I had a turkey from 2004. And 2006.

extra cranberries

Yup. If you follow me on Instagram (which you totally should! We have a lot of fun over there.), you already know that this week, I defrosted my chest freezer. (Remember when I bought this freezer?  And remember how dreadful my old one was? I completely forgot about the leaking rusty water until this morning.) […]

I don’t like leftover popcorn.

glazed chicken

Relevant because, this week in food waste: The avocado was one of those odd ones that went straight from hard to rotten. The berries, I forgot about. And the popcorn…well, I guess I just made too much.  Sometimes we do well at eating leftover popcorn, but this time, we didn’t. The butter somehow makes it […]

About cauliflower breadsticks, frozen spinach, and more…

freeze spinach for smoothies

Every other Friday, I host Food Waste Friday, where I share my food waste successes and failures. The public accountability does me good. You know me…I like to get the bad news out of the way first. So. Here it is. Those are leftover cauliflower breadsticks. They were all right the first night I made […]

Food Waste, Food Saves, and Painting

swimming after dinner

It’s Friday!  Which means that it’s time to talk about food waste (except on every other Fridays, when it’s time to talk about food waste over at Simply Being Mum.  ) Anyhoo, it’s my turn this week. My freezer is doing pretty well. I mean, the organization wouldn’t win any beauty awards, but it’s not […]

A little late, but here’s my food waste news!


I composted a rotten potato (does anything in the universe smell worse? I think not.) and a bad avocado (cue sad trombone). And there was also this: A lone piece of old pizza (I think my kids just didn’t see this, because normally they are champions at eating leftover pizza!), and some leftover green beans. […]