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Summer Bucket List | 2019

Every summer I make a list of fun things and productive things I want to do before summer “kicks the bucket”. I post updates every few weeks to let you guys know how I’m doing (and to hold me accountable!)


Productive Goals

I have a LOT of painting I want to do. 

Is this list too ambitious? Maybe.

1. Paint Sonia and Zoe’s beds white.

We unstacked their bunkbeds when Joshua moved out, and both of their rooms really would look better with a white bed.

Sonia's wood bed

2. Paint Zoe’s room.

She’s tired of the aqua that she and Sonia picked out some years ago (remember how we struggled with picking that color??)

Zoe's bedroom walls

Currently, she’s leaning toward a neutral gray, which is just fine with me. That should be nice and easy to pick out!

3. Paint Sonia’s dresser and (maybe) the bookshelf.

The Goodwill dresser doesn’t match anything in her room, so I’m definitely painting that.

Goodwill dresser

It’s getting new hardware too because this is not Sonia’s style.

The Pottery Barn bookshelf that I got on craigslist might be ok as-is. I’ll see how it looks next to the other freshly painted furniture and go from there.

pottery barn white bookshelf

4. Paint my bedroom.

Mr. FG and I are tired of the burgundy (which is rather dated by now), so I think we will paint over it with a lighter color.  I wanted to do this last summer but didn’t get around to it.

tallboy dresser painted black

2019 is the year, I say.

5. Paint the replaced board on the deck.

My dad kindly installed a new board for us, but since it was pressure-treated, it needed time to dry before I painted it.  It’s definitely dry now so it’s time for a coat of deck paint.

deck board

6. Sand and paint under the bumpout in front of our house.

I did the back one a few years ago but didn’t make it around to the front.

7. Do a top-to-bottom declutter of my house.

I do this every year, because despite my best efforts, things do pile up over time.

8. Make three photo books.

One per month is reasonable, right?

Non-Productive (Fun!) Items

1. Make a random donut run.

2. Go see a movie in the theater.

3. Go visit our friends in Ohio.

4. Swim at least once a week.

5. Eat a meal at a park.

6. Eat a meal at the pool.

7. Go camping so Sonia can star-gaze.

8. Buy slushies.

9. Bike to the snow cone shop.

10. Roast marshmallows.

11. Go night swimming.

12. Go mini-golfing.

13. Host lots of sleepovers.


As always, if this turns out to be not enough to get us through the summer, I can always add more to the list.

Do you have a summer bucket list?

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Wednesday 12th of June 2019

1. I also have tons of painting to do. 2. I will be doing my first vendor show this summer so I have lots to make forit. 3. I want to complete the flower beds this year. 4. I have several books I would like to read. 5. I need to complete the sewing projects on my to do list.


Tuesday 11th of June 2019

Home Depot has a color called Silver Charm that is magic. It changes color from violet and lavender through grey to pale blue depending on the light in the room and the time of day. My local store no longer has chips out of it but they can still mix it.


Tuesday 11th of June 2019

ooh. I am intrigued by this description!


Tuesday 11th of June 2019

Aw man... As I was reading your list yesterday, I realized I could probably benefit from having one of my own. I'm SO overwhelmed with some of the tasks we have, that I think I need to dust off my britches, grow some whiskers of my own, and get a few of the lingering things done. I mean, if I start projects and they turn out terrible, that will just make my SO fix it, right? ;)

Here's what I'm rooting for: 1) Paint our stepdaughter's room (it also doubles as a guest bedroom). Includes walls & trim. 2) Paint our stepson's room (again, also a guest bedroom). Includes walls & trim. 3) Paint the new nursery (I'm feeling a pretty nice gray in there). 4) Install new fans in the two guest bedrooms. 5) Paint new doors for upstairs, which then SO will hang with new hardware (out with the brass! in with the oil-rubbed bronze!) 6) Edge the front yard with new edger 7) Fill planter boxes with dirt and maybe PLANT SOMETHING FOR CRYING OUT LOUD 8) Test skills with patio rock by adding a small pathway on side of garage to back yard 9) Paint grout in kitchen 10) Buy grout pen to paint... 11) Rip up carpeting in bedroom, including tack strips, and paint floor with KILZ. 12) Touch-Up paint as needed throughout the house 13) Put up and finish drywall, then repaint bathroom in basement (we're missing a part of our ceiling and wall from when we installed a gas line last year).

I want to add something fun...because I'm already overwhelmed with the stuff listed here... -See 1 matinee movie a month on Sunday (I really want to see Aladdin!) -Take a trip to Glendo, WY for a beach day (it's a 3-hour trip up there from where we are... but ITS DOABLE). -Take dogs to dog park -Get pregnancy massage <3 -Bake a new, exciting recipe that challenges me


Tuesday 11th of June 2019

"3 hours to Glendo", that is our old neck of the woods, heading to Cheyenne in 2.5 weeks!


Tuesday 11th of June 2019

About your #4: how do get that done? My bathroom needs a fan and vent, and I'm stumped about who to hire. It's too small for a contractor or remodeler. It seems like it needs an electrician, a construction guy (brick walls), and a dry waller.


Tuesday 11th of June 2019

You have a lot of painting on your plate too! Hopefully the nesting urge will kick in and help you.


Tuesday 11th of June 2019

I’m totally picturing Sonia’s room in an art deco style with silver and glass knobs to go with her vintage vibe.


Tuesday 11th of June 2019

We have some fun stuff and some other work stuff as well for this summer.

Fun Stuff: 1. Go to at least 1 GhibliFest film this year. I'll be doing this when my wife and I go to see Whisper of the Heart. It's my favorite of all the Ghibli films because, as she says about me, I enjoy quiet movies where nothing actually happens. 2. Take a trip to see friends of my wife. They are having their second child (the first is almost 10) so this was a bit of a surprise for them. 3. Take at least one overnight trip whilst the kid is staying with family. I worry that my wife and I don't get enough couples time to unwind together and while we love parenting, it's good to be able to devote a day or so to just us.

Working stuff: 1. Paint my flagpole and outdoor light pole (I need some saw horses for this) 2. Paint my wheelbarrow. I've been saying this for a couple years now. 3. Declutter my house and do a purge. We all have too much stuff so we need to get rid of it all.

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