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What I Spent, What We Ate | I guess I’ve been a little lazy!

What I Spent

I made a menu plan for two week’s worth of meals, made a list, and headed to the store.

I spent a total of $227, which is fine, because I’m not anticipating much grocery spending next week (two week’s worth of my budget would be $300).

cut up peppers and carrots

Since it’s pretty easy, at my stage of life, to pop in to the grocery store here and there, I think I’ve gotten a little lazy about carefully planning my grocery trips.

So, this is probably a good exercise for me, and maybe I’ll be inspired to keep up the habit even once things get back to normal. It’s nice to know I have ingredients in the house for a whole bunch of meals.

Also, it’s going to be interesting to see the net effect this situation has on our food spending.

overripe bananas

At this point, my grocery spending hasn’t been down, but I have to consider that Lisey is now here for every meal (she was out quite a bit before, at work or with friends), and also Mr. FG is eating every meal here too now (no work lunches).

Also, I haven’t been able to do much shopping at Aldi, which has definitely made my groceries more expensive.

And we haven’t been having a date night, although we could throw it back to our old takeout date nights that we used to do when our kids were little!

What We Ate


Fish cake sandwiches, to use up those buns from the freezer!

fish cake sandwich

Here’s how I make my fish cakes. They’re not very complicated, and if you use a mild fish, the cakes will be somewhat reminiscent of crab cakes.

But way cheaper!

I made potato cubes too (parcooking the potatoes first is key!), and we had some kind of produce but I don’t remember what.


I tried a recipe for coconut noodles from the ATK quick family cookbook, and it was just too heavy on the coconut milk for my taste.

coconut noodles


I made pork quinoa bowls from the ATK Bowls cookbook (which I now have from the library indefinitely due to the library being closed!)

pork quinoa bowl


Shrimp and ravioli in pink sauce for more of us; ravioli with tomato sauce for Zoe!

I cooked some asparagus, but I accidentally overcooked it and it was way too mushy to eat.



I cooked some chicken (which I soaked in this very excellent brinerade), sliced it, and then made sandwiches on toasted and buttered croissants.

croissant sandwiches

Other sandwich fixings: lettuce, Provolone, and this roasted red papper and basil mayo.

red pepper and basil mayo

I cooked up some broccoli too.


I made burrito bowls, since I had some fresh cilantro in the fridge.


I’m planning to make homemade pizza again, now that I’ve come up with a non-dairy version that works for miss Sonia.

homemade pizza

the dairy-ful version for the rest of us 😉

What did you eat for dinner this week? And has your food bill been up or down of late?

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Sunday 5th of April 2020

Hi Kristen. I need a new lemon zester. Who knew they wear out. I have the micro plane one that you said you have but somewhere you mentioned you preferred a different style. Can you pull up that recommendation? A friend discovered the lemon curd recipe on the Vitamix site is delicious. I highly recommend, using 1 cup of sugar—not 1 1/2 cups. Thank you. Stay well!


Sunday 5th of April 2020

We have been eating down the freezer ready to move next month. So far we’ve had bread, hot cross buns, sausages, fried rice, bacon, chicken breast, chicken nuggets, fries, cookie dough, wraps and vegetables from the freezer. We also made smoothies with frozen berries.

Betta from daVille

Saturday 4th of April 2020

Saturday: leftovers

Sunday: spiced lamb burgers grilled in pita (epicurious), Greek potatoes, Greek salad, yogurt-cilantro sauce

Monday: shrimp (and mushrooms) and grits (, sautéed broccoli

Tuesday: Vietnamese-syle baked chicken thighs (, jasmine rice, roasted carrots

Wednesday: pulled pork and black bean nachos (using stale tortilla chips: pantry challenge), with the fixins.

Thursday: prosciutto, arugula and cheese-bits (that had been saved in freezer) quiche, green salad

Friday: homemade pork and cabbage gyoza, with chicken fried rice (made with all leftovers from Tuesday's dinner with added peas and egg)

Laurie Villotta

Saturday 4th of April 2020

Our food bill has been stable. I am no longer shopping at Aldi since the shelves are empty. As a front line RN I am not allowed in any store. I have been using Wal-Mart pick up and love it. I start my list online on Mon and keep adding to it throughout week. Will submit tonight. I have become quite the cook over the last 3 week's. We love be8 g home. This pandemic which is very sad has tied our family very close. Kids have not left house 3 weeks


Saturday 4th of April 2020

Our grocery bill has risen a bit, but our overall food bill is about the same as my daughter isn't having 3 to 5 dollar school lunches every day, and we haven't bought any takeaway food. Sunday: fish, potatoes and veggies. Monday: Turkey mince chow mein. Tuesday: corned beef, mashed potatoes, veggies and white sauce. Wednesday: ricotta and spinach, and chicken and veggie pastry rolls. Thursday: fish crumbed or fried, with mash, cauliflower, and broccoli, and white sauce. Friday: honey mustard chicken and rice.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.