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Q&A | Fridge organization, jeans, pasta, and Oreos

I put out a call for Q&A submissions on Facebook yesterday, and I got inspired to promptly put some into a post!

How can I organize and manage the inside of my refrigerator?


Oh, Susan. I feel you here. Fridge organization is one of the hardest things for me to conquer and I am still a work in progress here.

I go into a lot more detail with this in my Fight Your Food Waste course, but here are two main ideas for you.

1. Use clear containers

This is absolutely, positively, non-negotiable. You will not eat what you do not see.

Use Pyrex, Mason jars, plastic bags, clear plastic containers…just make sure that you can easily see what’s inside the container.

(More about the silicone Pyrex replacement lids here.)

2. Do a super quick fridge sweep every other day

A fridge sweep is just a five-minute inventory/organization habit where you look for bad food (chuck it!), move soon-to-go bad food to the front, and just jog your memory about what you have.

Fridges get out of control when we don’t go through them regularly; going through them super frequently keeps them from getting into terrible shape.

fg fridge

And if you do fridge sweeps regularly, you are more likely to shop more carefully and avoid duplicate purchases. Knowing what’s in your fridge is half the battle.

Susan, since you’d like to learn more about this topic, I can give you a complimentary subscription to my four-week food waste course. Email me!

And anyone else who’s reading this and wants to learn more, send me an email to let me know, and I’ll send you a code for 50% off my course.

Why are women’s jeans so expensive? And what is the best deal on women’s jeans?


Oh man, I hear you! I read on a mom fashion blog the other day that they were reviewing affordable jeans, and by “affordable”, they meant, “under $100/pair”.


jeans with holes in the knees

I bought these on clearance ($12) and decided I don’t like jeans with holes in the knees. The holes are uncomfortable!

Stitch Fix

I have a couple of pairs of expensive jeans from Stitch Fix (under $100, so I guess they are affordable??), and I will say that they do have a more comfortable stretchy material than cheaper jeans.

Kristen wearing jeans and a denim jacket.

Stitch Fix jacket and jeans, flowered top from Nordstrom Rack

At the same time, though, even my expensive Stitch Fix jeans do eventually lose their fresh stretch and they get that sort of bunchy look.

Old Navy

As far as the best deal goes, I’ve gotten some jeans very affordably at Old Navy. They have oodles of styles and sizes available, and several of my Old Navy pairs have lasted for a long time.

To get the best deals at Old Navy, I:

  • wait for a sale email
  • use my Old Navy/Gap Visa credit card*
  • go through TopCashback for a little extra credit
  • choose the free economy shipping
Kristen and her family

I’m in the middle and these are Old Navy jeans

*About the credit card: I don’t keep a lot of store-specific credit cards, but the Old Navy/Gap one often sends me offers to get an Old Navy bonus (for instance, “spend $500 outside of our brands, and get a $30 Old Navy credit”). So, I hang onto that card and just use it when there’s a good offer.

eBay or Goodwill

If you are willing to go the second-hand route, you could try a thrift store like Goodwill to see if you can find a pair that works for you.

And if you know exactly what brand and size fit you well, eBay is a great place to find jeans.

Just search for your brand, style, and size, and odds are pretty good that someone will have them listed for sale.

Bonus jeans tip: mend whenever possible

how to fix button on kids jeans

Extending the life of your current jeans = less jeans shopping overall!

I recently sewed up the waist of a pair of my jeans.

And here’s how to replace a metal riveted jeans button.

What’s your favorite pasta noodle shape?


You know, I don’t really care what shape my pasta is so much as I care about the sauce that’s on the pasta.

shrimp and ravioli topped with pink sauce in a white dish.

My very favorite sauce is a pink sauce, a cross between Alfredo and tomato sauce.

I also really like a tomato-based sauce if it has spicy sausage in it.

But generally speaking, creamy sauces have my heart.

Have you ever tried charcoal toothpaste? And what is your favorite Oreo flavor?


(we met Reese in a recent Meet a Reader post!)

Yep, I did try a tube of charcoal toothpaste because it came in one of my Mighty Fix shipments.

It was fun to photograph:

charcoal toothpaste

And while it’s sort of entertaining to use because it turns your mouth black, I wouldn’t say I noticed a huge difference in how my teeth looked after using it.

