you have it.

The lovely thing is that after a bad week, you can always pick up and try again.

And that’s what I’m gonna do.


I know we’re off our normal routine, given that it’s Saturday, but do feel free to share your food waste news in the comments. And if you blogged about Food Waste Friday, then share your link so we can visit your blog and read all about it!

Let’s see. What’s happenin’ on the food waste front?

The only possible bit of waste I have is this lemon, which came in a bag of lemons and was squishy when I brought it home.

bad lemon

(Check the bag better next time, Kristen!)

I may see if I could possibly salvage it for a stove-top air freshener, though.

So, that’s all I’ve got waste-wise.  Could I have some thunderous applause???


Here’s a peek at a few things I did to avoid waste.

I grind my whole wheat flour from grain I purchase in bulk, and I had ground a little too much.

Freshly ground whole wheat flour gets a little stale-tasting if you don’t use it or freeze it somewhat promptly, so I decided to use it by making some whole wheat bread.


I tried a cinnamon-raisin experiment with the dough this time around and while it was good (my children all approved), I think it needs a little more tweaking.

More cinnamon!

More raisins!

In other bread news, I thawed some frozen sweet potatoes and used them in a pumpkin bread recipe.

sweet potato bread

Nutritious?  No.

Delicious?  Yes.

In fruit news, I ended up with many bananas ripening all at once, so I sliced and froze a few of them both for snacking and for smoothie-making.

frozen bananas

I also froze some leftover fruit salad that no one seemed to want to eat.  No one complains about these same bits of fruit when they’re smoothified, fortunately.

frozen fruit salad

I made a cheesecake for Mr. FG’s birthday, and he likes it topped with canned cherry pie filling.

The cheesecake was gone before the pie filling, though, so I rinsed off the remaining cherries and froze them to use in a smoothie.

frozen canned cherries

I’m not sure how nutritious cherries from pie filling are, but this still seems better than throwing them out.

Here’s how my fridge is lookin':

IMG_8141 IMG_8145

It’s a little full at the moment because I went to the grocery store yesterday to buy things for Sonia’s birthday meal.

(Why yes, it IS birthday season at our house! 4/6 of our family’s birthdays occur within a six-week period.)

I don’t have a lot in the way of leftovers in my fridge, which is always good news.  There are a few grilled veggies, which I will probably eat with my eggs this morning.

leftover grilled veggies

And there’s quite a bit of tortellini soup left from last night’s dinner.  The kids and I will eat a fair amount of that for lunch today, I think.

Leftover soup makes such a great lunch meal.

tortellini soup

So! It was a good week at Chez Frugal Girl.  I don’t know why, but I’ve just been in a good food waste groove of late.  Hopefully it’ll continue!


How’s the fight against food waste going at your house?  Tell us about your losses and saves, and feel free to leave a link if you’ve posted about your food waste this week!