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My wrist hurts.

I’ve had wrist/hand problems since my teenage days, brought on by the combination of a slight build and much piano practicing. I got physical therapy for it, learned to keep my wrists as relaxed as possible, and mostly, my problems went away.

And in the years since my graduation (read: the years I haven’t played the piano as much) my wrist problems have not been as bad. So, I haven’t done my therapy exercises for years and years, and most of the time that’s fine.

Sometimes, though, I do too much with my wrists and I pay for it.

Yesterday was one of those days. I blogged, practiced the piano in the morning (for church), cleaned out almost my entire inbox, updated all my Quicken files, paid January’s bills online, and then played more music with Mr. FG last night so we could sing.

(This was probably not my most brilliant plan ever.)

And so this morning, my right wrist and hand are hurting. They’re feeling a little better after a hot shower, but I think I should pay attention to what my body is telling me and not write a long blog post filled with pictures (especially not filled with pictures, because uploading pictures requires a lot of clicks!).

Hopefully a day mostly away from the computer will take care of the problem because tomorrow I really do want to show you some of the thrifted/handmade Christmas gifts we gave each other.

And maybe this will give me the kick in the pants I need to dig out my wrist weights and therapy exercise papers.

Today’s 365 post: The Leapster (er, Crackster) is back!

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Wednesday 5th of January 2011

Ouch. Totally understand, fell on my wrist as a kid & it flares up constantly. Best thing I've found is wrapping it with a boxing bandage. It gives you enough flexibility to carry on as normal, enough support to let it heal (or stop a flare up if you know it's going to be a tough day) & is much easier to hide than a brace, plus much mire comfortable. You can get them in various colours too!


Friday 31st of December 2010

Oh, I hope you are feeling better soon!


Friday 31st of December 2010

You should get one of those Ace bandage braces to wear for support. You also need to check if your computer is aligned well enough to stop the pain. Over use is not good. Give yourself time off when you need it. You are an overachiever. A pain killer may help but, it is not good for your liver. I find fish oil or cod liver oil that can be bought at the Dollar store helps with this problem. Get well soon please.

Mrs. R.

Thursday 30th of December 2010

Oooooohhhhhhh.....I am SO sorry that you're having pain....but puh-LEEZ keep the fabulous, darlin' photos coming if you can!!!!!

I will be asking the Lord to take away your pain asap!!


Thursday 30th of December 2010

Hi! I am a frequent reader, and fellow pianist, and am sorry to hear about your wrist pain, which I understand VERY well. Just wanted to mention that I had the good fortune to study one summer the Taubman technique with Edna Golandsky and it helped me so much! I don't have any affiliation with them or anything, I just thought you might be interested in this technique for playing, as it focuses on a natural hand, relaxed fingers, etc... to help with these sorts of musician's issues :) is one place to read about it. Thanks for the blog!


Saturday 1st of January 2011

Yes! I did lots of stuff like that with my teacher when I was a teenager...I've learned how to play while keeping my wrists and fingers very relaxed. Very different from the way I used to play.

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