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It’s been a warm March.

Normally, March weather on my part of the East Coast isn’t particularly warm. I mean, we don’t usually get snow, but it’s not shorts weather either.

In fact, I’m remembering that when Mr. FG and I went to a wedding in April last year, we were pretty darn chilly.

This March has been crazy warm, though. In fact, I even dug out a pair of shorts recently, and I’m thinking I might have to do the dreaded seasonal clothing switch for my kids sooner rather than later.

Anyway, we’ve been trying to make sure we enjoy these temperate days…not too cold and not too hot. The pictures I unload from my camera these days show we’ve been outdoors a lot, and that makes me happy. We can be inside when the dog days of summer are here, right?

Right now, it’s time to be outside.

We took Miss Adriana (my niece) on a walk down to the pier when we were babysitting her.

Good thing I kept an umbrella stroller when I got rid of all my other ones!

On Sunday afternoon, we visited a local park with Mr. FG.

And we grilled a picnic dinner by the water. Veddy fun. I also played the race-down-the-slide game with the kids and totally woke up sore the next day. 😉

Remember how on our old schedule, the kids and I would sometimes eat lunch at the pier? Well, the other night, the kids and I took our dinner (which, as you know, is really a lunch-y meal now) down to the pier.

It’s such a good way to enjoy warm evenings.

The view from our dining room window isn’t awful, but it’s certainly not this nice.

I’m looking at these pictures and remembering that when I bought those leggings for Zoe, they were ankle length. I think she’s grown a bit. 😉

The kids played with their scooters after we ate, and I took some pictures of Things That Are Not People Or Food.

Aren’t you proud of me?

I took this photo just as we were leaving, because as the sun sets, it sends a narrow strip of golden light onto the water there. Isn’t it pretty?

Has spring come to your neck of the woods yet? If yes, have you been out enjoying it? Go have a picnic or something! No matter where you live, there’s probably somewhere you can go to eat outdoors and soak up some sunshine.

Even if you have to pay a little fee to get into a park, I totally think it’s worth it. 🙂

(and if you’re like me, paying a park fee could be one of the best things you ever did!)


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Monday 19th of March 2012

Looks like you had a great day out.

March started out warmer than normal here in the UK too but at the mo it has turned a little chilly and cloudy here in London the last few days. I have my fingers crossed for the return of the sun too though.


Friday 16th of March 2012

What a nice springy set of photos. You live in a lovely place. Love that "peeking over the stroller" picture!


Friday 16th of March 2012

Incorrect. There is nowhere I can go to enjoy the sun outdoors right now, because I haven't seen it in at least a week! Well, it pokes out here and there, but not for long :( (I'm in Seattle)


Thursday 15th of March 2012

Gorgeous weather here - makes me so very grateful to be a SAHM and able to take advantage of it! I clearly remember waking up to a mild spring day and desperately wanting to spend the day outside, knowing I had to pack up my baby, drop him off at daycare, and go spend the entire sun-drenched day inside an office.

Every time I start wondering if all the frugal stuff we do is really worth it, I just think of every morning I've spent leisurely drinking my coffee on the porch while my kids enjoy an early-morning romp in the dew-damp grass.

Today we had friends over, and even though it rained all morning, the sky cleared just in time for us to get all 4 kids (two 3-yr-olds, two babies!) packed up to head over to the park. My son doesn't like to get wet much, my my friend's son had a good old romp through a huge, deep mud puddle and came home soaked to his armpits, covered in mud, and gloriously happy.


Thursday 15th of March 2012

In SW Ohio it was almost 80 yesterday! In fact, I did the dreaded clothing switch yesterday because we are forecasted to have mid-70s to 80s for the next week. (I always keep the winter clothes in bins close by until at least late April.) We did hit the park yesterday. I love these not-too-hot, not-too-cold days too.

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