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WIS, WWA | a day late!

I always publish these on Fridays…but my Friday really got away from me this week. So here we are on Saturday. 🙂

cat in a box.

What I Spent

I spent:

  • $11 at Safeway
  • $143 at BJs
  • $30 at Chopt

So, $184 for me this week.

What We Ate


Zoe was out, and Lisey and I both got bowls from Chopt.


This date marked a year since I left my old house…and I decided to mark the occasion by treating myself to a night at the Westin, in a fluffy bed with many pillows, using my brother’s hotel discount.

A hotel bed.

I got some enchiladas for dinner at a nearby local Mexican restaurant.


I had a random partial bag of bucatini pasta, so I cooked that up and made a pink sauce to go on top.


Sonia was over so I made her favorite: chicken katsu, from Dinner Illustrated.

Chicken Katsu

You can read my full review of Dinner Illustrated here.


We had these burgers, potato cubes, and a fruit salad.

homemade potato cubes


I got out several random things that needed to be used; some frozen chili, some frozen tortellini, and some quesadilla fixings, and I cut up a bunch of fruits and veggies for sides.


Some of us were out, some of us were home, and those of us that were home had a fend-for-yourself night. 🙂

What did you eat for dinner this week?

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Monday 23rd of January 2023

Yeppp, that's my goal! It's why I do my menu posts looking back rather than planning forward...less aspiration, more real.


Monday 23rd of January 2023

I love that you have leftovers for dinner and "fend for your yourself" nights. It makes your meal plans very "real life."


Sunday 22nd of January 2023

I spent about $70 between Lowes Foods and Food Lion. We are moving soon so I bought toilet paper, deodorant, cat food and litter, dog food, eggs, buttermilk, bread, and salad dressing. We are mostly eating out of the freezer and pantry to use up items, but some basics need to be purchased while we are still here. We had: wild rice soup with homemade bread butter chicken/broccoli/naan hamburgers/salad/cole slaw/baked beans pork loin, roasted potatoes and roasted brussels sprouts pizza on the grill ate out for brunch so we had sandwiches and fruit for supper chicken enchiladas and homemade refried beans We had split pea soup for lunches and leftovers also at lunch.


Sunday 22nd of January 2023

One year. I'm glad you marked it with something to treat yourself.

Monday: I made "American Chop Suey" for my family using some extra ingredients leftover from making 100 meatballs in sauce for my colleague who is having cancer treatment. I portioned the meatball and sauce for several meals and also brought her sub rolls and pasta to go with the meatballs, as well as a veggie tray, 2 batches of muffins, brownies and rice crispy treats.

Tuesday: I had done so much cooking the day before that we kept it easy with a rotisserie chicken, which I served with a green salad, roasted squash and mashed potatoes. After dinner I also made chicken salad with the leftover chicken and put the carcass in the crock pot to make stock.

Wednesday: Pork carnitas with rice and beans

Thursday: Baked potatoes with a toppings bar: cheese, broccoli, bacon, etc. I also thawed some leftover chili thinking it would good as a topping, but one child decided to have a bowl of chili rather than a potato.

Friday: We got a take out pizza.

Saturday: Pulled pork and slaw. I realized we had a ton of bags of frozen fruit in the freezer that were all mostly empty so my kids made smoothies to use all those odds and ends of fruit.

Tonight: Homemade ramen using the stock from Tuesday.


Sunday 22nd of January 2023

63 dollars spent at Kroger pick up. 2.87 spent at ALDI. I forgot coffee creamer.

Sun-Large egg sausage and veggie egg bake. Air fryer potatoes Mon- Egg Roll in a Bowl with lean ground beef found on mark down over Ramen Noodles ( no flavor packet). Tues- leftovers of Mon and Tues Wed- sheet pan dinner with Turkey sausage potatoes carrots onions and red pepper. Used Cajun spice this time. Thurs- cereal or oatmeal for supper. Sliced apples I LOVE CEREAL and seldom eat it. Fri- Frozen pizza and cucumber salad. Lettuce too pricey in my area right now. Sat- baked chicken box stuffing and cranberry salad

Cranberry salad 1 can WHOLE cranberry sauce 1 diced unpeeled green apple right before serving Fold in diced walnuts or diced pecans prob about 1/3 cup.

This recipe has been in my family for forever. Nice little treat.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.