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What I Spent, What We Ate | I bought a zillion groceries

After not going out at all last week, I did head out to the grocery store this week.

Kristen in face mask

(mask from a box we bought back in September, for Sonia to wear to biology class on mold experiment days!)

Things seem to be leveling out a bit supply-wise at the stores now, mostly thanks to purchase limits (like 2 bread items, or 2 paper goods items)

So, I am grateful.

The limits are not too constricting (2 big packs of toilet paper will last quite a while), and the limits are definitely helping to even out supply. 

What I Spent

Oh boy. This feels like a lot of grocery spending at once because I am not used to shopping for multiple weeks at once. 

I think in my efforts to buy enough to keep me out of the store for a while, I might be overbuying, because my laundry room pantry shelf is now stuffed to the brim.

pantry shelf

But, as long as I am not overbuying perishables, this should all work out ok in the end. We’ll eat the food eventually!

I spent $339 at the grocery store (I finally made it to Aldi!)

And then I finally broke down and ordered yeast on Amazon. It was painful, but I paid $33 for a two pound bag.

potato cinnamon rolls

overnight cinnamon rolls

That’s waaaay more than I’d pay at Costco for the same amount, but these are desperate times.

And a two pound bag of yeast will make far more than $33 worth of bread, so that’s what I’m reminding myself of.

This is buttery bubble bread.

I guess my total isn’t too bad; I spent $372, which is $72 over budget for two weeks of groceries.

And considering that these are unusual times, I’m at peace with the $72.

(You may remember that I ordered a huge bag of flour too. But I haven’t been charged for that yet due to the delay in shipping. So, that expense will show up in a future grocery report.)

What We Ate

NOTE: Whenever possible, I try to link to the recipes I use. I don’t mind if you comment or email me asking for the recipes, but the fastest way to find the recipe is to just click the link right here in the post. I try to be a fast responder, but sometimes I fall behind! 🙂


The girls ate pigs in a blanket with some fruit, and Mr. FG and I did a takeout date night like we used to do when our kids were small. 

pigs in a blanket

We were going to get takeout from a local restaurant, but it closed earlier than we expected. So, we ended up ordering from Five Guys, which is a staple in our $20 date night options anyway.

(Here are a bunch of my $20 food ideas for date nights.)


It was Easter, and since I hadn’t thought about getting a ham when I’d shopped two weeks ago, I was a little at a loss.

But luckily, my household is not very stuck on traditional holiday foods. So, we ordered pizza and wings!

I did make a traditional Easter breakfast from my childhood, though: two loaves of bear bread, which are made from my grandma’s sweet roll dough.

Recipe for the bears is right here.

bear bread


Breakfast for dinner night!

buttermilk pancakes

Sonia’s been wanting to get more kitchen experience, so she worked with me and we made sausage and pancakes (buttermilk pancakes for most of us, coconut milk pancakes for Sonia).

And we all topped our pancakes with my failed peach jam.

(Which I mentioned in this week’s Five Frugal Things post.)

peach jam


Sonia and I made pork tinga with rice from the ATK One Pot Wonders cookbook.

We topped that with sour cream (well, Sonia didn’t!), and ate applesauce on the side.

ATK pork tinga

Apologies for the dark photo! This is more delicious than it looks.


Sonia and I made pulled pork, which we ate on buns. We also had sautéed asparagus. And some purple grapes.


We had shrimp viennese plus some raw fruits and veggies.

Shrimp Viennese


I was thinking about making pizza, but I realized I forgot to buy mozzarella cheese when I did my huge grocery shopping trip.


So I will figure something else out.

What did you eat for dinner this week?

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Sunday 19th of April 2020

Wow, $33!! I am lucky that I bought yeast at Costco 2-3 years ago, then put it in the fridge and stopped baking. It still works. Also, a few of our local restaurants are selling yeast and flour, so that 2 lb bag would be $6-10 from one of them.

I won't judge though, because I spent $364 (more than 2x the normal amount) on our groceries this week.

We've had gluten free cornbread, potato and chard soup, gluten free ramen and vegetables, sweet potato and black bean chili, nachos and broccoli, pasta with lemon, parmesan, and more green vegetables. Homemade bread to fill the teenager with a hollow leg.

Kymberlee Fisher

Sunday 19th of April 2020

Monday - Chicken Tenders

Tuesday - Tacos

Wednesday - Philly Cheesesteaks

Thursday - Breaded Chicken Cutlets

Friday - Pizza

Saturday - Leftovers

Sunday - Fried Chicken


Saturday 18th of April 2020

The last few weeks have been exhausting, so we were having a lot of YOYO nights because I was just too wiped out to cook. This week things have leveled out a bit, so I’m back in the kitchen.

Saturday: pizza, apple crisp for dessert

Sunday: tortellini in chicken broth

Monday: French toast, sausage, fruit

Tuesday: oven baked fajitas from Budget Bytes

Wednesday: a Frankenrecipe! Asian-ish seasoned pork, shredded cabbage, pad Thai noodles, and a quadruple batch of Budget Bytes’ Dragon Noodles sauce.

Thursday: salmon and broccoli sheetpan dinner, Greek salad

Friday: grilled brats and chicken breasts, carrots and ranch dip, chips

I think tonight will be beef kofta meatballs and roasted vegetables from Budget Bytes. (Can you tell I’m a fan? Love her recipes!)


Saturday 18th of April 2020

SO my husband is an only so EVERY single holiday or event MUST be spent with his parents and grandpa.. and they don't always get along so its a lot of drama all the time... and I am the only kid locally for my mom so she is often here.. although she avoids some due to my inlaws... So I was SO HAPPY to have a alone Easter!! I feel bad for everyone missing their people but my day was so peaceful! Sunday we grilled steaks, baked potatoes, I made homemade Italian bread and my teen made baked corn. Monday I believe I made chicken veg in cream sauce and cooked buttermilk biscuits on top We did Tacos on Tuesday- beef and a little chicken... Weds- took the last loaf of italian bread I made and filled it with meatballs and cheese and baked it! Thur- Hot dogs wrapped in cresent rolls, chili sauce, fries and baked beans... Friday- I felt yucky so everyone finished leftovers or figured it out! Sat- beef roast( cooked yesterday but I was not hungry)... maybe shredded in noodles? Not sure Sunday- I think we will get carryout from somewhere...


Saturday 18th of April 2020

I just love that bear bread! Super cute


Saturday 18th of April 2020

Thank you!

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