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WIS, WWA | Just the three of us

What I Spent

Mr. FG has been out of town this week, so I’ve only been feeding Sonia, Zoe, and me.

And my grocery spending has been quite low.

 I spent:

  • $9 at Harris Teeter
  • $20 on Target groceries
  • $25 on a Hungry Harvest box
  • $5 on a bowl of chili at Potbelly

Then last night Zoe and I went out to Aldi and spent $24.50 on food, but since I still had $42 in my grocery budget, we picked up a few non-food, non-necessary items, such as two hedgehog doorstops.

A hedghog doorstop.

Do Sonia and Zoe’s bedroom doors need doorstops? Not technically, but how could we resist?

They had to come home with us.

Hedgehog doorstops sitting in a car.

October Spending

Week 1: $110

Week 2: $148.50

Week 3: $111

Week 4: $126

Week 5: $108

What We Ate

Since there were only three of us here, I put off trying any crock-pot recipes until next week because most crock-pot recipes make more than three people can eat!


Obviously, I did not go on a date with Mr. FG, since he wasn’t here.

I know the girls ate chicken noodle soup, but I cannot for the life of me remember what I ate. I think I probably threw together a bunch of random things from the fridge, but apparently whatever I made was not extremely memorable.

On the upside, if my concoction had been terrible, I would have remembered it. So it must have been at least passably tasty.


I cooked some rotini and made this alfredo sauce* to top it. Fresh produce on the side.

*I used oat milk + heavy cream and left the Parmesan on the side, for Sonia’s sake. And regardless of what milk I use, I always temper the egg yolk and then bring the sauce slowly to a simmer to thicken it.

alfredo pasta

This is an old picture from a time when I made alfredo to use up some leftover cooked pasta.


I spied some Swedish meatballs I’d frozen a little while back, and since there was a small-ish quantity, this seemed like the perfect time to use them up.

I made a fresh batch of sauce for them (the meatballs were just frozen by themselves) and cooked some noodles. Fresh produce on the side.

A bowl of Swedish meatballs.


We had frozen ravioli and tomato sauce, with produce on the side (again!).


The girls ate Italian sausages in buns early in the evening, and then while Zoe was at youth group, I ate a bowl of chili at Potbelly and studied muscle terminology.


Muscle flashcards.


I had a small amount of beef au jus in the chest freezer, so I thawed that and made a fresh loaf of French bread so that we could have beef au jus sandwiches.

beef au jus sandwiches


I think I’ll make some French bread pizzas with the leftover French bread from last night.

How to make French Bread Pizza

And next week I’ll be back to feeding four people!

What did you have for dinner this week?

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Sunday 31st of October 2021

Monday: We had just gotten back from a long weekend of visiting colleges for my older daughter so we had something easy...tortellini and pesto. I used pesto from the huge batch I froze over the summer. Tuesday: A new recipe, it was ground turkey sautéed with Indian spices and then served with naan. I made cucumber salad as a side. We all liked this recipe, especially my husband, and I will make it again. There were no leftovers, which was too bad because it would be have been perfect for my husband's lunch box. Wednesday: Minestrone soup and homemade honey oat rolls. My girls always say they don't like minestrone soup and then they both had seconds. I don't know...but I love minestrone so I keep making it once a month or so in the cooler months. I also froze the leftovers of this in lunch portions which I am looking forward to enjoying in my lunch box. Thursday: Pulled pork from the crock pot. I served it with slider rolls and spicy slaw. Froze all the leftover pulled pork and I have a plan to use it to make nachos. Friday: We heated up a frozen pizza before going the high school football game. Both daughters are in the Pep Band. Bought hot cocoa, popcorn and candy apple at the football game. Saturday: Older daughter was at work and ate there. She had prime rib, mashed potatoes and vegetables. Those of us who were home made panini sandwiches and had them with tater tots and fresh cut up veggies. Sunday: We always have chili on Halloween, so we are having chili!


Saturday 30th of October 2021

I should write it down. I plan things and then mum doesn't want to eat that. So we muddle along most days. I have cooked pizza, roast lamb and vegetables and curried meatballs.


Saturday 30th of October 2021

I like reading what everyone eats! You all are broadening my horizons. Alfredo sauce is (to me) heavy cream, butter, pepper, and parsley. Maybe salt if needed, depending on the pasta and the butter. Parmesan added at the end for serving. Easier, and involves no egg, no garlic, no tempering. But I will try this one sometime.


Friday 29th of October 2021

White bean soup, citrus shrimp, chicken & veg sheet pan meal, egg roll in a bowl, and a rotisserie chicken... all with whatever veg and fruit needed to be eaten. And ice cream sundaes on Friday to celebrate a birthday. Yum!

I make slow cooker meals often. Then I either freeze all the leftovers together for another dinner later (like with the white bean soup) or I make up lunches for the 4 of us who take our lunches to work/school. I love the pre-made meals come finals (or other very busy times for teavhers) when I can just reheat meals.


Friday 29th of October 2021

I do love a cute doorstop. And Hubby used to say "you need what you want". Not sure if that's a good saying or what...this week we ate: Monday - Chicken Parm with lentil pasta, zucchini Tuesday - White Bean Soup with celery, carrot, and ham, garlic toast Wednesday - Chili Lime Burgers on whole wheat buns, tomato and avocado, sweet potato fries Thursday - we had Trader Joe's Kung Pao Chicken over rice, and I added extra bell pepper Friday - Fried Tilapia, okra, salad {dinner on my own as The Girl went to Happy Hour with friends} Saturday - TBD but I'm not cooking Sunday - TBD {Scout's Birthday, and ditto!} Happy Weekend - if it is cool here, which it will be, I'm doing a firepit on Saturday night to reward myself for getting the patio in shape!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.