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Normally on Tuesdays, I share just one photo.   But I had more than one that I wanted to share because last week was rehearsal and recital week for Sonia and Zoe’s dance class.


There were lots of sequins.

zoe dance


I pinned up lots of buns.

zoe's bun

And used a lot of hairspray.

sonia bun



sonia and zoe

And now dance is over for the summer, which is a little bit sad for Zoe.

Sonia mostly likes dance because of the glitz and glamour you get at the end of the year, but Zoe adores every single week of practice.   Last year (her first year), when she found out that there’s no dance in the summer, she said, “Why in the world would anyone need a break from ballet??”   😉

Her current life plan is to grow up and be a dance teacher, and when she found out you can actually study dance in college, she was quite intrigued.    We’ll see…she’s 10, and a lot can change between ages 10 and 18.

But I won’t be surprised if she sticks with the plan because I think dancing just might be her thing.

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richard zorniak

Thursday 19th of May 2016

This comment from Vancouver, Canada is sort of related. Saturday last, I treated myself to the musical "Billy Elliot" The musical basically about a adolescents male's desire to learn dance and ballet. This is over in Britain in the 1970s where there is a coal miners' strike and the Prime Minister of the day, Maggie Thatcher seems anti-union. For me the high lights of the musical include how a boy in a tough, macho, working class culture deals with this seemingly female form of activity and how he deals with accusations that male dancers are "poofs" (homosexual). Anyhow, events unfold and somehow the youth/young man despite adversity succeeds. The sold-out audience seemed to enjoy the musical. The musical is extended in July 2016 at the Stanley Theatre, here in Vancouver BC, Canada. Thank-you for allowing me to share my joy of seeing the musical.


Wednesday 11th of May 2016

I studied music in college and I wish that I would have studied something that would equate to a good job. Whenever I talk to young people about college, I always encourage them to study something that will make them some money, especially if they have to take out loans. Music and dance is a great hobby, but not so much of a career.


Wednesday 11th of May 2016

I think it depends. If you're hoping to just dance or play music for a living, you might be disappointed. But Zoe is going into this thinking that she wants to teach dance. If she said, "I want to be a famous ballerina!", I might think this wasn't a good idea. You can make money teaching the arts, though, so I think this could be a good path if it's what she continues to want.


Wednesday 11th of May 2016

I'm 35 and the smell of hairspray STILL takes me back to my own dance recitals! So glad to hear she's found something she likes.


Tuesday 10th of May 2016

Kristen I apologise for making two comments but they are vastly different. At a very young age, my second child, first daughter fell in love with French. By the age of ten she was determined to be a French teacher and set her sights on one of the few immersion programs available in our area. By 12 she had topped her school and had won a place in immersion. Now ten years later she is teacher French after earning two degrees by the age of 21. She is already enrolled in her masters. She just loves the language and is now in a very needy (poorly thought of school in a low socio-economic area) school where many parents speak French. She has discovered that being a teacher can be exhausting but fun and most of all she likes making a difference.


Wednesday 11th of May 2016

That's so great that she figured out what her "thing" was when she was so young.


Tuesday 10th of May 2016

So super cute! Once the dancing bug has got you, that's it. I started ballroom dancing when I was 6 and went onto to being a champion. I gave it up when I met my husband as he didn't dance, we will be married for 30 years next year and he still won't dance with me, it's ok as it is the only thing we can't agree on. I have just recently returned to it and still, at the age of 49 it makes my heart sing.

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