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10 Things That Are Making Me Happy

Because making lists like this is good for me!

You can do one too, in the comments. If you feel blue, it’ll probably help you. And if you already feel cheerful, then it’ll make you feel even more cheerful.

(It’s worth mentioning every time I do this: you and I could both easily make a list of 10 Things That Are Making Us Unhappy.   It’s not hard to find those things, but it IS harder to find the good stuff. So, that’s why we make these lists!)

1. A new plumbing problem turned out to be Not A Very Big Deal.

It’s a little complicated to explain the whole story, but when you see water bubbling up in a new place in your back yard while your washing machine runs, you feel a bit panicky.

And you start thinking that you might have to spend tens of thousands of dollars on new underground equipment.

So, when it turns out to be a less-than-$100 problem, you feel pretty darn grateful.

(If we ever shop for another house, I will be somewhat prone to look for one with public water instead of a septic tank.   This has been a crappy (ha!) year for us with our septic system, and I’m pretty over it.)

2. (related) The septic guy charged me nothing.

We originally called a septic guy, but it turns out the problem was more suited to a plumber.

But the septic guy didn’t charge me anything for all the diagnosing he did, which was very kind of him.

Incidentally, a small upside of all the septic issues we’ve had is that when a septic guy/plumber comes out, I am so well equipped to tell them where all the tanks/lids are buried in the yard.   I know where everything is now!

3. Mr. FG got to go on a work trip to Texas this week.

He really, really, REALLY hates winter, so when I heard that he got picked to go on the trip, I was super happy for him.

Warm weather in January, a visit to a new city (and a state he’d never been to before!)…all good things for him.


And work paid for it all, so that’s pretty sweet too.

4. Our space heater

Our thermostat is upstairs, and since heat rises, the lower level of our house gets pretty darn chilly in the winter.

So, we plug in our portable oil heater when we need to be in the office (which is downstairs and has a tile floor on a concrete slab.   So cold!), and then we feel nice and toasty.

5. Sonia and Zoe and I are staying up on history and science.

In years past, we’ve fallen behind on those two subjects, especially science, and then had to REALLY buckle down in the spring to get finished.

But we’re actually on track to finish in early spring this year.

(If only that was true of math. Alas, we won’t finish until the end of May. And we all like history/science better than math, so this is kind of a bummer. Saxon Math, why you so long??)

6. Joshua CLEPed out of two Spanish classes.

I’m really happy for him, as this will save him both time and money.   Yay!

Two hours + $120 and boom, he’s got 6 college credits.

7. Lisey’s got enough driving hours to test.

She and I made it! She’s just got one more mandated session with an instructor, plus she and I need to do a little more parking practice, and then she can take her test.

And then I get two whole years off before Sonia gets her learner’s permit. So fabulous.

You guys, I am going to get to stay home SO MUCH MORE once Lisey has her permit.   Very exciting.

8. My eye mask seems to be helping my dry eyes.

I have pretty bad dry eye issues, and my eye doctor says mine are partially caused by blocked ducts in my eyelids (apparently somewhat common for people with oily skin).

So, he had me buy a TheraPearl gel eye mask, which I heat every night and wear for 5-10 minutes. The idea is that the heat helps to clear out the path for the eye’s natural lubrication.

It’s a tiny bit hard to tell how well it’s working, because I got the mask at the driest time of year!

But even with all the dry air, I feel like my eyes are more comfortable than they were before, and I think that’ll be doubly true once we get through February and into March.

9. Our cat is feeling better.

She had a respiratory infection when we brought her home from the shelter, but it seems to be all gone.

She’s definitely more energetic and now she’s very interested in playing with yarn or a laser pointer.   Super entertaining.

(In case you missed it, yes, we got a cat!)

10. This is not my first time through any of our math books.

I would like to say something complain-y about math, but I’ll go with this instead: since Joshua has graduated already, I have been through each grade of math at least once before.

math dinosaur

This dinosaur would need to redo the problem. 😉

By the time Zoe gets to math, I’ve actually gone through it three times as a teacher!

I still don’t get joy from things like algorithms and trigonometry, but it does help to have been over them really recently.


Ok! If you guys would like, you can make a list of things that are making you happy in the comments.

