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August Summer Bucket List Update

Every summer I make a list of fun things and productive things I want to do before summer “kicks the bucket”. I post updates every few weeks to let you guys know how I’m doing (and to hold me accountable!)

Kristen Zoe eating ice cream


Good heavens, it’s August already. Time for another check-in on my bucket list!

Productive Goals

1. Paint Sonia and Zoe’s beds white.

Done! It was a big job, but it’s finished and the beds are put back together in the girls’ rooms.

Sonia's white bed

2. Paint Zoe’s room.

If you follow me on instagram, you already know that this is done. Still gotta hang things up, but the walls are all painted. And the ceiling!

Zoe's gray walls


3. Paint Sonia’s $25 Goodwill dresser.

Done! Here’s a whole post about it, if you missed it.

Bassett mission dresser painted white

4. Paint my bedroom.

Not yet.

tallboy dresser painted black

5. Paint the replaced board on the deck.


painted deck


6. Sand and paint under the bumpout in front of our house.

Not yet. It’s been stupid hot here, which is not making me feel like painting outside!


I have done 4/6 of the painting projects I put on my list, so that is not too shabby at all.

7. Do a top-to-bottom declutter of my house.

I’m working on this! I did my kitchen, the linen closet, and the hall closet.

I still need to do:

  • my bedroom
  • the under-the-stairs closet
  • the laundry room
  • the office
  • the living room (which will be very minor. There’s only a tiny bit of storage in that room.)

8. Make three photo books.

Nothing done here yet.

Non-Productive (Fun!) Items

1. Make a random donut run.

2. Go see a movie in the theater.

Yep! We saw the new Aladdin at the cheap theater.

3. Go visit our friends in Ohio.

We haven’t gone yet, but we have a weekend planned in August!

4. Swim at least once a week.

(this is ongoing, obviously!)

5. Eat a meal at a park.


6. Eat a meal at the pool.

Kind of! We ate dessert at the pool in July…the pie that Mr. FG and Sonia made.

strawberry rhubarb pie

7. Go camping so Sonia can star-gaze.

8. Buy slushies.

Yep! We didn’t exactly buy them because we got them free on 7-11 day. 😉

9. Bike to the snow cone shop.

10. Roast marshmallows.

Again with the too-hot thing.  Sometime we get summer nights that are good for fires, but my goodness, we’ve had none lately.

11. Go night swimming.

night swimming

12. Go mini-golfing.

13. Host lots of sleepovers.

(still doing very well at this!)


How’s your summer bucket list coming along?


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Monday 12th of August 2019

Feeling the post-vacation blues, so a good time to recap what's happened this summer:

1. Camping. We did 8 nights of camping in Canada and Vermont, plus 6 nights in hotel/airbnb. In Vermont, we had a couple of very clear nights of stargazing where the Milky Way was visible, other nights were a little overcast. I recommend downloading a stargazer app on the phone, which you can direct at the sky to recognize the stars, constellations and planets. The kids had a lot of fun with it. 2. Painting. I have painted a couple of watercolors, and my older son has also done several. On our camping trip, there was a watercolor painting session at the nature center that we also took part of, so my younger kids did some painting as well. I'm also treating myself to a watercolor session this weekend. 3. Projects. I have not really done any projects with my kids other than a little baking. Now that we are back from our vacation it would be fun to sew an easy skirt/shirt and teach the kids some. 4. Fun things other than swimming. We swim a LOT in the summer, and being by the pool kind of takes over all other fun things. (Not a bad thing.) But we have managed some beach time also, including kayaking and fishing. No biking as it's been very hot, but hope to bike to our farmers market soon. 5. Getting adjusted to my new position at work. It's work in progress, but going well all things considered.

In September, I'm getting ready to be part of a consignment sale, so my goal is to do some deep decluttering again in August.


Tuesday 6th of August 2019

The only thing I wanted to do this summer was to take the kids on two hikes. (outside of camping.) We haven't gone yet, but there are still a few weeks left. ;)

I highly suggest getting to that camping/star gazing item on your list. There's nothing like a sky full of stars. It makes me feel small and remember just how big God is. (plus it would give a perfect opportunity for marshmallow roasting!)

Cathy in NJ

Tuesday 6th of August 2019

I also don't have a summer bucket list. That being said the family and I...

Visited family. Went to Lancaster Pa for the train museum. This museum was excellent. Went to the Princeton University Art Museum. Amazing value as they have everything and ask only for a donation. Watched a lot of The Clutter Fairy on youtube and decluttered all over the house. She is a smart one. Went out to our favorite restaurant about one a month with Swagbucks gift cards helping out. Went out to breakfasts a couple times. Always feels like a vacation when you go out to breakfast.

Still some summer left to go.


Tuesday 6th of August 2019

that was fun to read ..and you make me feel all motivated - I haven't made a bucket list yet but I am trying to make more of my time - so far succeeding


Monday 5th of August 2019

Kristen, if you can camp around August 9th - August 12th the Persieds meteor shower is near or at the peak. That would be some wonderful stargazing for Sonia. I also just heard that Krispy Creme has released a Reese’s peanut butter filled donut. That, to me, is worth a donut run!

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