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WIS, WWA | and a few other things

A couple of things before we get to food:


I forgot to upload a picture of a cake that The Frugal Spinster had decorated! Somehow it didn’t make it into the set that I included in the post.

I added it now, and you can click here to admire her cake-decorating skills.

(scroll down just a bit in that post to see the cake!)


Frugal Girl YouTube channel homepage.

After some of you googled to find my CBN interview, which The Frugal Spinster mentioned, a few readers said, “Oh, it’s so fun to hear your voice finally.”

Sooo, you might want to know that I have a very tiny, quite-neglected YouTube channel. There are some videos on there of me talking, though, if you want to hear my voice. 😉 

What I Spent

I spent $70 and none of it was remarkable enough to report on. 

What We Ate 


Sonia was with friends for dinner, and whenever that happens, I’m always all, “TIME TO EAT SOMETHING WITH CHEESE.”

So I grabbed some cheese tortellini from the freezer, boiled it, topped it with jarred sauce, and called it dinner. 


I made Swedish pancakes, but I mixed up an oat milk batch for Sonia.

lazy crepes swedish pancakes

This batter is so easy, it’s not much of a bother to make a real-milk batch and an oat-milk batch, and since I like real-milk pancakes better, that’s what I do! 


A mish-mash night; some of us ate butternut squash soup, and some of us ate ham sandwiches (because not everyone likes butternut squash!)

Here’s the recipe I usually use to make butternut squash soup, by the way. 

And incidentally, even the people at my house who don’t like squash soup DO like butternut squash rolls.

Butternut squash rolls


Thai red curry and sweet potatoes over rice, plus broccoli and a fruit salad. The red curry recipe is from Dinner Illustrated, and I really like it! 

Thai Curry dinner prep

from a time when I prepped all the ingredients for this dish ahead of time


Leftovers for the main course, plus a big green salad. 


I took Sonia out to buy some supportive shoes for walking, and she and I got dinner at an allergy-friendly restaurant I’d been wanting to take her to. 🙂 At home, Zoe was the designated chef and she made mac n cheese. 😉


My mom has been telling me about these Brussels sprout tacos that she’s been making for herself and my dad. I am a serious taco lover, and I like Brussels sprouts ok, but I am honestly skeptical about combining tacos and Brussels sprouts.

My mom’s going to make some of these tacos for me tonight, though, so I will get to judge them for myself. I’ll keep you posted! 

What did you have for dinner this week?

(and also: have you had Brussels sprouts tacos??)

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Jennifer Y.

Wednesday 30th of March 2022

I recently had Brussels sprout tacos at a quick taco spot in Miami. They were so good: crispy, well seasoned and topped with pickled onion. It was yummy, but I consider it more of a mixed veggie meal served in a tortilla than Brussels sprout tacos. I had to share because it really is the most interesting meal I have eaten in the past two months.


Saturday 26th of March 2022

Beer braised corned beef, cabbage, carrots, side salad, potatoes au gratin.

Vegetable coconut curry over rice

Crockpot sausages & peppers with cheesy crockpot potatoes.


BBQ meatballs, rice, roasted broccoli

Costco lobster ravioli with garlic butter sauce and side salads.

Green salads with chicken, walnuts, gruyere cheese, and cranberry vinaigrette.

Chicken pot pie made with crescents.

Hawaii Planner

Friday 25th of March 2022

I love sprouts & tacos, but have a hard time envisioning them together, so I'm intrigued! Are the sprouts shredded? I can see that playing out, potentially.

Let's see, what did we eat? -Baked chicken & roasted vegetables -Ham & bean soup with bread -Tacos (beef, not sprouts) -We had a school banquet for winter sports, so we had Chipotle, and brownies -Leftovers of the above, minus the banquet dinner

Tonight is pecan crusted chicken over a salad


Friday 25th of March 2022

The tacos...I'd try them. I don't love brussels sprouts but I don't hate them. I'll eat them a couple times in the fall as they come in our produce box.

What we ate: Sat: homemade pizza-one broccoli & bacon and the other steak & cheese w/mushroom Sun: Nachos and refried beans Mon: Sister's birthday so had take out at my parents. Balsamic & prosciutto chicken, bread & oil, Parmesan & lemon chicken wings, mashed potatoes, meatballs, mussels, and cookie & cream ice cream cake Tues: shrimp, bacon, & grits freezer meal and bread Wed: Dilly Bean Stew (Alison Roman recipe and one of the best meatless meals we've made. Loved it.) Thurs: Honey soy chicken thighs, jasmine rice, and grand marnier carrots Fri: frozen shrimp alfredo meal and a salad

Becky S

Monday 28th of March 2022

@Jaime, thanks for the dilly bean stew mention. I looked it up and bookmarked it for next week! It looks amazing!


Friday 25th of March 2022

Brussel sprout tacos are common at our local taco shop, and the vegetarians in our family love them!

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