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The cookie-guessing game will be delayed!

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You guys have been asking about it, which makes me smile because I love how much you love this little tradition we have.

(If you’re new here: each December, the six of us decorate a cookie and we let you guys guess who made which one. The first one to get it right gets a $50 Amazon gift card from me.)

First…Lisey is getting her wisdom teeth out this morning, poor girl.  But I have juice and applesauce and yogurt and ice cream and all manner of soft foods to help her with her recovery.

And like I told her, this is NOTHING compared to having your tonsils out.  Is is really fun? No. But it is way less not-fun than tonsil-removal-recovery.

(I’ve had both.)

A big problem with tonsil recovery is that you actually feel worse and worse up until day 7-10, whereas barring complications, wisdom teeth recovery pain is worst at first and then tapers off.

I think that having gone through tonsil removal first will probably help her feel like this is not so terrible.

Anyway.  About the cookie-guessing game.

We haven’t managed to get ourselves together to decorate cookies yet this year (the photos in this post are from last year), and I was actually thinking about maybe doing it on Christmas Day, since I know no one will be working/have other plans.

And Lisey should definitely be feeling up to frosting some cookies by then.

I know it’s more fun to do the game before Christmas, but later is better than never, right? 

And you can always use an Amazon gift card after the holidays. 😉

So, if you check back here right after Christmas, we should have some guess-the-artist cookies up for you.

By the way, if you want the Christmas cookie recipe I use, you can find it right here.

And the eyeballs we so often use on our cookies are these ones made by Wilton. You can usually find them at craft stores, and some grocery stores have them near the food coloring/frosting section. I like to buy them at craft stores with a 40% off coupon. 😉

Sometimes on Instagram, you guys tag me with photos of your eye-balled Christmas cookies, and it warms my heart.  I love that other families are making Christmas cookies with eyes too!

patrick star cookie

This is clearly why my family was put on this earth.

Eyeballs or not, I hope you have some fun cookie-decorating time this month with people that you love.

I do have to put out a strong recommendation to add eyeballs to your decorating supplies, though. They up the fun level by at least 47%. 😉

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Tuesday 18th of December 2018

Yes!!! Last year I started putting those eyeballs on my chocolate chip cookie bites, and I absolutely love how the chocolate chips with the eyes help to form funny faces. Without you and your family introducing me to the eyeballs, we would not be having nearly as much fun!


Tuesday 18th of December 2018

The kids and I just decorated cookies at a playgroup this morn which was fantastic for so many reasons! It was free of cost, mess and stress.

Those eyes ARE fantastic though. It reminds me of how my kids like to glue googly eyes on pictures of people in magazines. (If you've never tried this, you should. SO FUNNY!)

ps. I hope Lisey has a speedy recovery. I've done the wisdom tooth extraction and overall it ain't too bad. If anything, it's a good excuse to do some serious tv watching guilt free. ;)


Monday 17th of December 2018

I will that "Younger is Better". I didn't get mine out until I was 31. It was a tough recovery. They had to remove some bone to get the bottom ones out (they were impacted) and the pain during recovery was unbelievable. For days!


Monday 17th of December 2018

Quick healing to Lisey, my girl (who is 20 yo) is having her wisdom teeth removed tomorrow, how's that for coincidence. We'll have to compare notes. I've got the ice cream and smoothies ready to go. Good luck.


Tuesday 18th of December 2018

Oh, I hope she does well! Lisey is doing great so far...main problem is the swelling, but not a whole lot of pain. Definitely manageable with the pain meds.


Monday 17th of December 2018

wow Declaring a 47% yield on adding eyes -thats a pretty bold statement(Pulp Fiction reference)> i strongly endorse that googly eyes have nearly a 100% return rate on making everything better( as I break into your house & slap them on everything.....GTG post bail for B&E). yes your soap is watching you now....& dont get me started on your judgemental dish washer....LOLZ

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.