I highly recommend it as a cheering mechanism.

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Jem Horwood

Friday 9th of February 2018

I'm late to the party too, but I still want to make a list.

1. I'm getting the most out of my education. I just finished an exam in which I had to write a prepared essay where I defended a position opposing something I believe in. What an eye-opener! I thought I was an open-minded person, but this showed me how I can still over-identify with things I believe strongly in, and think of those who believe otherwise as...misguided? Or worse, lol. I'm glad for the insight and chance to work on that. 2. It's reading break - hurrah! 3. We're going to Vancouver for the weekend to visit friends. 4. My youngest son and his wife are expecting their first child in June. 5. My four year old grandson, who I take swimming every week, has finally gotten over his fear of the lessons/water and I can now sit and watch with the other parents and grandparents instead of being the only adult in the pool. I'm pleased for both of us! 6. My wife's health has improved enough that she's able to work part-time after several years of having to be off. This is so good on every level. 7. I'm very proud of my adult children and step-children! 8. My music studio seems to have finally stabilized at about 30 piano and guitar students. It's taken many years of instability after moving to a new city. 9. I don't have another midterm for a week and a half. 10. Life seems to be finally moving forward after several years of struggle!

Thanks for the opportunity to focus on the good and write such a list.


Thursday 8th of February 2018

It's an "older" post but I need to do this, this morning!

* The repairs in my basement (after a flood in October) are finally started and should be completed in 2-3 weeks

* My health, the health of my loved one

* My 2 amazing little girls and my husband

* To be under contract for a year at the same place and with a great work schedule, great collegues and a good manager

* The pool at my gym

* My friends

* Old car (2004) holding strong

* Great restaurants, and having the financial means to go there from time to time.

* That the larger pants legs (not skinny) seem to be coming back in style slowly. I can't do skinny!

* My King Size bed

* Books (and librairies)


Thursday 8th of February 2018

What a great list!

deanna in AR

Friday 2nd of February 2018

1. My that man! 2. When you're retired sometimes it seems like a weekend everyday! 3. Instead of a long sleeved tee, I'm wearing a sweatshirt under my hoodie today and I've been much warmer (high of 41°F, low of 28 tonight.) 4. Date night tonight...we're picking up food from our local Hibachi Grill. We don't have many choices here. We have learned to love staying in, even on date night. 5. Bone broth which I made in my Instant Pot today...and yogurt which I made overnight. 6. We love our house and land. 7. Longer hair that I can just pull up into a ponytail and forget about. I let my color grow out about 3 years ago, then let my length grow out the last couple of years...low maintenance!!! 8. Love being more frugal than we used to be. 9. Love having no bills except our mortgage (wish we didn't have that). 10. I love winter...also fall...also love rainy, dreary days. Don't like summer though.


Friday 2nd of February 2018

1. I went to the store by MYSELF today because my husband is working funny hours today. Oh happy day.

2. My children have escaped sickness since November. A tremendous relief because one of our children has a tracheostomy and is incredibly susceptible to all sicknesses, and flu would be devastating to his little body.

3. My kids like playing outside, even with it's barely above freezing.

4. I have homemade bread resting on the counter before baking. Homemade bread is the best.

5. I've been able to stay home lots because of flu season (loads of appointments for my child cancelled because of his fragileness), which allows me time to think and rest and be less stressed generally, which has made me a better mom and wife.

6. music streaming services. I love them, even with the ads. I get to listen to so much music I don't own and the kids love it too.

7. Surprise long weekend this weekend!

8. An end is in sight for the house projects we started and never quite finished.

9. Our home. We rearranged recently and I love the new set-up and the atmosphere it's fostered.

10. My daughter is delighting in her growing strength and new ability to jump (she's almost 4). She used to avoid playground play because of the climbing and jumping and now she asks for it almost every day! I love seeing her new-found freedom!


Friday 2nd of February 2018

I'm a day late, but I'm going to list a few things things anyway! 1. I've wasted very little food since January 1st (why yes, it WAS a resolution of mine ;) ) 2. It's Friday and it's February 3. I have excellent coffee in my cup this morning 4. I snagged a crib mattress for free yesterday

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