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Five (er, 7) Frugal Things

Usually I take advantage of a birthday freebie or two, but this year, I really went for it.

So, I’m gonna just share a birthday-freebie Five Frugal Things. Except I have seven, so this will be slightly longer than usual. 

1. Free Potbelly cookies 

Potbelly gave me a free dessert in my app (no purchase necessary), so I chose the most expensive option: a bag of 12 cookies.

A bag of Potbelly mini cookies.

After this order, Potbelly sent me a survey, which I filled out, and then I got two more free cookie offers! 

2. A free face mask

CVS gave me an in-app choice of three offers (no purchase required) and the face mask seemed like the best option.

Orange paparazzi face mask from CVS.

3. $2 socks from DSW

DSW mailed me a $5 off any purchase coupon, so I bought a three-pair pack of socks for $6.99.

And after my coupon they only cost me $1.99.

Three pairs of invisible socks by Steve Madden.

4. $3 flowers from Ace Hardware

Ace mailed me a $5 off any purchase birthday coupon, so I bought two four-packs of flowers for $8.

That made them $3 out the door, which felt like a pretty good price. 

Eight annuals from Ace Hardware.

I planted them in my front border and I’m excited to watch them grow this summer. 

5. A free Panera pastry

I got a free pastry offer in my app and I chose a bear claw because that is something I wouldn’t make on my own at home. 

(Whereas I will definitely make cinnamon rolls myself.)

An almond bear claw from Panera Bread.

6. An almost-free pizza

A local restaurant sent me a $10 offer, which we used to buy a $11.99 pizza, which was then a $1.99 pizza!

A rectangular pepperoni pizza.

7. A free Firehouse sub

I got a free medium-size sub offer in my app, with no other purchase necessary.

And I didn’t take a picture of this one. Please imagine a sub.


Plus, I’d already redeemed a $15 offer from a local restaurant two date nights ago. And I told you I got my free Starbucks drink on my birthday last week.

Kristen holding a free Starbucks birthday drink.

Why does my neck look like a different color than my face in this photo? I do not know.

Annnnd I have a free Rita’s ice coupon that I might offer to one of the girls since I’m not that big on ices.

Redeeming this many birthday freebies would not make sense if I lived in a rural area and had to drive a long way to make these stops.

But I live in a neighborhood that is extremely conveniently located to the companies that gave me birthday offers; all of these places are about five minutes from my house.

Basically, I live in a perfect spot for reveling in a wealth of birthday freebies. 

Your turn! What frugal things have you been up to lately? 

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Wednesday 5th of May 2021

Ordered a bra earlier this year. I received a coupon in the mail from same store for $20 for $20.01 for my April b-day. I got nice panties for next to nothing. I really tried to get out of paying anything except tax but it did'nt work out. Daughter used a VS coupon for free pair of panties.


Wednesday 5th of May 2021

Yay for free birthday swag -- great hauls!! It sounds like so much delicious fun!!

1. Picked up Treasure box items for school very cheap -- silly putty for 49 cents, modeling clay 1.49, shiny jeweled lanyards for 99 cents, etc. Positive reinforcements :) 2. Gleefully pulling out all kinds of old clothes (many forgotten) as my size changes. So happy not to be shopping and still having fresh "new" stuff to wear. 3. How cheap am I? Had an $8.00 pair of capris on clearance cuz they was mistin' a button so I sewed a big old button on and wore the heck out of them until they literally went into the rag bin, patches and all. Now, I have pulled out another pair of capris that fit again and they is also mistin' a button. So I removed that same button to use on the "newer" pair. Wondering how many generations of capris will be graced with this fine button. 4. All the usual -- eating in, using my Starbucks gift cards for occasional iced cold brews, pulling out all the old sandals to get through the summer, signing up at both the county and city libraries for the next book club read (not looking good -- there are hundreds in the queue. Why we should read OLD classics instead of the latest blockbuster ;) and that is it.

Kathryn B

Wednesday 5th of May 2021

1. We have various mint varieties and catnip doing a hostile take over of my greens garden box, so I've been drying herbs like crazy.

2. I have a couple volunteer tomato plants growing up in my garden plot.

3. My other veggies were all started from seeds, some from last year's seeds.

4. Went to the Amish bulk food store and stocked up on Oats and cream of wheat. It was half to two thirds cheaper than the grocery store.

5. Using my paper stash, some I've had for 10+ years, to make cards for people at church.


Wednesday 5th of May 2021

1. My grocery bill this week for our family of 5 is $65. I'll still go to our local farm market and get a gallon of strawberries which will be another $17 but still a really low grocery bill for us! 2. Our slide out kitchen garbage can isn't staying closed. Rather than replace the cabinet or the drawer glides I ordered a pack of magnetic catches for $6 that should do the job. 3. I mended two dresses rather than get rid of them. 4. I usually grow a few kinds of veggies every summer and found a local HS that was selling plants through their FFA group. They were a lot cheaper than a home improvement store or nursery and it supported the students. I spent $8 on 12 plants which was a great deal! 5. Cleaning out the house on one of my quarterly purges. Keeps clutter down and ensures that items we aren't using can be beneficial to other people!

Beth B.

Wednesday 5th of May 2021

Looks like you did very well with the birthday freebies! :-) I have an April birthday, too, and some of the freebies I redeemed were: free cupcake at Sprinkle's (yummy!), free veggie burger at Red Robin, free sub at Firehouse, free sub at Jersey Mikes', free chocolate cake at Portillo's, free breakfast at Black Bear Diner (a great deal because their breakfasts are huge!), free Italian ice at Rita's (great for those of us who can't eat regular ice cream), $5.00 off at El Pollo Loco, $5.00 off at Cafe Rio, free small sandwich at Schlotzky's, free pastry at Panera (I got a chocolate chip cookie...that bear claw looked incredible, though!), $10.00 off at Maggiano's, free hand lotion at the local Hallmark Gold Crown store, free entree (with purchase of an entree) at The Keg, and several local freebies. :-) Thank you, Kristen, for the head's up on Potbelly Subs. I just signed up for their app. I also had no idea about the benefits of the CVS app! :-)


Wednesday 5th of May 2021

Wow -- congrats on the haul! And Sprinkles -- yum!

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