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ThredUp Rescue Box Review | the fails

When I wrote the post about LuLaRich this week, I remembered the my ThredUp rescue box had included a LuLaRoe piece (scroll down to see). So, I thought it would be appropriate timing to repost this one. If you enjoy me modeling bad fashion, then you’ll enjoy this trip through my rejects!

I recently took a bit of a risk and ordered a $100 rescue box from ThredUp*.

ThredUp Rescue Box Review

The box promised to contain 50 tops that ThredUp had rejected (either because they didn’t meet ThredUp’s standards or because they’d been listed too long).

ThredUp Rescue Box Review

*ThredUp is an online consignment store.

I already shared photos of the items we kept, so today, it’s time to see the rejects!

ThredUp GoodyBox Review

Get comfy because there are a whole lotta these.

A lot of these are mirror selfies because this was just too many clothes to ask my kids to photograph me in.

So, forgive the dark cell phone mirror shots. Hopefully you can still assess the fashion (or lack thereof) properly.

The Nopes

Too tight, too short.

ThredUp Goody Box Review

A short sleeved sweater with a hood. WHY.

sweater with hood

In what climate would you need a hood but no sleeves??

ThredUp Goody Box Review

Looks like a maternity shirt; isn’t.

ThredUp Rescue Box Review

I dubbed this one, “the steel wool sweater” because that’s exactly what it felt like.

ThredUp Rescue Box Review

This sweater wasn’t terrible but it does kind of make me look…one-sided.

black shirt

These two polos were just not my style.

hot pink polo shirt

pink polo shirt

Here we have a sweater with a lot of holes, plus 3/4 sleeves.

brown and navy sweater

For those times when you want to wear a sweater but you’d also like to be cold.

tan sweater sleeve

Continuing with the big-holes-in-sweater theme, except this time they are more random:

a sweater full of big holes

And the short-sleeved sweater theme:

short-sleeved sweater

I think I just don’t understand short-sleeved sweaters at all.

This sweater would not be my favorite with any type of sleeve, but I have to say, I really hate these types of sleeves. They are so annoying when you want to wash your hands!

a pastel striped sweater

This jacket is Lululemon, but it has a weird shape…like the bottom is sort of petal-cut.  It was too small for me, and my girls definitely did not want it.

brown tulip hem jacket

I’m not against long cardigans, but this pattern is not at all my thing.

a brown, navy, and blue cardigan

And neither is this LuLaRoe cardigan. I think I look terrible in it!

a flower print lularoe long cardigan

This shirt looks pretty normal.

ThredUp Goody Box Review

But the body of the shirt is attached at the elbows!

gray shirt


ThredUp GoodyBox Review

This is made of a dressy-ish woven fabric, but has a graphic-tee look to it. So odd.

And you can clearly see where the lining around the collar begins and ends.

ThredUp GoodyBox Review

This shirt isn’t terrible…

ThredUp GoodyBox Review

But the sleeves are a little unusual. Also, a short-sleeve cut from a fall-looking print seems odd to me.

green buffalo check shirt

This jacket is pretty normal-looking, and I’ve considered keeping it.

ThredUp GoodyBox Review

I do not love the symmetrical placement of these flowers.

a flowered white shirt

I have bad feelings about this print, and the sweater was super itchy too.

ThredUp GoodyBox Review

This is not terrible, but it has those really high side slits. And a crew neck, which is not bad, but I really do not prefer myself in crew necks.

ThredUp Rescue Box Review

This top…it feels way too old for me.  But the sight of me in it cracked us up no end.

ThredUp Rescue Box Review

ThredUp Rescue Box Review

This tank looks pretty normal from the front.

ThredUp Rescue Box Review

But the back is scooped so low that anytime you move, the front falls down.

gray tank top

This shirt just felt out of date.

ThredUp Rescue Box Review

Diane von Furstenburg designed this and I really do not know what she was thinking.

ThredUp Rescue Box Review

ThredUp Rescue Box Review

I call it the, “I’m about to have surgery” look.

a boxy flowered shirt

This shirt looks like it could be normal.

