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Thankful Thursday | for an accidental email

This week, I am thankful:

that the college testing email was an accident

A pink phone in a blue backpack pocket.

I got a notification yesterday telling me that I would have to send proof of a negative test every week before going on campus, despite having all my shots.

I was like, “REALLY??” That would mean I’d have to find three Covid tests every week before Sonia, Zoe, and I could go on campus. That would be a serious headache (they’re sold out everywhere), and expensive to boot.

But as it turns out, the notification was a glitch in the system. Whew.

Our uploaded vaccine cards are still sufficient, and I am thankful.

that more snow is maybe coming

I checked my weather app this morning and saw that maybe there will be another snowstorm coming around the weekend.

I would be pretty happy if the skies graced us with another round of snow, so here’s hoping!

for my dear sister-in-law who invites me out

When my friend Mia lived here, she was always so good at initiating adventures and get-togethers. So ever since she moved to Ohio, there has been a hole in my life (in many ways!).

Kristen and her friend.

But my new sister-in-law turns out to be a good socializing initiator as well! And I love to hang out with her, so I say yes every time. Ha.

Kristen and her sister-in-law, in wedding garb.

I also really appreciate that she and I share our Christian faith, so we are both able to encourage each other in our walks with the Lord.

I regularly tell my brother how much I appreciate that he married her. 😉

for the beauty of the outdoors

The other morning I was out on a walk and I stopped on part of the road that is lined with evergreens. Looking at up them, I could feel my shoulders relaxing as I took a deep breath to smell the pine. There’s something about the outdoors that is just very soothing.

for the people who made community access sites on the river

As I was walking, I was feeling grateful for the people who had the foresight to set aside some waterfront land for everyone in the neighborhood. It is so nice that even those of us without waterfront property can go down to the riverside and enjoy the views.

What a gift!

for my squirrel-repeller

It’s almost nesting season again for squirrels, so I got out my handy-dandy squirrel repeller and reinstalled it in my van’s engine compartment.

squirrel repellant nesting in engine

This little gadget has saved my van from wire-chewing attacks for years now, and I am just so thankful that I don’t have to be nervous every time I try to start my van during nesting season.

(If you’re new here, I had repeated issues with squirrels building nests in my van and chewing my wires. Once, I even found three live baby squirrels in there!)

I really appreciate that this is a non-toxic, non-polluting solution to my squirrel issues. It just uses light and high-pitched sounds to keep them out of my engine compartment.

This is the rodent-repeller model that I have. 10/10, all the gold stars possible! Buy one if you have engine rodent issues!

that Zoe is finally signed up for her first college class

She and I gave each other a big high five once we finished. There were two placement tests, lots of forms, and a special approval process to go through since she won’t be sixteen until a few weeks into the semester, but we hung in there and got it all done.


I’m very happy that Sonia, Zoe, and I are all registered, paid in full, and that we have our books* in hand as well.

*lucky me, my book from A&P 1 is the same one we use in A&P 2! You do the first half of the book in A&P1 and the second half in A&P2.

that I was able to get S & Z into the same college class

They both wanted to take horticulture, and I was a little worried that the class would be full before Zoe and I made it through the college onboarding process. But happily, she’s in. Whew.

for my readers

I was thinking yesterday how many fun and interesting people are here; there are so many of you that I have gotten to know through the comments here, and I wish I could meet all of you!

If it were possible, I’d take a tour around the U.S. and pop in to have coffee with everyone. I could head up to New York to meet Rose and A. Marie, and then go up to Maine to visit Trish and stay in her cabin, and once I finished meeting all my U.S. readers, I could travel to meet Efterpi over in Greece, and F in Paris, and Lea in Germany, and many more!

One can dream.

Anyway, it would be lovely to actually meet all of you, but in lieu of that, I’m glad we can all meet up here, online!

What are you thankful for this week?

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Saturday 22nd of January 2022

Thankful as well for those rodent gadgets. We have one in both of our cars (not sure it is the same brand). We have had four incidents of squirrels chewing wiring in both cars (numerous neighbors have had problems as well). But it seems to be doing the job cause we haven't had a problem with this for a couple years now.

Amy Snook

Monday 17th of January 2022

You must also come see me in New Bern, NC! :)


Monday 17th of January 2022

I will add it to my itinerary. :)


Friday 14th of January 2022

Re: Meeting people--You passed nearby my daughter and my house when you went to RI after your brother's wedding. Your squirrel issue sounds horrible. Re: Covid testing. I am thankful so far that I have not taken one of those tests. My daughter said she had a virtual meeting with her doctor. Through the conversation, the doctor thinks that she did have omicron and that omicron passed through the house (cold-like symptoms)..... My daughter's family all did the home test, which the doctor said are not accurate. Is this a waste of money? The idea that your school would expect a weekly test is crazy. IMHO, the testing has gotten out of hand. Some people are so anxiety ridden over this that they are over testing. I hope to get through this without ever taking a test. I am thankful for a gift my daughter gave me yesterday--fleece lined leggings. They are so warm. Perfect for the upcoming weekend. We are getting cold weather but it rained today--no snow here in the northeast. Yesterday was nice--40+ deg. weather. I took my grandson outside. Although it is muddy. He was filthy and wet from 1 hour outside. I have been working so hard this week to keep my house organized. The cleaning lady came Monday. Each time I have to re-organize, put things away, get rid of stuff (each time)--cleaning before the cleaning lady comes. Each day I look around and put something back that I see is out of place. It is hard work. But I am thankful for the peace it gives me.


Friday 14th of January 2022

Kristen: Wow you are just the sweetest person, wanting to meet every one on this list. It would be great to meet up with you as you insprire me so much!!! I enjoy reading everything you have to say so keep up the great work!

Michelle H

Friday 14th of January 2022

Another option if someone has a lot of family staying at the house that aren't usually there - when our elderly neighbor was in hospice and then passed several years ago his wife had a ton of family coming in to see him before and help her after. Her church was supplying more food than they could eat, so I brought ground coffee, creamer, a few boxes of tea, and a small bottle of honey. (It was winter and hot drinks always help when it's cold out). When my grandfather passed a neighbor brought disposable tableware and napkins, and it was a big help to not have to worry about washing dishes to have enough for everyone. Another neighbor brought us a whole cooked ham, she had cooked it then sliced and refrigerated so we could use it cold or heat it up.

Michelle H

Friday 14th of January 2022

@Michelle H, Whoops! Sorry y'all, totally thought I was commenting on the post about meals to bring to others. Not sure how I wound up here!

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