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This avocado is just the start…

Part I

Today is Food Waste Friday.

bad avocado

I found a funky avocado earlier this week and snapped a photo.

I wish this was all the food waste I have, but I know I’ve got more.


I haven’t cleaned out my fridge, so I’m not sure what all is hiding in there.


I’m gonna eat some breakfast, then tackle the fridge, and I’ll update the post once I do.

I think it’s gonna be bad…


Part II

Alrighty! I’ve cleaned out my fridge and am back with a report.

Here’s the view that greeted me this morning.

food waste friday fridge

And here’s the bad stuff I found.

food waste the frugal girl


So.   I have two summer squash, a few stalks of celery, several mushrooms, a forgotten-about piece of pizza, a teeny bit of chicken, and then the worst thing, a container of sloppy joe sandwich filling.

I’d gotten that out of the freezer for my kids to eat while Mr. FG and I were out on a date night (to use up a Groupon!), and I’d made some fluffy hamburger buns for them to use.

But somehow they ate way more buns than filling, and then every single one of the buns got used up the next day (toasted for breakfast, I believe), so there were no buns for sandwiches.

And then we just forgot about the sloppy joe filling altogether.


But now my fridge is looking much better, and as always, I’m full of hope for the future week.

fridge after cleanout

(I’m irrepressibly optimistic about most things.)

I cut up half of the watermelon into chunks because my kids and I will go thru an impressive amount of watermelon in short order if it’s accessible.

cut up watermelon

Ditto for this bit of broccoli.   Left in the fridge, I’d forget about it. On the counter, I’ll mindlessly snack on it.

snack on broccoli

I also took some roasted chicken off the bone for chicken salad.   Having it off the bone is gonna make me WAY more likely to use it.

Oh, and here’s my freezer.

state of the freezer

It’s not doing too badly, especially because a lot of the contents are frozen fruit for smoothies.

And since I make smoothies on a super regular basis, none of that stuff is going to get freezer burnt.


I really, really did not want to deal with my fridge this morning, which is exactly why I keep doing Food Waste Friday posts.

Knowing you guys will be reading about my wins and losses is what keeps me going some weeks, so thank you.   : )


How did things go for YOU this week?

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Sunday 21st of June 2015

Aldi had screaming good deal on spiral hams, bought the smallest which is to big for the 2 of us so I froze some and and taking ham and potato dish to my dad today. Glad it did not go to waste. On a side note, a piece of plastic broke off the barrel of my hair drying roll brush so rather than buy new I used a zip tie to keep it together. I will see how long my fix will last. I think your blog and The Non-Consumer Advocate made me do that. Ha!


Sunday 21st of June 2015

This week was much better than last.

I lost an avocado. That seems to be a theme for me. I always lose one. I could buy 2 and eat one or buy 25 and eat 24. I just can't find the magic number.

Otherwise a maybe 10 grapes and 3-4 tomatoes. All into compost.

I was able to use up the last of kale and cherry tomatoes between layers on a homemade pizza.

We aren't grocery shopping until the 1st. We are having more month than money after an emergency vet visit. So it's a two week pantry challenge here.


Sunday 21st of June 2015

Cracking up at the idea of 25 avocados. That might be too many even for me!


Saturday 20th of June 2015

I had a couple of pretty good "saves" this week, but lost two hamburger buns and about three slices of bread to mold. I forget to refrigerate it when it's humid...

My saves: I bought a GIGANTIC watermelon, and didn't realize just how big it was until I started cutting it up. I ended up freezing a quart size container of it for smoothies, giving 1/4 of it to my mother, and eating the rest. I also had some yeasted banana bread (your recipe!) that was getting dry, which I made into French toast.


Saturday 20th of June 2015

Mmmm MmmmYum,,my chickens would have LOVED your fridge throwouts!! You just gotta get a couple of chickens Kristen!


Saturday 20th of June 2015

Yup, things that are all cut up and ready to eat seem to fare the best! For myself, food waste isn't even much of an issue, so that's not what I do it, but it's the best way to make sure I eat raw vegetables.

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