ThredUp Rescue Box Review

But then you see the sleeves. WHY.

flowered shirt with holes in sleeves

This genuine leather vest fit none of our styles. But it did happen to be Zoe’s size, so she kindly modeled it.

black leather vest

Zoe said, “Mom, this shirt looks like something from Friends.” 

She is not wrong.

This hot pink cardigan might not be flattering to anyone on the planet, but it is SO definitely too old for any of the four of us.

hot pink cardigan

I couldn’t get this top on at all, so Sonia modeled it.  It’s really too big for her, and it’s a weird bandage-like fabric.

a white textured short sleeve shirt

We all agreed that maybe someone very fashionable could come up with a outfit to pull this off, but it wasn’t working for any of us.

This shirt is not terrible, but it was a little too short and cut in a swingy style that seemed off with the shorter length.

burgundy long sleeve top

You’ve seen this shirt on me already.

brown prairie style shirt

It wasn’t any better on Sonia. 😉

brown prairie style shirt

This one is technically a top.

a strappy black bra top

It didn’t fit any of us, but we wouldn’t have modeled it for you anyway. 😉

black bra top

I don’t know why this shirt is sheer on the bottom half.

a half sheer gray shirt

I also don’t know why it says, “This is the beginning of never ending fun.” What?

half sheer top

And I don’t understand this price tag.

price tag

I hope you enjoyed this tour of the ThredUp box rejects!

And if, even after seeing this post, you want to try a ThredUp rescue box, click here and look for the “Rescues” tab up at the top of the page.

(You’ll get $10 off your order if you are a ThredUp newbie!)

P.S. Here’s the post where I shared what we DID keep from our ThredUp rescue box.

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Friday 25th of March 2022

I'm very late to the party to comment on this one.


I am a person who wears long pants with short sleeved shirts when it starts to get chilly. Apparently, there exist people (my niece among them) who wear sweatshirts with shorts when they start to get chilly. She loves short sleeved sweatshirts. I don't get it, but I love her anyway. :-)


Friday 25th of March 2022

It is never too late to comment on these...fashions. Ha.

I get short sleeves with long pants; you can always add a hoodie if you get cold. But what do you do if you get a bit chilly and you have shorts on? Pull on an extra pair of pants? I see a lack of layering possibilities here.


Monday 4th of October 2021

This was good entertainment! Thanks for the laugh after a crazy day.

A. Marie

Sunday 3rd of October 2021

I didn't catch the original post in 2019, so thanks for rerunning it. I too have enjoyed the many ways to look weird. (And can I take partial credit for inspiring the rerun with my recent comment about LulaRoe clothing being complete c**p?)

Also, a postscript re: LulaRoe: I went to one of our local Goodwills yesterday to drop off some of DH's books that our secondhand-book dealer friend didn't want, and when I went inside for a browse (of course), I noticed an unusual number of NWT LulaRoe clothes on the racks. Looks as if a former participant decided to dump her/his stock.


Monday 4th of October 2021

Partial credit has been awarded to you. ;)

I've definitely heard stories of LuLaRoe consultants just donating their stock and it sounds like that's what happened near you!


Sunday 3rd of October 2021

So I have a lot of anxiety and wearing layers of clothes feels good to me, but how do you do that when you live somewhere that is super humid and hot in the summer? Short sleeved hoodies are great, as are short sleeved kimonos and vests. So I love a short sleeved hoodie, I bet others do too. Also I have noticed short sleeved sweaters are in style again, I have seen a bunch in the stores. What an interesting mix of tops they sent you!


Sunday 3rd of October 2021

Ah, interesting. I tend to run on the hot side if the weather is at all warm, so I am always trying to wear as little as possible!

-Kristen (the blogger one)


Sunday 3rd of October 2021

You are so right- all of these are horrible! I can see why they were rejected and am surprised threadup even attempted to sell them this way. I think the pioneer floral print top might be the worst ever. Why would anyone design something so unflattering for such a cute print?! ...though the cute gray floral print with holes in the sleeves is also such a tragedy!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.