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WIS, WWA | I THOUGHT I published it!

A funny thing; I did some painting this morning, went for a walk, came back, and checked blog comments like I usually do. And I thought, “Hmm, that’s weird, there are no comments yet.”

And then I realized it was because I hadn’t published the post. Ahahahaha. Whoops.

Kristen with an annoyed expression.

How I felt upon having this realization

So, here you go, for real this time!

What I Spent

  • $76 at Lidl
  • $35 at Aldi
  • $20 at a local grocer
  • $27 at Mod Pizza

That makes $158 altogether.

What We Ate


Lisey and Zoe and I went to Mod Pizza for dinner; a nice chewy meal for Zoe prior to her wisdom tooth week. 😉

Pizza topped with greens.

I downloaded the Mod Pizza app (to earn rewards, of course) and the app gave me this referral code to invite friends: KretKr8343

I have no idea what you or I get if you use this code when you sign up for Mod Rewards but if you give a try, do let me know! Hopefully, it’ll get you a freebie of some sort.


Zoe had a friend over, and for dinner, I made a chicken BLT salad, plus these breadsticks, and we had watermelon as well.

A bowl of BLT salad.


We had leftover BLT salad and breadsticks.


crab soup with a breadstick on the side.

This was the day Zoe got her wisdom teeth out, so she was on the soft food plan all day. By dinnertime, she was able to eat some mac and cheese (although I purposely overcooked the noodles a bit, to make them nice and soft.)

Lisey was at the beach with her cousin, so that left just me to feed. I had one more $15 promotional birthday gift certificate from a local restaurant (oddly, it didn’t expire until the end of June, even though my birthday was in April!).

So, I used it to order two bowls of soup. I ate the cream of crab one on Tuesday, with some leftover breadsticks and some watermelon.


Another day of soft foods for Zoe, and I ate the other bowl of soup (pasta e fagiole) with the last of the breadsticks and watermelon.

bowl of pasta soup with a breadstick.


Zoe was still not doing awesome on the chewing front, so I made cheese tortellini topped with tomato sauce.


I’m gonna play this by ear, depending on how Zoe’s doing.

What did you have for dinner this week?

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Sunday 3rd of July 2022

We had a cookout so the some friends. Grilled chicken and peach salsa, brats on the grill, potato salad, watermelon, kale cabbage mandarin orange slaw, grilled veggies.


Cheesy egg muffins made with leftover grilled veggies and sausage.

Turkey & cheese & veggie grilled wraps with cut up fruit.

“Egg roll in a bowl” with ground pork, cabbage, carrots, bell pepper, celery, spring onion, garlic, sauce over rice

Seven layer salad and corn on the cob


Saturday 2nd of July 2022

Great score on your test!

Sunday: Older daughter ate at work. We used up some leftovers. Younger daughter had leftover pesto pasta, my husband made himself a burrito and I made a salad topped with some leftover roasted veggies and added a hard boiled egg. Monday: Older daughter ate at work and the rest of us had grilled skewers. I made the skewers with chicken breast pieces, chicken sausage from the freezer, peppers and onions. I had enough pineapple leftover to put pineapple on some of the skewers. I also sliced up some cucumber. Tuesday: We went out to dinner to a local Italian place to celebrate my younger daughter's birthday. The food is so good there and everyone brought home enough leftovers for their lunch Wednesday, which was perfect because we were leaving right after lunch to drive to NYC. Wednesday: We were in NYC to drop off older daughter at a summer program and we met up with my sister and her family and went to a delicious taco place. It was actually very reasonably priced, especially for an NYC restaurant. I got a large fish taco, which was served with spicy slaw and mango salsa and it was $6.50. Thursday: We stopped in CT to see my parents on our way home and they grilled burgers and had corn on the cob and watermelon for us. We also ate some snacky stuff in the car as we continued home. Friday: I made 2 pizzas, one just cheese and sauce and one with bacon and pepperoni

April in tx

Saturday 2nd of July 2022

Our meals are not anything special this week, but food on the table is the most important thing. We’ve started having the teens cook new meals each week to build their confidence with cooking. They were cooking the same couple of meals every time they made dinner. They did an awesome job! We ate:

-grilled hot dogs -homemade pizza pockets -smoked chicken with rice -hamburger helper -chicken enchiladas


Saturday 2nd of July 2022

Sounds like a soup and pasta kind of week and I am on board for that. I hope she's feeling better really soon! I veered madly from my published menu, so this is what I ate: Monday - I made chicken and rice with some freezer rotisserie chicken and added carrots to it Tuesday - Take-out from Short Stop, a local burger spot. {} I had the Chicken Slammer meal: fried chicken strips with cheese, cream gravy, and jalapenos on a bun. Fries and fried apple pie on the side. No regrets. Wednesday - No memory of what I cooked Thursday - Veggie enchiladas from Chuy's Friday - I made a cast iron skillet meal consisting of two small chicken thighs, seared and cooked slowly and covered with Greek Lemon dressing, a zucchini, some garlic, and some ranch mashed potatoes with cheese. I could have licked the skillet it was so good. Saturday - Plans are to eat a freezer meal of Taco Rice Sunday - I will fix Steak Bites, tots, and broccoli, but I'm on call and if I have to work, I will likely put the steak back into the freezer and eat out!

Julie from GJ

Saturday 2nd of July 2022

Let's see... Sunday night we had crab cakes, hassleback potatoes, and salad. Monday (camp night 1) we had chicken and black bean burritos w/ slaw and chips Tuesday (camp night 2) we had pasta from the freezer and salad. Wednesday (camp night 3) we had pulled chicken bbq sandwiches with slaw and leftover potatoes. Thursday we had grilled salmon, grilled corn, grilled baguette and salad Friday we had pizza and salad. Tonight I don't know what we're having...friends are coming tomorrow for an early birthday celebration / 4th of July celebration and we're having pulled pork sandwiches. So tonight will probably be fish of some sort.

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