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Five Frugal Things | 2 freebies, 2 sales, & a vacuum

Am I still busy getting freebies over here? You betcha!

1. I got a free wall mirror for my bedroom

Kristen shown in a reflection in a wall mirror.

I wasn’t exactly looking for one, but I was keeping an eye out for things to hang on my empty bedroom walls.

So when a mirror popped up with a reddish-finish frame (like my free bed and dresser), Zoe and I drove over to pick it up.

(In case you are wondering about the gas money related to me picking up these freebies: they’re all fairly close by. AND despite the high gas prices, I am happy to drive right now because Zoe and I are feverishly working to get her required driving hours in this summer. 😉 )

2. I got a free chair from Facebook Marketplace

I’m working on furnishing a little den downstairs for Zoe, so when I saw a free faux leather chair pop up on Facebook, I sent a request over.

It was a little dirty, and it smelled like it had been sitting next to a pot of bubbling stew…sort of a tomato-onion smell. But I left it out in my carport for a few weeks to air out and then gave it a thorough scrub-down. Now it’s clean and fresh-smelling!

A black faux leather chair.

I would probably not buy this chair new; I hate purchasing faux leather because I know it will last such a short while.

But since it was free, I really do not care. However long it lasts is fine.

3. I sold three treasure house mugs

There were three 1999 Kahlua branded mugs that seemed to go together, so I listed them on eBay. Much to my surprise, they sold in a few days.

cardboard box ready to ship.

The shipping supplies I used:

4. I sold some Build-a-Bear clothes

package in mailbox.

My kids have obviously outgrown this stage of life, but we still had some random Build-a-Bear clothes hanging around. So, I listed them on eBay and gave the money to Zoe when they sold. 🙂

5. I got some vacuum accessories from eBay

Miele vacuum accessory.

I left my original Miele Twist vacuum at the house when I moved out, but I did want one for here at my rental. Unfortunately, Miele no longer makes this model.

But someone on eBay was selling a refurbished model, and I bought it. It was missing some accessories, so I just hopped back onto eBay and found someone selling them.

A large uhaul box.

The box the vacuum arrived in

The vacuum itself came in a huge box, with lots of packing peanuts. But happily, I was able to give away both the box and the packing peanuts the same day.

A bin of packing peanuts.

Anyway, now my vacuum situation is all taken care of.

Your turn! What frugal things have you been up to?

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Thursday 23rd of June 2022

Made rhubarb muffins with rhubarb from the garden

Stopped at the cheaper further away grocery store after work and picked up several 99 cent bags of produce and processed it right away after work (cut out the bad bits, washer in vinegar water, laid out to dry, chopped a cantelouope, and made pear/plum/apple sauce with the mushy fruits). Made some pickled jalapeño relish and some dried banana chips. Used up a bunch of carrots by roasting and putting in our Buddha bowls that night. Used up more carrots in mini muffins.

Made two homemade graduation cards for our friends’ kids instead of buying them at the store. Also made two teacher thank you cards.

Hubby got some free hot sauce and condiments from work.

Went to the free splash pad for entertainment for the kiddos on the really hot days this week.


Wednesday 22nd of June 2022

Hubby and I went to the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store which is their thrift shop. Lots of great stuff there. I bought 2 drinking glasses as I needed a couple.

Still watching electricity usage by shutting off lights and keeping an eye on the AC.

Saying no to online shopping. I did though sign up for a Land's End credit card to get 50% off an item.

Hubby made pizza from store bought pizza dough, jarred store brand pizza sauce and fresh mozzarella. It was fantastic. It cost about $7 to make which is way less expensive than the pizza places around here.

I made hubby a box of brownies for Father's Day.

Lindsay B

Wednesday 22nd of June 2022

1. Continue to pick rhubarb and make it into compote, which I’m freezing for use on waffles or similar.

2. Continue to shop the pantry and freezer for yet more company. Fortunately they are ok with using deer instead of beef for spaghetti and burgers so far. When you eat a lot of meat (which our company does) it gets really expensive, so we are glad to use our deer.

3. Scheduled my yearly eye appointment which is covered in full by our insurance.

4. DH took advantage of his brother being in town to do some much-needed tree work in our backyard. He used to do this as a high schooler, so it’s good for him to have the occasional refresher, and it saves us major $$. Plus he can leave the bulk of the tree to make woodpecker habitat, as we enjoy birds!

5. A neighbor dropped off yet another jar of rhubarb jam. It’s not our favorite, but it’s kind of her and we will use it eventually.

Kristina M.

Wednesday 22nd of June 2022

Kristen, It's fun to read about your frugal or free finds for your home! It reminds me of the feeling I had last winter. Now the seasons have changed and I'll be soon packing up and returning to the States (with some mixed feelings as these things always are, happy to be back but I know I will miss my family and friends here).

As frugal activities, I have been soaking up the beauty of Nordic summer, which feels like such a rare treat after a long dark winter. I have been biking and jogging around the city lanes, nature preserves and parks, visiting gardens and beaches. I feel so "full" of this pleasure that I don't need to purchase things such as meals or experiences.

With the kids being out of school it's hard to keep up with all the food they're consuming (hitting a growth spurt!), but I also found some affordable camps where they get lunch served.

I haven't bought any new summer clothes as I know the summer sales are just around the corner, and I also want to minimize the amount of clothes we need to pack when we fly back.

On one rainy day, I took the kids to the movies. I had bought some movie tickets last winter, right before movie theaters closed due to covid. I had almost forgotten about them and feared they had expired, but luckily the expiration date was extended and I was able to use them.

Hawaii Planner

Tuesday 21st of June 2022

1) Used a bunch of garden items in our menu planning. Lots of tomatoes, basil, lettuce, and made our first spaghetti squash. 2) We stayed overnight at a really nice place for one night for Father's Day. We loved it & had a great time. They had an expensive resort fee, so I maximized it by taking three workout classes in the morning before we left. I love trying new classes, and really enjoyed it! 3) Brought a bottle of wine to a dinner out for my husband's birthday. There is a corkage fee, but it's still cheaper than buying it at the restaurant. 4) My husband went through his closet & the majority of his stuff doesn't fit (he's lost weight, due to new restrictions & a food allergy). I gave away the vast majority on Buy Nothing (SO MANY bags on my porch!), and I've put away the nicer items to sell on eBay. 5) Made my 15 y.o. a quick meal between picking him up at tennis camp, and taking him to the airport. He still bought food while at the airport, but was able to buy much less due to the big snack/meal ahead of time. It's the little stuff. ;-) 6) Bonus. We didn't have to pay for a gate pass, to accompany the kids to the gate at the airport.

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