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WIS, WWA | my birthday week!

What I Spent

birthday balloons

Well, we didn’t do a ton of grocery shopping this week because it was a pretty unusual week of dinner meals for us.

I made a $25 stop at Harris Teeter and Mr. FG did an $80 run to BJ’s warehouse club. 

So, our grocery spending was $105. 

April Grocery Spending 

Week 1: $115

Week 2: $156

Week 3: $145

Week 4: $218

Week 5: $105

April total: $729, or $145/week

What We Ate


Mr. FG and I did a takeout date night, using a $15 birthday discount from a local restaurant.


We were at my parents for a joint birthday celebration because my brother and I have birthdays that are one day apart. Kristen and her brother, both smiling.

Although if you wanted to get technical, our birthdays are 1 year and 364 days apart. 😉 


A small pause in the birthday thing; I made a chicken salad that was sort of a cross between a green salad and a typical mayo-based chicken salad.

And we ate it in pita breads.

Chicken salad in a white bowl.

leftover the next day, not in a pita, obviously!


This was my actual birthday, and I chose to get Panera takeout for my dinner. We had ice cream cake from a local shop for dessert.


It was unseasonably warm here, so I grilled some sausages and hot dogs.

In keeping with the warm weather thing, we had carrot sticks, celery sticks, cucumbers, and grapes on the side. Nice and cool!

Grilled sausages and hot dogs on a plate next to a grill.


Since it was my birthday week (did I mention I had a birthday??), I had a free birthday offer from Chick-Fil-A and also, Mr. FG and I both had a free sandwich offer in our apps. 

Lisey was with a friend, so since it was just the four of us, we redeemed all the free offers and got dinner for just a few dollars.


Last week, it turned out that Zoe’s teeth were indeed way too sore for pizza.

She’s adjusted nicely to her new brace/rubber band situation now, though, so I think we’ll give pizza a try tonight. 

What did you have for dinner this week?

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Joanne on the U.K.

Saturday 1st of May 2021

Happy Birthday Kristen! WWS £76 grocery delivery £11.00 takeout WWA Monday - leftover roast chicken stir fry with loads of veg and noodles Tuesday- chicken fajitas Wednesday- gammon ham - frozen leftover from last week, fried eggs and chips (fries) Thursday- risotto with pancetta, peppers, sun dried tomatoes and lots of garlic Friday - home made pizza Saturday (tonight) takeout fish & chips, well I’m just having chips and curry sauce which is my favourite! Sunday - will be baked salmon, roast potatoes, carrots and green beans and a sauce the provenance of which I am yet to decide!! Next week’s menus to plan now, maybe using my new cook book’Vegan(ish) by Jack Monroe who is a food poverty activist here in the U.K. I hope there are some frugal and tasty items that are maybe a bit vegan(ish) :)

a curious reader

Friday 30th of April 2021

ice cream cake is the best! happy birthday!

Saturday: BBQ with friends Sunday: I made a big batch of Chicken Tinga which we had as tacos on Sunday with actual sour cream (rare treat), cheese, rice, pickled red onions, etc. Had enough for a few leftovers throughout this week. It's always such a winner and easy to make too. Monday: pasta with cherry tomatoes, homemade ricotta, basil from the garden and a breadcrumb + park topping Tuesday: German pancakes (they are kind of in the middle between American pancakes and crepes in terms of size and thickness). We had some with a filling of homemade ricotta and roasted mushrooms, peppers and onions; then we had some with Nutella. Wednesday: my boyfriend had a friend over and they ordered pizza. Thursday: various leftovers from prior days Friday: I ended up skipping dinner, my boyfriend was out


Friday 30th of April 2021

I always love the free food for our birthday months. Red Robin used to be our favorite along with a scoop of ice cream from Baskin Robbins. XOXO Jodie


Friday 30th of April 2021

What fun birthday outings you had!

Friday - we'd had a snack after golf with our friends so dinner was a very simple eggs, potatoes, and toast Saturday - Grilled salmon, baked brown rice (Alton Brown's Recipe) and salad Sunday - our friends had an anniversary dinner, so we took over french bread from the freezer and I made an applesauce cake using applesauce from the produce box Monday - Pizza and salad Tuesday - Fish tacos, rice and beans (leftover rice), slaw Wednesday - Grilled chicken, roasted potatoes, salad Thursday - one-pot pasta with mushrooms, green peas, and white wine Friday - So far we're thawing fish and cooking brown rice. The rest is TBD!

Ruth T

Friday 30th of April 2021

Hooray for grilling weather!

Sunday - We hosted my mom's birthday dinner. Aldi red bag chicken sandwiches, sweet potato fries, Arby's curly fries, salad, and pineapple. German chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream for dessert. Monday - Vegetable beef soup and cornbread Tuesday - Brats and hot dogs, chips, and green beans Wednesday - Pork chops, shells and cheese, and peas Thursday - Cheeseburgers, chips, mango, and corn (it ended up being a lot of yellow) Friday - Fajitas and strawberries

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