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Stitch Fix January 2020 | I sent it all back

If you dislike Stitch Fix posts…consider yourself warned! Proceed only if you feel like being irritated today. 😉

If you’d rather peruse some hilarious second-hand fashion: the ThredUp Rescue Box fails. 

And here are the ThredUp Rescue box keepers.

(I’m giving the non-Stitch-Fix people a minute to clear out.)

(How’s the weather where you are? Good?)


This was a pretty disappointing box, which means that some of you will be very happy because you like it when I have a box of bad fashion.

The person who usually styles my boxes is out on maternity leave, and maybe that’s why this box was a swing and a miss for me.

Let’s get started!

I am smiling here, but I do not like this vest.

Stitch Fix vest

Vests don’t make sense to me (my arms will be cold!) and I don’t like the way they look on me either.

(I got a vest in a previous fix and I was also unenthusiastic about that one.)

An accurate representation of how awkward I feel in this vest:

Stitch Fix vest

I feel like my waist looks so weird.

Also, since I have a long torso, the drawstring of this vest is hitting me in my actual ribs, not at my waist.

What if we unzip it?

Stitch Fix vest

Still no.

Stitch Fix vest

Up next, an asymmetrical tunic sweater, which is, I dunno, all right.

Stitch Fix Tunic

But it’s $84! and for $84, I feel like a sweater should be more than just all right.

Stitch Fix Tunic

The jeans were pretty nice, but nothing remarkable.

Stitch Fix Tunic

This scarf is very soft, but I don’t like the colors. And I am not a person who wears scarves.

Stitch Fix scarf

The last item, a pair of shoes, is something I really DID want to keep. But alas, they were a little bit too big.

Stitch Fix Report footwear

Stitch Fix lets you do an exchange for other sizes, but they were out of pretty much every size known to man when I tried to exchange.

So, sadly, they had to go back.

Stitch Fix shoes

HOWEVER. I found the same shoes on Nordstrom Rack, so I placed an order.

(I also found them on Amazon for the same price as on Stitch Fix, but they were actually cheaper on Nordstrom Rack.)

Get $50 off your first Stitch Fix for a limited time

It looks like this link is still working, so if, after reading my post (ha!), you still want to give Stitch Fix a try, do it through the button below so that you get $50 off.

You only pay for what you keep from your fix, so you could opt to just keep one or two things, in which case the $50 discount would be quite a good deal.

Would you have made the same decisions I did about the items in this box?

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Crystal Ward

Sunday 9th of February 2020

I always seem to get one of those items in a Stitch Fix box where it's like "This is nice, but it's not EIGHTY DOLLARS nice." I keep telling them that I'm looking for items that feel "special" and they keep sending me generic.

gina jagim

Monday 20th of January 2020

I love this post. Paying too much for clothes is how my friends have big credit card bills . And they shop Stitch Fix. I wish you would do a side by side of similar outfits from Stitch Fix and a Thread Up with the cost. Thank you for the wonderful post.


Friday 17th of January 2020

That's exactly how I felt after the first two boxes. No one was reading my comments and they just kept sending expensive pieces that were exactly what I didn't want.


Tuesday 14th of January 2020

Something has definitely changed over at Stitch Fix. I don't know what happened. I used to get awesome items when I first signed up towards spring of 2019. I'm one of those folks who hates clothes shopping because I'm right on the border between plus size and "regular" size, so I frequently have the experience of "oh, this would be awesome if I could get it one size bigger!" in the "regular" department and then turns around and has the experience "Oh, this would be gorgeous if I could just get it one size smaller!" in the "plus size" department.

Also, I wear a women's size 12 shoe, so I can pretty much never try shoes on in a store, and I'm 5'9", which is apparently too tall for "normal' clothes, but too short for a lot of "tall" stuff that seems to be designed for giraffes! (or just women who like to wear really tall heels compared to my beloved totally flat Toms). And I'm built like a linebacker - broad shoulders, strong calves, strong arms and forearms, and lots of butt and thigh muscle (hello, cycling). So finding clothing that fits but isn't basically a tent is... hilarious.


My first few Stitch Fix boxes, I got some really awesome items - a plum blazer that's stretchy so it doesn't bind my wide shoulders, cut with a peplum in the back so it fits correctly over my curvy self, and has 3/4 sleeves so I don't constantly feel like I need to push my sleeves up all the time; a dress that's just the right length, has some stretch to it, a black-and-white pattern I love, wide enough straps I can wear my normal undergarments, and is completely crease-proof - I stuffed it in a duffle bag for a vacation to FL this past summer, and it looked amazing after being scrunched in the bottom in FL humidity for almost a week!

(apparently my comment is too long, so get ready for part 2!)


Tuesday 14th of January 2020

They also sent me some amazing earrings that I've been loving, and some short- and sleeve-less tops, but I did have to get on their case to stop sending me dry-clean only anything (seriously, who actually LIKES dry-clean only clothing??). But the last few months, the entire box has been a dud - tiny earrings when I've very specifically asked for only large dangly ones, a bunch of stuff in navy blue when I specifically have stated multiple times that my foundational pieces are black and I want colorful tops and accents, and a bizarre obsession with sending me slacks, shorts, and skirts when I made it clear I DO NOT want them to send me bottoms - I have one specific brand/style/size of slacks I love and wear to work, one specific brand/style of jeans, and I just don't do skirts. Dresses, occasionally, but not skirts. I've found one single stretchy pencil skirt in my entire life that doesn't hang funny on me, and since I don't wear non-pant-like things very often anyway, I don't feel the need to add any skirts.

In short, I gave them very detailed feedback on every single box for months, and it was like no one was even reading what I wrote, on top of feeling like whoever they handed me off to was not used to styling plus-size ladies, and seemed to believe we all want to wear shapeless tops in drab colors over painfully bland skirts (what is WITH the skirts??), vs. every single note I sent in about "Please, please, for the love of all that is pretty, send me COLOR."


I was so hoping this would solve my dilemma of needing to carve out way too much time to go shopping regularly (since I can't stick with just one type of store, and generally have to visit them all just to find a few pieces that will work), hence the angst over it not working.

I really hate clothes shopping.

Madeline Theresa Kasian

Tuesday 14th of January 2020

THOSE CLOTHING BOX DEALS LOOK DISAPPOINTING AND EXPENSIVE TO ME.I HAVE FOUND A FAVORITE CONSIGNMENT SHOP NEAR ME THAT CARRIES good brands and good prices.I have a Baseline of clothes but once per season (summer and “ winter,” here in Az.) I go and buy a few fresh pieces. I also get my good leather purses there at great prices. It’s a great store! It makes for a fun outing. But I don’t need clothes more than that so those boxes with their mostly disappointing and way too expensive items just don’t look like a lot of fun,to me. Good luck with the next one,though.

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