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A storage chest for Sonia

Many years ago, I got a little wooden chest from freecycle.

free cycle chest.

I painted it white, and I put it in Zoe’s room, and then Lisey’s, and then when I moved here, I brought it along and kept it in Lisey’s room. 

You can see some “after” pictures of it here, in this tour of Lisey’s room at the other house. Look at the foot of the bed and you’ll see it.

Anyway. Sonia texted me a few weeks back to see if she could have the chest to store some blankets and stuffed animals.

And I said, hmmm, you are gonna need something bigger than this! The freecycle chest is pretty small. 

Soo, I poked around on Facebook Marketplace, and found a solid wood chest for $15. Sonia and I went to pick it up and I brought it home to sand and paint it. 

pink and white chest.

We didn’t like the white/pink combo, and besides, the paint job was a little sloppy and a lot worn.

chest with pink lid.

Definitely time for some fresh paint.

back of chest.

But first, no one’s favorite task: sanding.

I took the lid off to make my job a little easier.

chest on side.

sander on chest.

This pink paint felt like it was made of concrete…so thick and hard.

Luckily, I didn’t need to get it down to raw wood. That’s the beauty of painting! 

pink lid.

After the sanding step, I brushed everything off and brought it inside for priming and painting.

cat under a lid.

I don’t let Chiquita in the room when the paint is wet, but once the paint was dry, she enjoyed having new hiding spots.

cat on floor.

After I got some coats of paint  on the piece, I decided to put the extra effort in and fill some of the holes and dings in the top and on the sides.

There were a lot to fill on the top!

hole filler on lid.

And I filled a few spots on the sides as well.

wood filler on chest.

I sanded those down, gave the chest one last coat of paint, and reinstalled the lid.

chest in carport.

Then I was ready to make a delivery!

white chest n back of van.

Long live the minivan! So great for hauling furniture.

I put this at the end of Sonia’s bed, and it fit perfectly.

white chest.

As you can see, Sonia has a lot of blankets/stuffed animals to store. 😉 

chest by bed.

Her bed, her bookshelf, her nightstand, and her dresser are all free/inexpensive secondhand AND they are all painted in the same Benjamin Moore Cloud White paint.

So, even though nothing technically matches, it does all kind of match since the color is precisely the same.

chest at foot of bed.

And since Sonia’s maximalist self fills her room with all sorts of colorful things, the simple white furniture is perfect for her; a blank slate. 😉 

The chest has lots of room for blankets and stuffed animals.

chest filled with blankets.

chest viewed form above.

A nice thing about a solid storage chest is that when closed, it doubles as a seat.

Crouton the cat.

That’s Sonia’s cat, Crouton. She adopted him after we met him during a volunteer shift; she fell in love with his super fluffy self!

orange cat.

I always think he looks a bit like a mini-lion.

Sooo, that’s the story of Sonia’s storage chest. I really, really love how this looks in simple white; so classy.  

chest at end of bed.

I almost wanted to keep it! But that would have sorta defeated the whole point of this project. 😉 

I know I’ve been doing an awful lot of painting posts lately, but that’s because I got on a finish-all-the-projects roll at the end of summer.

The looming nature of nursing school lit a fire under me. 😉 

Unfortunately, I did not get the scuffed table all finished. But it is next on my list when I get a minute.

Incidentally, I have painted SO MUCH FURNITURE with Cloud White. Here’s a little sampling to close out this post.

Benjamin Moore Cloud White Furniture

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Wednesday 13th of September 2023

Wow, that was an incredible transformation! It looked kind of ugly before and now it is so lovely and classic. You have a gift for bringing furniture back to life!

Meg L

Tuesday 12th of September 2023

It looks great! I have zero experience with refinishing furniture, but I get a lot of vicarious pleasure and satisfaction out of your projects! And Crouton is such a great name!


Monday 11th of September 2023

It looks beautiful! Thank you for your painting posts. When I bought a bookshelf on nextdoor last year and found it needed a bit of a freshen up, I used your paint recommendations! It made it so stress-free to pick up all the supplies.


Monday 11th of September 2023

It turned out great, just as all your furniture does.

I want to paint an espresso bookcase white but I don't have a paint sprayer and am concerned about getting into every nook and cranny of the interior. If you have any suggestions I'd be grateful to hear them.

Chiquita ever her helpful self, I see. :) I was recently down on the floor painting baseboards and my cat came up and greeted me with her little black nose covered in white paint. I then had to chase her around the house to try to wipe off the paint.


Monday 11th of September 2023

So, I don't have a paint sprayer either! I use a microfiber roller, plus a very small paintbrush, not a lot bigger than a watercolor brush. That's so helpful for things like bookcases, which have a million interior edges and corners.


Monday 11th of September 2023

You do an amazing job!! Rehabbing furniture!! I love vintage/repurposed pieces!! It takes a little time but you can make things look so nice. I hope your posts encourage people to put in the effort to give things new life!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.