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A small nose update

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know that on Monday, I had my nose surgery.

(You can read more about why I had the surgery in this post.)


(I took some selfies of my old nose before my surgery so I can compare after I’m healed up!)

The pain was pretty bad yesterday, and I barely slept at all Monday night, so I was feeling pretty discouraged.

I did sleep last night, mercifully, and today the pain is slightly better but I am very puffy and black eyes are beginning to creep in.

So, I don’t feel fabulous (and I certainly don’t look fabulous), but compared to how I felt after I had my tonsils out, this is pretty tolerable.

I can eat and drink and swallow without much pain, and that cannot be said about tonsillectomy recovery! And being able to swallow makes it much easier to down pain meds and antibiotics.

I have a cast on my nose and silicone nasal splints in my nostrils until next Monday.   Once those are out, I should feel a whole lot better.

My doctor said I wouldn’t be able to taste much because the splints are blocking my sense of smell, but I honestly haven’t noticed a difference.   Which makes me wonder if I haven’t been smelling well for a long time, due to not breathing thru my nose.   Maybe food will be super flavorful once I’m all recuperated!

Unlike a tonsillectomy recovery, this one is supposed to just get better and better every day (after having your tonsils removed, you actually go downhill for a period of time!).

So, hopefully I will see improvement every day.

My surgeon and his team were so kind to me, and Mr. FG and the kids have all been super nice to me too.   They’ve been taking care of all the housework, and Joshua’s been handling driving his sisters when they need to be somewhere.

Plus, people have been kindly bringing meals for my family.

You guys, I feel so loved, I could cry happy tears. Except I won’t because crying is too painful right now.

You will be pleased to know that I have been behaving myself and resting like a boss, so, gold stars for me!

kristen crooked nose

(Goodbye, dear bent nose. I hope you work better after all of this.)

Oh, I have to tell you something kind of funny before I close this out.   Being a plastic surgery patient has been kind of odd…the whole experience is swankier than what I’m used to.

For example, they have a dedicated med driver who delivered the pain meds/antibiotics to my front door in a box tied with a bow!

meds with a bow

And when I opened the box and pulled back the tissue paper, there were two Lindt truffles tucked in with the meds.

I’m not gonna lie, those truffles did numb the pain slightly yesterday. And I now think all prescriptions should come with chocolate. 😉

I don’t know how much I’ll be blogging the rest of this week…it’ll just depend on how I’m feeling.   But I should be back in the saddle next week.

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Monday 21st of November 2016

Love reading your blog and following your IG pages. Glad you're healing nicely from the surgery. Seeing you with the cute little nose ring inspired me to finally get my nose pierced after so many years wanting it done. I realized my age was never a barrier, but my lack of desire and committment to follow my personal dream. My only regret was not doing it sooner. I always saw your cute little pierced nose not as symbol nor form of fashion/cultural expression, but one of your artistic flair appearing very feminine and inoffensively twinkling from your pretty face. The little hoop was subtle, but lovely as well.

Know you're a little unsure about re-piercing your nose, however, there is nothing wrong doing something at our age which makes us seem more beautiful. Certainly, your little nose stud and especially your little hoop was gorgeous on your face.

Now your surgery is over, your nose looks perfectly symmetrical and super cute. Only thing missing is a little sparkle to let your inner beauty, and creativity shine like a little beacon of light for others to see and admire!

Even when I'm not wearing a stitch of makeup and I take a look in the mirror, I smile because of that tiny bit of twinkle remains on my face after all of the makeup is gone. It' a tiny little change in appearance, but it brings a whole lot of happy to my face as I'm sure it did yours.

Now I smile even wider every time when someone compliments me on how cute my nose stud looks and look forward soon to the day when I can wear a cute nose hoop like you wore. Suspect you may now miss those moments appreciating how your cute little pierced nose had defined you and became such an integral and lovely part of you. Know from an earlier blog entry your husband loved it.

Finally getting my nose pierced at 35 was an epiphany of sorts. Something I've realized was how I loved the girls we used to be, but love even more how beautiful and feminine as women we've become with such a teeny, tiny, little diamond in my nose. Somehow it makes me feel a bit ethereal and magical like a tiny fairy ever-so-gently kissed my nose and left behind a small trace of glitter behind.

Thanks for all your suppport. Hope, I've been able to reciprocate a little reassurance in return about whether or not you decide to get your nose re-pierced when all the healing is complete.



Monday 21st of November 2016

I'm leaning toward getting it repierced, especially because my nostrils are a better shape for piercing now that the surgery is done. They were kind of unusually narrow before, which made it hard to get the piercing to lay right.

But for now, I just have to be kind to my nose and let it alone for a while! It's been thru a lot this last week.

So glad you like your piercing, and yes, I think if you want your nose pierced, you should feel free to do it at whatever age you wish. :)


Friday 18th of November 2016

Delurking to wish you well and a speedy, not-too-terrible recovery! Yay for your helpful family and friends and yay for the possibility of enhanced tasting -- best of luck to you!


Friday 18th of November 2016

Could you or anyone else tell mw how you went about finding a surgeon to do this operation? My son broke his nose several years ago and I didn't know anything then and just had the ENT fix it. It is now crooked and he has breathing problems. I'd like to get it fixed but I don't want to make the problem worse with an inexperienced doctor. Any advice is welcome!


Friday 18th of November 2016

Well, I went to see the ENT who took Lisey's tonsils out, and then he referred me to his plastic surgeon/ENT partner.

We initially found the ENT based on our pediatrician's recommendation (and someone else recommended this particular doctor to us as well.)


Thursday 17th of November 2016

Glad to hear it went well and you're on the mend. Take care and continue to rest up!


Thursday 17th of November 2016

I read your blog all the time, don't comment too much though! But I love your nose ring! And I actually came here to find some recipes for my thanksgiving dinner! Hope you have lots of help this year, just relax and let someone else do the cooking. Happy healing! ~ carrie

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