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Two twin beds: painted!

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Sonia's white bed

Way back in 2003, when I was pregnant with Sonia, we bought a bunkbed for Joshua and Lisey to share.

bunkbed Joshua

Joshua Lisey bunkbed

Later, Lisey and Sonia shared it, and then until last year, Sonia and Zoe shared it.

Benjamin Moore Tranquil Blue wall paint

So, every kid in our family has slept in this bed!

Once Joshua moved out, Sonia and Zoe both got their own rooms, and Mr. FG and I unstacked the bunkbeds.

Zoe's bedroom walls

I wasn’t about to paint the beds in the cold of winter, so I put this on my summer to-do list.

Sonia's bed

I took the beds apart, which required me getting underneath Sonia’s with a drill.

Kristen bunkbed

bunkbeds taken apart for painting

I had Sonia and Zoe help me sand these down, using my Bosch orbital sander.

Sonia sanding bunked rails

Zoe sanding

sanded headboards

A nice thing about refinishing is that you can even out colors. These had fade marks from where the top bunk rail used to be.

bunkbed rails

I also was able to fill the screw holes left from the rail and the ladder (both not necessary once the beds were unstacked.)

Also…a certain unnamed child chewed part of the top bunk when said child was small and the bed was quite new.

So, I was glad to finally be able to sand that damage down and paint over it!

bunkbed rail

After sanding, I primed everything with Zinnser water-based primer.

primed headboards

And then it was time for paint; Benjamin Moore Advance, satin sheen, in Cloud White.

bed frame painting white

painting wooden bed frame

Once all the painting was done (two coats, three in places that were especially hard to cover), I let the pieces dry for a day or two, just to let the paint get nice and hard.

painted bed pieces

And then I put the beds back into Sonia and Zoe’s rooms.

Zoe’s Bed

Zoe’s now matches all the rest of her white furniture.

Zoe's bed white

(The things around her bed are hung low because they had to be when her bed was a lower bunk. We’ll rearrange them when we paint her walls.)

She’s getting rid of this wall color this month, but the white bed does look great with it!

bed frame painted Cloud White

white bed with aqua walls

white painted bed frame

Sonia’s Bed

Sonia’s is lookin’ good with her gray walls.

Sonia's white bed

Sonia's white bed

Sonia's white bed

pine bed painted white

knitted TV

When we got this bed in 2003, I put the included finials in a bag and I’ve stored them ever since, on the off chance we’d un-stack the beds one day.

bunk bed finials

And I’m really glad now that I did!

white painted bed finials

This project took me two days to complete, mainly because I had to sand and paint both sides of the headboards and footboards. 

That means a lot of extra sanding, painting, and drying time.

But it’s done, and now the girls both have beds that look new and that match their rooms so much better than before.

I got Sonia’s dresser painted as well, so keep an eye out for that later this week!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.