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Flame hats, times two.

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ll bean flame hats

We buy most of Mr. FG’s work clothes from L.L. Bean, and a few times a year, they run a promotion where you get a $10 gift card with a $50 purchase.

Last time, my order was $5 short, so I browsed the clearance section and added the gray flame hat on the right, for Zoe.

And then last week, I placed another order and it was $5 short again.   I popped over to the clearance section, and surprisingly enough, they still had the hats!

So I ordered the pink one for Sonia (in a smaller size, because while she might be taller than Zoe, Zoe’s got her beat on head size.)

I realize this makes the actual value of my gift card more like $5, due to the extra $5 spent on the hat, but it’s the sort of thing that is difficult for my frugal self to resist.   😉

(Which is no surprise to you if you remember my crazy socks from last winter.)


P.S. We buy L.L. Bean (not affiliated) because they offer tall sizes in shirts (yay!) and also because their work clothes seem to hold up longer than other brands.   Things don’t go on sale super often there, but since I’m on their email list, I get notified about the $10 gift card sales, which helps. And I always hop over to TopCashBack (affiliated) before I shop so that I get a bit of cash back on my purchases.

P.P.S I totally didn’t plan this to coincide with today’s post, but TopCashBack is offering $10 to anyone who opens a new TopCashBack account right now.

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Friday 25th of September 2015

I buy LL Bean book bags. After years of buying junk bags and they don't last 6 weeks I find ally shelled out for the Bean bags. 2 of my kids picked messenger bags and the other a back pack. The pack pack zipper broke. I guess my kid thought he'd get in trouble so he never said anything. Months later I found it and returned it ($6.50 postage) and they sent a new one. One of the messenger bags ripped after 8 yrs and my son mentioned it to me and I told him about the lifetime guarantee and he returned it. They no longer made that one so they let him apply what it cost towards the $80 back pack he wanted. Kinda a win for everyone on that one. I also convinced my cousin to buy them for her elementary school kids. She said they were no more expensive than other brands in the store. I highly recommend them to people who's kids are hard on things.


Thursday 24th of September 2015

We love LL Bean too. I had one of their backpacks from middle school (!) and it lasted until about 8 years ago when I was finishing my Ph.D. Anyway, one of the straps broke and I remember my Mom telling me they guarantee their products for life. Not expecting anything at all, I took it in to the local LL Bean. Darn it if they didn't replace it!

When it was time for my son to start school, I made him pick out an LL Bean. :) My husband also loves their fleece jackets (he needs talk too).

I don't mind spending a little more on products that last much longer. That's frugal and helps keep less out of our landfills.


Thursday 24th of September 2015

I love how they are the same, but different!


Thursday 24th of September 2015

I bought that exact pink flame hat last December when I had a 10.00 off any amount and only wanted to spend my free money. I think it was 10 then, w/free shipping. They must have ordered a ton!


Thursday 24th of September 2015

Either that, or the hats just were WAY less popular than they expected. Or maybe both!


Thursday 24th of September 2015

Bean also has a wicked good return policy. If something wears out they'll take it back and give you a new item. My Dad had some Bean boots that the sole wore down/out and they took back the old ones and gave him a new pair. One of our family members worked there for many years, so we always got Bean gifts or gift cards. Good stuff!

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