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WIS | WWA | Aaaand, it’s February

We’re one month closer to spring, friends! And the days are getting longer, minute by minute.

Time for a fresh grocery budget too.

What I Spent

Last Friday, we had tacos instead of pizza, and I needed sour cream, cheddar cheese, and tortillas.   I also picked up some bananas, because we always need bananas. I spent $8.38 on that stop.

On Saturday, I got my Hungry Harvest box ($25).

On Monday, I finally went to Aldi, after more than a week with no Aldi in my life.   I spent $99 there.

And then lastly, I made a $22 stop.

That puts me at $154 for the week, which is just fine (my average is $150/week).

What We Ate


My dear friend is moving on Saturday, and we’re trying to squeeze in as much time as possible…so, I made some dinner and brought it over to her house with my three girls.

chipotle chicken kabobs with cilantro dipping sauce

(Mr. FG was in Texas for work and Joshua was at work making coffee.)

I made a grilled chicken salad by making this chipotle chicken and then adding greens, avocado, tomatoes, and cucumber.

And I brought homemade French bread as well.


Mr. FG was still in Texas, and since he’s not a fan of eggs, I was all, “Hmm, what eggy thing could we have for dinner??”

So, I opted to make lazy crepes (known as Swedish pancakes in my childhood) and bacon.

swedish pancakes lazy crepes


I found some red potatoes on the shelf, so I decided to make a pot of clam chowder.

I used leftover French bread from Monday to make some garlic bread, and I steamed some broccoli and cauliflower as well.


I was running low on motivation, so I grabbed some ham from the freezer, made a pan of muffin tin popovers, and raided the fridge for odds and ends to make a green salad.

baking illustrated popovers


I’m thinking about using naan to make some quick pizzas. I’ve never tried that before, but it sounds tasty. And easy. Very easy!

What did you make for dinner this week?

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Sunday 4th of February 2018

This is great inspiration! I've never thought of making popovers, but I know my kids would love them. We're getting a 40 lb box of chicken breasts from Zaycon next month, so I'm looking for lots of chicken recipes. I pinned your Chipotle Chicken Kebab recipe to use when I get that box of chicken.

I can hardly remember what we had this week, but I'll try:

Monday-Beef Bolognese with Pasta Tuesday- Pancakes Wednesday- Pizza (I used your french bread dough recipe to make the crust, except I let it rise much longer to develop more flavor!) Thursday- Tortellini Soup Friday-Dumplings (from the freezer, cooked in a pan) Saturday- Chick-Fil-A (not so frugal, but the kids have a blast in their play structure and we adults like the food, so it's a win-win for us in that regard) Sunday- Not sure yet, but I was thinking bacon and something else. Maybe popovers! And fruit.


Wednesday 14th of February 2018

Hi Terri,

We shop Zaycon all the time for bacon, breakfast links, boneless thighs and beef roasts. I ordered the chicken breasts once, and they had a weird texture once cooked (no matter the method I used). They replaced them, but the new batch was the same. I have been scared to try them again.

Have you experienced this problem? The price and convenience can not be beat!


Sunday 4th of February 2018

We love pizza made with naan.


Saturday 3rd of February 2018

I just made your chicken kabobs and didn't read the recipe correctly. I mixed all the ingredients together including the sauce ingredients and added the chicken, stirred it around, skewered it and grilled them. It was delicious! A good mistake!


Saturday 3rd of February 2018

Well, that's good to know! Kind of like a yogurt marinade, probably.


Saturday 3rd of February 2018

Let's see if I can remember this past week!

Sunday - Pulled Pork (from the freezer), oven fries & salad. Monday - Kung Pao Chicken over egg noodles & steamed broccoli. Tuesday - Corn Chowder & salad Wednesday - smorgasbord...sandwiches & leftovers Thursday - Whole roasted chicken, pan fried potatoes (because they needed to be used) & green beans. Friday - kids pizza & date night for us!!!

I consider this is a huge win because I was super sick the week before & our meals looked nothing like this. And I did all this without grocery shopping until Thursday!


Saturday 3rd of February 2018

It is, your meals sound yum


Saturday 3rd of February 2018

I have always wanted to know what popovers were, the word just sounds delicious. I also wanted to give Yorkshire puddings a go & your recipe & photos are super helpful, thank you. Growing up we often made pancakes & I still make them now & they sound pretty similar to these. We never added sugar or salt & they turn out yum, we would have them with golden syrup +/ - icecream as kids or lemon juice with sugar, now I have them with maple syrup +/- berries. I am usually making them just for me & in case this helps anyone I find 1/3cup plain flour + 1/3 cup milk+1 egg makes 2 good size pancakes for one person.

I am doing much better with meal planning - I used to be pretty good M-W then Thurs/Fri would end up in tired takeout, I started using a diary & also logging my expenditure in it & it's working great. It also means if one wk isn't so good I turn a page & there is a shiny new blank week full of possibilities ( Like your Mondays :) )

Sun - Stand n stuff Tacos with homemade spicy Bolognese sauce/cheese/lettuce/carrot/cucumber/capsicum

Mon - Chicken & veg risotto

Tues - Homemade pita bread pizza with spicy pasta sauce/baby spinach/spring onions/zucchini/capsicum/ham/cheese

Wed - Barley salad with lots of salad n chicken meatballs

Thurs - Leftover pita pizza

Fri - red chicken curry n rice n cooked extra rice for 2moro

Tonight - will be homemade fried rice using up bacon n vegies from freezer n fridge

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