I wasted three avocados. (whaaaat.)

cinnamon croutons

I always think it’s nice to get the bad news out of the way first, don’t you? Top container: some leftover mac n’ cheese that my girls didn’t eat. Bottom container: two bits of chicken. Not pictured: 3 (three!!!!!) avocados that went bad. This is sort of unheard of at my house because I eat […]

This avocado is just the start…

bad avocado

Part I Today is Food Waste Friday. I found a funky avocado earlier this week and snapped a photo. I wish this was all the food waste I have, but I know I’ve got more. But. I haven’t cleaned out my fridge, so I’m not sure what all is hiding in there. So! I’m gonna […]

Nowhere but up from a trashed chicken, right??

grape beet smoothie

Well. As you all know, I had an epically bad start to my week, at least as food waste goes. Throwing away a whole chicken = not exactly a fortuitous start. But. The rest of the week was as good as the start was bad, so, yay! Remember the grapes I froze after throwing out […]