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Zoe’s freshly painted gray bedroom

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This was painting project number 4/6 from my summer bucket list.

#1: painting two twin beds white

bed frame painted Cloud White

#2: painting Sonia’s $25 Goodwill dresser white

painted white Bassett dresser with cup pulls

#3: painting the replacement board on my deck

painted deck


If you’re just joining us:

Lisey used to share this room with Sonia, and I painted it purple for them.

cluttered kids room before and after

Then Lisey got her own room and Zoe moved in with Sonia.

At one point in history, we had a great paint-choosing drama.

(I did not have the greatest attitude about it. And I had a pretty crabby attitude about Mr. FG’s very good suggestion to solve the problem as well!)

We eventually ended up with Benjamin Moore Tranquil Blue.

Benjamin Moore Tranquil Blue wall paint

TONS of pictures of that project are in this post, including a chalkboard wall.

When Joshua moved out, Sonia moved into his old room, and we unstacked the bunkbeds, which I painted white this summer.

Zoe's bed white

That left just Zoe in this room and she is not at all into bright colors.

Luckily, she is also quite decisive. I brought home a range of gray paint colors (her request) and she picked a shade without even requesting a sample be painted on the wall.

(I knew the color was going to be fine because it’s one shade lighter than the color Joshua chose for his room. Which is, of course, the color Sonia has now: Anonymous, by Behr.)

Sonia's white bed


Zoe picked out Behr’s Silver Bullet, which I bought in the eggshell enamel sheen. I really don’t love shiny paint, but I want the paint to be at least slightly wipe-able, so eggshell is the perfect compromise for a bedroom.

Lisey was house-sitting for my brother at the time of this painting, so we moved as much stuff as possible into her room.

Liseys cluttered room

My mom had given me an extra roll of floor covering (she’d used it when helping my older brother move, to protect his carpeted stairs.) and this stuff is SO EXCELLENT.

Way, way, way easier than using a dropcloth, because it sticks to the floor and does not shift.

plastic floor protector painting

I almost always have dripping accidents when I use a dropcloth and I had zero accidents with this!

I covered the whole floor with the plastic because I had to paint the ceiling. Years worth of top-bunk-dweller’s foot prints had made it rather dirty.

dirty ceiling

Now it’ll stay nice and clean since no one can reach it. It looks a little aqua because of reflection from the walls, but it IS actually white.

painted ceiling

I purposely overlapped the paint down onto the wall, to make sure the aqua was totally covered.

sloppy painted ceiling edge

Then I did the same thing with semi-gloss white paint on the mouldings.

white molding paint

And I filled a zillion holes in the wall from years of various decorations/hooks/shelves.

spackle in wall holes

Then I taped everything off and got busy painting the walls.

Kristen painting

Zoe's room being painted gray

We still have some decorating to do, but here’s what Zoe’s room is looking like right now.

Behr silver bullet girl's room

Behr silver bullet girl's room

Behr silver bullet girl's room

The gray looks great with all of Zoe’s white furniture.

Behr silver bullet girl's room

Behr silver bullet girl's room

Zoe's pusheen calendar

Behr silver bullet girl's room

I left Zoe’s chalkboard wall alone, since she still most definitely wanted it!

Zoe's chalkboard wall

And here’s the wall that joins the chalkboard wall behind the door.

Behr silver bullet girl's room

Zoe has a LOT of empty space around her bed now that there’s not a top bunk, and we have some ideas for that.

Behr silver bullet girl's room

For the wall at the head of her bed, we’ve ordered a mandala wall hanging, which will be here in a few days.

For the wall by the side, I think I’m going to try making her a big white bulletin board, using this tutorial from Remodelaholic.

I figure it would be a cheap way to get a very large piece for that space, and then she can customize it however she wants, whenever she wants, since it’s a bulletin board.

Zoe's room

This is the first time Zoe’s gotten to pick a wall color on her own, and she’s really pleased with the way it turned out. Excellent!


Four out of six of my painting projects are all done. Thanks for following along with my progress. Knowing I can share my before and afters with you helps keep me motivated!

P.S. Here’s a whole step by step post about my method for painting a room.

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Wednesday 14th of August 2019

Battra92 When my Mom was expecting me she found out I was a girl, and requested my Dad paint the room lavender. It was my Dads first time painting, it was a special tint, and he miscalculated and ended up with 5 times as much paint as he actually neeeded. My sister and I shared a lavender room for many years (repainted the same colour once) until I begged for my sixteenth birthday present for a different colour paint for our room. I picked peach of course (hey, it was the eighties!) and my Dad taught my sister and I how to patch, prime and paint ceiling, trim, walls and doors. My Dad is very much a frugal “waste not, want not” kind of guy, which is why our neighbours were treated to the sight of a lavender garden shed and wood shed in our back yard!


Wednesday 14th of August 2019

Ohhh, no! A lavender shed. That is amazing!


Wednesday 14th of August 2019

This takes me back to the mod 60's when my parents made the then-bold choice to paint their bedroom quiet gray with white woodwork. I thought it was lovely then, and the combination of gray and white still looks calm and elegant, now.

When we built our house, we had paint-able walls for the first time in our marriage (finally leaving that paneling behind!) and I told my kids to each pick the color they wanted for the walls in their bedrooms and in the bathroom they shared. They loved that, and ended up with room colors that reflected their personalities.

That was a job well-done, Kristen and I'm sure Zoe loves it. So - will you do your own bedroom? Wouldn't you like to love your room, too? I can't physically come help you paint, but I'll be cheering for you!


Wednesday 14th of August 2019

You're really rocking out those big projects this summer. Nice job!


Wednesday 14th of August 2019

I love that color. It is the one I used to paint my entire upstairs. Of course, I had 50 shades of gray on my walls to narrow it down to that color.


Wednesday 14th of August 2019

I find it funny that as a grown man I'm a little envious of how organized a teen girl's room looks compared to my own.

In all seriousness, I really like the color. I know in a decade or two well all sit back and ask why we thought it looked good but I'll enjoy this trend now.


Wednesday 14th of August 2019

Oh and one little side note, I think it's great that your kids get a say in how their rooms look. I was never allowed to pick anything (furniture, paint etc.) I got a place to sleep and a place to put my stuff but it never felt like *my* room.

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