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WIS, WWA | You should try BLTs Lisey’s way!

See Tuesday’s meal for the BLT mention. 😉

What I Spent

chicken chefs salad

I didn’t get a Hungry Harvest this week (I’m trying every other week this summer to see if that works out well), and I spent $160 at the grocery store.

What We Ate


Pizza night! I bought pizza instead of making it.


We had breakfast for dinner; French toast, bacon, and orange juice.

crispy bacon


Stir-fry, with frozen potstickers on the side.

I’ve made things like wontons myself before, and honestly, it did not feel worth the effort to me.  Costco makes some very good frozen potstickers and I am quite happy to leave that up to them. 😉


BLTs again!

Mr. FG tried one Lisey’s way* and though he’s not normally a huge BLT fan, he really liked them this way.

*Assemble BLT as usual, then cook in a pan on both sides as you would a grilled cheese

grilled BLT sandwich

I see more pan-grilled BLT meals in our future this summer.

Which makes me happy because BLTs make a very, very easy dinner.


I salted, peppered, and oiled some chicken breasts and sauteed and sliced them to go on top of a big green salad with avocados, tomatoes, hard-boiled eggs, croutons, etc.

green chicken salad

And we had sliced French bread on the side.


Taco Thursday instead of Taco Tuesday! 


We went out to a little local taco place with my sister-in-law and our niece.

Sonia and I took Very Good Selfies while we waited for our food.

I share things like this on my Instagram account and I don’t know why you’re not following me there for such compelling content.

Sonia Kristen

No one is un-funny from this angle.

Sonia Kristen


We’re gonna press the easy button and make quesadillas.  I have some leftover chicken from Wednesday, plus black beans, avocados, and a red pepper.

Plus cheese OF COURSE.

What did you have for dinner this week?

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Friday 7th of June 2019

BLT's make an appearance in my menu this week too! But not pan fried. I will have to try that.

I threw out my back Saturday and couldn't stand for more than a few minutes at a time for much of the week - so I pressed the easy button many, many times.

Saturday - beef jerky, a homemade muffin from my freezer, and an apple I think. I could barely walk this day.

Sunday - Breaded chicken tenders from the Costco, au gratin potatoes from a box, and steamed broccoli.

Monday/Tuesday - tacos and fruit

Wednesday - soup from a can, crackers and fruit. I stood up long enough to make a salad for Thursday's lunch but it about killed me.

Thursday - BLT, minus the L. So a BT.

Friday - not sure. Something simple again - maybe an omelet.

Being out of commission as far as my daily routines go proved to me how important is to have some easy food options. Lunch most days were leftovers of meals I had previously frozen so that was convenient and saved me a lot of money that I can give to the chiropractor instead. Haha.

Betta from daVille

Friday 7th of June 2019

This week was pretty pathetic.

Saturday: Grilled pork chops, miso green beans, grilled potatoes Sunday: broccoli, bacon & cheddar quiche Monday: broccoli, bacon & cheddar quiche Tuesdays: broccoli, bacon & cheddar quiche Wednesday: ate at work Thursday: potato chips for the 3.4 hour drive home (I made myself a sandwich, but just didn't want to eat it). After a flat tire on the Mass Pike, I forgave myself. Friday: Ponzu-grilled chicken salad with Asian slaw


Friday 7th of June 2019

Hi! I recevied a pork shouldler and am currently defrosting it. Open to any suggestions on how to cook it this weekend.


Betta from daVille

Friday 7th of June 2019

Pork carnitas!

Hawaii Planner

Friday 7th of June 2019

Let's see, we had: Salmon Kebabs & rice (beef kebabs - my favorite) Tacos Taco salad And then, leftovers of each of those meals. I typically cook on weekends, and then have leftovers during the week. Even though I'm on sabbatical for the summer, I haven't deviated yet from this glorious plan.

For tonight, we're having steak, sauteed spinach & wine. We're dropping the kids off at a gaming event (card games) & celebrated at home alone with a nicer dinner. Free/cheap date night!


Friday 7th of June 2019

After flying away last week to visit family with the baby, I am happy to be home and in a normal food routine. Sunday: grilled pizza with my SIL’s amazing sourdough crust Monday: chicken salad wraps Tuesday: biscuits and gravy, fruit Wednesday: sesame peanut stir-fried noodles Thursday: chicken fajitas (without sour cream, which makes me a heathen in my husband’s eyes :P), pineapple Friday: hubs will be out at a men’s retreat, so I think leftovers are on schedule for tonight

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