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WIS, WWA | all Safeway

What I Spent

So I went to pull together my grocery spending for the week and I realized that it’s all quick trips to Safeway.

pile of safeway receipts.

This is better than endless nights of eating out, but definitely not as frugal as an organized trip to Aldi.

I spent $63 at Safeway, spread out between an embarrassing number of trips.

And I spent $20 at Chick Fil A for our final Pride and Prejudice viewing night. 😉

What We Ate


I made one of Zoe’s faves: the baked ham/Swiss sandwiches on King’s Hawaiian rolls.

baked sandwiches.

We had some raw veggies and fruit on the side. 


Leftover sandwiches; they’re great reheated in the toaster oven on the air-fryer setting.

corner of a kitchen.

I never had room for a toaster oven at my other house, but I do really like having one here, especially for reheating things or making two-person servings of food.


I had a snacky dinner earlier, and then when Zoe came home from her evening shift at work, she had a frozen pizza. 


I made chicken quesadillas and we had fruit on the side. 

chicken quesadillas.


Leftover chicken quesadillas. 

And also I got hungry before bed so I had a bowl of my marked-down cereal. 

dented cereal box.

cereal with milk.


Zoe and I finally had a night where we were both free, without any pressing homework due, so we watched the last two episodes of the 1995 Pride and Prejudice.

Mr Collins on screen.

This includes the part where Mr. Collins comes to “condole” with the Bennets after Lydia’s disgrace, a low even for Mr. Collins. Do we think he’s a covert narcissist? Discuss.

Anyway, we ate Chick-fil-A while we watched.

chick fil a salad.

OH! Remember how in A. Marie’s post about her husband’s passing, she said he was the best man she’d ever known? I didn’t realize until this rewatch with Zoe, that that’s a direct quote from Pride and Prejudice.

I should have known. <3 

I told Zoe about it and we both said that this is goals…to marry a man whom you can honestly say is the best man you’ve ever known.

Also, Lizzy said this before she married Mr. Darcy, but A. Marie said it at the end of her marriage, which is an even stronger testament to her husband.


Zoe’s working tonight and I have my first evening lab, so no one will be here at dinnertime except for the cats.

It’s possible there will be cereal-eating late at night. 😉

What did you have for dinner this week?

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Sunday 10th of September 2023

I once taught a distance class on late Friday afternoons as it was the only time we could get it scheduled and the students were all non traditional. Called it the happy hour class. I actually enjoyed that time slot.

When I was in grad school with children, I always had potatoes that could be baked in the microwave, grated cheese and tortilla chips for nachos, preformed (by me) hamburger patties in the freezer, boxed mac & cheese, and eggs plus bread and peanut butter and jam. My children could feed themselves when necessary that way. The biggest help, though, was meal planning and posting it on the refrigerator. I planned based on my schedule and knew what I could prep ahead, etc.

Ginger Bruce

Saturday 9th of September 2023

Not sure what I eat or spend. I need to get back to that. I did want to share tonight's meal. Crackers with peanut butter and Nutella. I noticed the Nutella was a bit dry. I checked the expiration date, it's past a bit. So I will work on eating the last of it. Anyone have any ideas on a way to eat that up. If you can find me the private message me that'd be great. If not you can post it in something next week maybe I'll catch it. Hope everybody has a great weekend.

Lindsay B

Saturday 9th of September 2023

@Ginger Bruce, I personally love Nutella on banana bread or waffles. Or just on toast! Anything that's a little warm will help the Nutella melt and not seem as dry. Or, maybe just a few drops of a neutral oil stirred in would fix that problem too. :)


Saturday 9th of September 2023


Or bananas would also work.


Saturday 9th of September 2023

@Ginger Bruce,

My husband will put Nutella into crepes with cream cheese. You can also add strawberries or canned mandarin oranges.

Ali in the midwest

Friday 8th of September 2023

My Mom will do cereal for dinner for herself sometimes. Growing up I never really saw the appeal and then after late nights on rotations during school and late nights after working a long shift at work I finally understood. Cereal for dinner is not really my favorite so it doesn’t happen super often but it has happened! Thanks for keeping it real Kristen!

Natalie J

Friday 8th of September 2023

Sunday: Potluck with family, we contributed roasted veggie mac and cheese Monday: Buddha bowls. I found this recipe on the Frugal Girl FB page! Tuesday: Preschooler's first day of school, so she got to choose a restaurant to eat at. She chose Zupas because she loves the chocolate covered strawberries. Wednesday: Leftovers Thursday: Homemade hamburger helper. It was a new recipe and it was really good! Friday: Hot dogs on the grill Saturday: Leftovers

Have a good weekend everyone!


Friday 8th of September 2023

I am married to the best man I have ever known. We will be celebrating 35 years in February.

A Friday evening lab sounds horrible? I had my anatomy lab in the evenings in my freshman year of college, but thankfully not on Fridays.

I would love to hear every week the highlight of what you are learning or doing in nursing school.

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