Favorite Oreo flavor?
I’m gonna have to go with mint Oreos, and I think I actually like the thin ones better than the double-stuf variety.My girls all think that the double-stuf is where it’s at, but I feel like the cookie/filling ratio is just off with those.

So I will always choose the regular or the thin varieties.

Oh, wait!

I just remembered that in December, peppermint Oreos are available at Trader Joe’s and at Aldi. THOSE are my ultimate favorite and I can eat way, way, way too many of those in a sitting.

Got a question?

Leave me a comment here or send me an email, and I’ll add your question to a future post.

Got an answer?

If you have input for some of these reader questions, do share in a comment!

And hey, you can tell me your favorite Oreo flavor too.

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Saturday 8th of May 2021

For jeans: find a style or brand you like and stick with it. I don't chase fashion and haven't for years. One, I'm tall and thin and they just don't make jeans that fit me well. I currently own two pairs of jeans and that is enough for me (even with 3 young kids). I only wash them when they get food or dirt on them, not every time I wear them. This helps extend the life of any clothing. Before you think I'm gross, I'm not working out in my jeans or doing anything strenuous. Because I only own two pairs, I am more okay with spending more money on that pair as long as they fit me exactly right. That said, my expense pair were $50. They aren't fancy but they DO have front pockets that I can actually fit my entire hand in!


Thursday 6th of May 2021

I've been selling my old books and DVD s on Ebay for several years but it never occurred to me to search for brand name clothing when I know my size. Thank you for the tip!

Molly H

Wednesday 5th of May 2021

American Eagle jeans are the most sturdy and reliable in my opinion and the styles include both trendy fits and more classic fits. They also are size-inclusive, have multiple length options for each waist size, and have lasted longer than any jeans I get elsewhere. I have even purchased some secondhand for about $15 per pair and they are still in great condition even after wearing almost every day for 6 months out of the year for the past 3 years. Plus, their birthday rewards coupon and rewards system is helpful. Get them on sale! Or thrift them!

Beth B.

Wednesday 5th of May 2021

Yes, the peppermint Trader Joe's "oreo" cookies are so addicting! :-) I also eat way too many of them!


Tuesday 4th of May 2021

Love the fridge organization response!

I grew up with FIFO (first in, first out), and I didn't even realize it wasn't a hugely common thing until I worked at a coffee shop and had to train a BUNCH of new employees on the concept.

Basically, when you unload your groceries, rearrange your fridge so that the newer things you just purchased go behind or underneath the older items that need to be used up. For example, if you buy a new pound of butter, put it behind the one that is older, so that older one is more convenient to grab first.

Doing this regularly forces you to regularly go through your fridge, reminds you to use up older things, and can help you avoid restocking items over and over that you haven't consumed yet. (No, I've never bought cheddar cheese multiple weeks in a row without actually using up any blocks first, why do you ask? ;-) )

I also pair a weekly leftover night with the "fridge sweep" that Kristen refers to, usually on Thursdays. Then on Friday I make my weekly menu and grocery shopping list for the Saturday morning shop.

One last tip I would add is to package leftovers in a way that makes them easy to use. For example, when I make salads for dinner, I put all the toppings in our glass food storage containers to serve on the table (chopped carrots, peppers, onions, etc.). Then, when putting the food away, I just have to put lids on the containers, and later everything's already ready for me to just pull a couple containers out and assemble a salad. Or, if we have soup, instead of packaging all the soup in one huge container, I'll pack it up in single- or double-serving containers that are easy to grab and throw into the microwave to reheat for lunch.

I also found that using a single brand of containers, just in a handful of different sizes, made things a lot easier, too. The containers stack easily, they're a clear glass that looks nice as a serving dish on the table, and I don't have to custom-fit everything - I know I have containers in 1-cup, 2-cup, 4-cup, and 6-cup sizes.


Tuesday 4th of May 2021

We have chickens and our egg situation was a little out of control this morning. I reorganized them so the oldest were on top, and told my husband "FIFO". He's like WHAT? I said "First In, First Out" he's like, "wow I have never heard of that". Hahha. I worked in the restaurant industry for a few years in and after college!

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