How do you decide how much life insurance to carry?

life insurance

Every other Monday, I answer a question or two from readers. Got one for me? Send me an email! I’ve been researching life insurance. My husband and I each have a bit (me through a whole life policy my parents purchased when I was a child; him a policy that his employer pays for that […]

On Bread Slicing and Homeschooling (Q&A day!)

homeschool crossword

Every other Monday, I answer reader questions.  Got one for me?  Leave a comment or email me (thefrugalgirl at gmail) and put Q&A in the subject line! My question is about bread storage. I’ve been making several loaves of several types of bread at once to save time and turning on the oven. When you […]

Q&A | $20 Takeout Date Ideas + Lunches Without Waste

Every other Monday, I answer reader questions.  If you’ve got a question for me, leave it in the comments, or email me, and I’ll do my best to answer it in a future post. _______________________ First up this week, a question from an Alaskan reader about takeout date nights. I stumbled on your blog a […]