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a 2020 summer bucket list (such as it is!)

This summer is probably not going to be quite like any of us had anticipated.

Pandemics have a way of interrupting plans a bit. 😉

Sonia on a hammock near a fire pit.

In fact, I hadn’t even though about my annual summer bucket list until a reader emailed to remind me.


Let’s see what pandemic-friendly things I can come up with.

(And in case you are new here: every summer I make a list of things to do before summer “kicks the bucket”. It’s usually a mixture of fun things + practical things.)

Paint my bedroom.

This has been on my list for multiple years and I have still not gotten to it.

tallboy dresser painted black.

This is due not in small part to the fact that our bedroom is currently red/burgundy.

I am not very excited to work on covering that, although I know the new paint+primer combos do cover pretty well.

Also, I keep prioritizing the painting of my kids’ rooms/furniture.

But no kid has any pressing painting project right now, so I think I will actually tackle the burgundy!

Paint Sonia’s room.

I know I said no kid has a pressing painting project, and that’s true.

Sonia’s room is currently a medium gray, and it’s not in terrible shape.

Benjamin Moore Cloud White Advance painted dresser.

But it does have some areas that need to be repaired, and Sonia would really prefer a lighter gray color than she currently has.

So, AFTER I paint my room, I plan to paint hers (with her help, of course. I’m working on raising a bunch of “don’t need whiskers to do that” girls. ;))


Not every area of my house needs a declutter this year, so I’ll just list the ones that do.

  • my bedroom (I can do this in conjunction with painting it and moving all the furniture)
  • the under-the-stairs closet
  • the laundry room (OF COURSE)
  • the big bookshelf (I think there are things I can sell!)
  • the old black dresser in Sonia’s room 

Take Sonia driving 5 days a week.

Is this ambitious? Maybe.

But summer seems like a really good time to make a dent in all the hours required before she gets licensed.

Sonia driving.

Get Sonia registered for college classes.

She’s going to be a junior this year, which is when we’ve usually had our kids start taking some dual enrollment college classes.

I have to get her registered, get the homeschool paperwork done, schedule her placement test, help her choose classes, and buy the necessary books.

Do a donut run.

The local shop takes orders right on the sidewalk; very safe.

Go get ices/slushees.

7-11 is open, and sometimes an ice truck comes to our neighborhood ball field too.

Visit a food truck.

Sometimes one comes to our neighborhood, which would make this very easy!

Go on a long bike ride (or two) with Mr. FG.

The girls don’t like biking much, but he and I do. 

bike by river.

Do an unassisted chin-up.

I’ve been faithfully working at this three days a week, with bands. By the end of the summer, I think maybe I could do one without bands.

Plan friend get-togethers for Sonia and Zoe.

This is going to take more creativity than in years past, so I’m going to need to be intentional.

(maybe) visit our friends in Ohio.

Sonia and Zoe and I have taken a weekend trip there for the last two years, and we’d love to do that again.

Ohio sky.

But it will all depend on how things play out in the coming months. 

What’s on your summer bucket list?

(And if you blogged your bucket list, feel free to drop your link in the comments.)

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Cathy in NJ

Thursday 25th of June 2020

We are working on decluttering the basement. It was put on hold because Goodwill was shutdown and could not take donations. Fortunately Goodwill is now open for donations and open to shop. Working on decluttering the garage. Walking every day. We vary the place. Sometimes its in town. Sometimes its at one of the local parks. Keeping the front covered porch nice. It has become an office for my daughters college intern job.


Sunday 21st of June 2020

Thanks for the inspiration to make a bucket list! A lot of my ideas are all about preservation of our summer food harvest and making the most of my time with my kiddos! wisconsinhomesteader(dot)weebly(dot)com/blog/summer-bucket-list


Friday 19th of June 2020

I planted a small garden this year. Have been working on gradually painting all old wooden outdoor furniture. As far as traveling and visiting friends ..all plans are on hold as the COVID 29 seems to be increasing nationwide. We live right outside Yellowstone Park but have not visited this year as the tourist are moving through as if all is normal..but it’s we will take excursions outside of park as a couple. We miss the closeness of family and friends but are glad we at least live in a beautiful area where we can wait out this sad situation.

Suzanne Anderson

Friday 19th of June 2020

Where do you sell your books?


Friday 19th of June 2020

Usually eBay, sometimes Amazon.


Thursday 18th of June 2020

The children and I came up with a summer bucket list for this summer as well! Although with four children ages 2 - 8 its more small, fun things like blowing bubbles, sleeping in the treehouse, going to ritas, go fishing, swimming, grilling pizza, roasting marshmallows, going to the park, bike rides etc.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.