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Five (er, 7) Frugal Things

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Usually I take advantage of a birthday freebie or two, but this year, I really went for it.

So, I’m gonna just share a birthday-freebie Five Frugal Things. Except I have seven, so this will be slightly longer than usual. 

1. Free Potbelly cookies 

Potbelly gave me a free dessert in my app (no purchase necessary), so I chose the most expensive option: a bag of 12 cookies.

A bag of Potbelly mini cookies.

After this order, Potbelly sent me a survey, which I filled out, and then I got two more free cookie offers! 

2. A free face mask

CVS gave me an in-app choice of three offers (no purchase required) and the face mask seemed like the best option.

Orange paparazzi face mask from CVS.

3. $2 socks from DSW

DSW mailed me a $5 off any purchase coupon, so I bought a three-pair pack of socks for $6.99.

And after my coupon they only cost me $1.99.

Three pairs of invisible socks by Steve Madden.

4. $3 flowers from Ace Hardware

Ace mailed me a $5 off any purchase birthday coupon, so I bought two four-packs of flowers for $8.

That made them $3 out the door, which felt like a pretty good price. 

Eight annuals from Ace Hardware.

I planted them in my front border and I’m excited to watch them grow this summer. 

5. A free Panera pastry

I got a free pastry offer in my app and I chose a bear claw because that is something I wouldn’t make on my own at home. 

(Whereas I will definitely make cinnamon rolls myself.)

An almond bear claw from Panera Bread.

6. An almost-free pizza

A local restaurant sent me a $10 offer, which we used to buy a $11.99 pizza, which was then a $1.99 pizza!

A rectangular pepperoni pizza.

7. A free Firehouse sub

I got a free medium-size sub offer in my app, with no other purchase necessary.

And I didn’t take a picture of this one. Please imagine a sub.


Plus, I’d already redeemed a $15 offer from a local restaurant two date nights ago. And I told you I got my free Starbucks drink on my birthday last week.

Kristen holding a free Starbucks birthday drink.

Why does my neck look like a different color than my face in this photo? I do not know.

Annnnd I have a free Rita’s ice coupon that I might offer to one of the girls since I’m not that big on ices.

Redeeming this many birthday freebies would not make sense if I lived in a rural area and had to drive a long way to make these stops.

But I live in a neighborhood that is extremely conveniently located to the companies that gave me birthday offers; all of these places are about five minutes from my house.

Basically, I live in a perfect spot for reveling in a wealth of birthday freebies. 

Your turn! What frugal things have you been up to lately? 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.