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What I Spent, What We Ate | A week of requests

What I Spent

mango salsa

I spent $148 this week on an embarrassing number of stops!  In addition to Costco, I have five other stops recorded.


It was not my most organized week, to be sure.

But hey, at least I am on budget this week.

October Spending

Week 1: $260 (!)

Week 2: $148

What We Ate


Sonia went to a homecoming dance with her cousins, and that left Zoe home with Mr. FG and me.

So, we skipped our usual date night and took Zoe out to Chick-Fil-A (her choice!) and then did some shopping with her.


Mr. FG and I made Barefoot Contessa’s lasagna rolls, plus a fruit salad.


I asked the girls for requests when I made the menu this week. 🙂

To start things off, Sonia requested chipped beef on toast.

What did we eat with that? I have no idea! Monday was too long ago and I didn’t write it down.


Lisey requested shrimp tacos with mango salsa.

mango salsa

I also made a cilantro lime sauce to go on the tacos, and we added shredded purple cabbage too.


Zoe requested pulled chicken sandwiches, and we had a rather random assortment of raw fruit with that.

And also a bag of Bugles. 😉


I made pasta alfredo with chicken sausage, and we had fresh fruit on the side, largely because I don’t have much in the way of veggies in my fridge right now.


We’re going to have ham and cheese hobo pies tonight!

What did you have for dinner this week?

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Monday 14th of October 2019

Last week: Monday: Pulled pork on small rolls with cole slaw and a veggie tray Tuesday: Relatives came to watch my daughter play field hockey and then we all went out for pizzas Wednesday: Chicken Fajitas Thursday: Asian Chicken Rice Bowls Friday: 'Snack Dinner' with cheese, salami, veggies, pickles, etc. Saturday: One child at a sleepover, got take out sub sandwiches for the rest Sunday: Minestrone Soup and Homemade Bread

Plans for this week: Monday: Grilled steak, sautéed green beans, rice pilaf (I will also grill two sausages I found in the freezer which will be good fixings for lunches) Tuesday: Baked potatoes with toppings and a big salad Wednesday: Italian crock pot beef au jus sandwiches, veggie tray Thursday: Black bean and pork nachos (using leftover pulled pork that I froze last week) Friday: Possibly going out of town to see relatives. If we are home, we will have leftovers.

Kymberlee Fisher

Sunday 13th of October 2019

Sunday - pizza Monday - sandwiches Tuesday - hamburgers Wednesday - pizza (again) Thursday - chicken & rice Friday - pot roast Saturday - chicken tenders


Sunday 13th of October 2019

Last week was the last week of the HS volleyball season.. and I swear I cannot recall what we ate.. (the end is near! the end is near!) I remember Sunday I ordered a pizza deal and had my son pick it up on his way home from work....

I know some of us were eating leftover chicken noodle soup, and chicken and rice casserole ( my poor attempt to help stave off the inevitable colds)Not sure if this was lunches or a supper though...

One day was homemade meat sauce with frozen ravioli.....I was not there so I doubt there was a side....

One night I did make crescent wrapped Angus beef dogs before a night of games...

Friday I did defrost a container of beef tips and gravy which we had over noodles and a veg before we went to the football game- son's choral group was opening the night...

Saturday I put a pork shoulder in the crock pot early... made it much easier to say no to eating out when running errands! Served with boxed scalloped potatoes and frozen broccoli!


Saturday 12th of October 2019

1. Mexican restaurant leftovers. Kid next door told me to bring excess stuff in refrigerator and canned goods over. Says he will cook for me while my kitchen is being fixed. He is in college and I am retired. Sounds like a good deal to me p


Sunday 13th of October 2019

Sorry to hear about things needing fixed but that is so sweet of the neighbor kid! You provide the food he does the work.. Score!


Saturday 12th of October 2019

We have had three family birthdays and three parties. So here goes Saturday night was fruit and cheese and other nibbles at party number one. Sunday lunch was at a Thai restaurant for party number two and I had Pra Rama Long Song; A chicken dish with vegetables, peanut sauce and rice. Goodness knows what dinner was. Monday: Roast beef with sweet potato, potato, carrots and green beans. Tuesday night: Spaghetti bolognese Wednesday night: Fish, chips and salad for mum. Chicken and salad for me. Thursday Night: Last party and it was for youngest and eldest children. I cooked a roast lamb dinner with roast potato, sweet potato, cauliflower and broccoli cheese, pepperonata, peas and carrots. At my son's request there were a huge number of Yorkshire puddings. Friday night: Left over roast beef and gravy and more Yorkshire puddings with a huge bowl of strawberries for dessert.

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