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Thankful Thursday | for a bad forecast!

This week, I’m thankful:

for a bad forecast on our Hershey Park trip day

Hershey Park entrance sign.

We almost canceled the trip because the forecast was wet and cold.

Hershey Park roller coaster.

But I am so glad we didn’t, for multiple reasons:

  • The rain was really only an intermittent mist.
  • The cooler temperatures were a blessing; I’d take that over 95 degrees any day.
  • The skies did eventually clear up
  • The poor forecast meant we didn’t face crowd problems. We rode something like 12 coasters, and for many of them, we had only a 5-15 minute wait.
  • We managed to fit our trip in before schools are all out for the summer (thus, a smaller crowd)

for a good grade on my TEAS exam

I got an 89.3% overall, and the hilarious part is that I got a 100, not on the English section, but on the math section.

One might conclude I make my living as a mathematician rather than a writer. 😉

math dinosaur

Always gotta use Lisey’s math dinosaur when we talk about math 😉

The true reasons for this are probably more like:

  • English questions are shifter and less accurate in nature. Math questions are straightforward and more suited for multiple-choice.
  • I’ve been slogging through math as a homeschool mom since 2004. I’ve been through K-12 math so many times, I couldn’t help but know how to do these problems

Regardless, my score is way beyond the 58% required for consideration at my school, so I’m good to go!

that I don’t have to pay the $95 TEAS fee again

I’m happy I don’t have to go through the work of taking the test, of course, but since it costs $95 a pop, I’m doubly glad I got a good score the first time.

No one wants to repeatedly pay $95 for something as un-fun as a test!

that a school friend let me borrow her TEAS prep book

A friend from my anatomy and physiology classes had bought a TEAS study guide/prep book, and she let me borrow it to help me study for my own test.

that you only have to take the TEAS once

I love tasks that are one and done.

Cooking? You do it over and over until you die.

Laundry? You do it over and over and you are never done.

laundry in a white basket.

But once you take the TEAS, you never have to do it again!

It’s such a nice, accomplished feeling to cross tasks like this off.

that I am so close to having my nursing school requirements done

Now that the TEAS is over, I only have a few things left:

  • Developmental Psych
  • Microbiology

and maybe chemistry. I’m waiting on pins and needles to see if the school is going to accept my high school transcript, which predates their official homeschool transcript policies.

Worst-case scenario, I take chemistry this fall. Best-case, I get to skip spending that time and money.

Either way, I’m super close!

for beautiful summer mornings

Flowers in early morning sunshine.

July and August mornings are often too hot and humid for my taste, but June offers some nice morning fare, weather-wise.

White flower in morning sun.

that Zoe is doing all right after her wisdom tooth removal

She’s not exactly feeling awesome, but she’s doing fine, and I anticipate that tomorrow will be a good turning point with the swelling.

Zoe gets the benefit of being my fourth wisdom tooth patient, so I’m well-practiced at being the caretaker. 😉

that this is the very last wisdom tooth go-round for me

All of my kids are wisdom-tooth-less now, and I had my own out when I was pregnant with Lisey.

So I am all done with wisdom teeth after this!

that I have lots of ripe mangoes

bowl of ripe mangoes.

They were $0.39 a piece so I bought quite a few last week, and they are all deliciously ripe now.

What are you thankful for this week?

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Saturday 2nd of July 2022

Thankful for great playgrounds in our city, our apartment being cool even when it gets hot outside, our wonderful local grocer around the corner. There was something else I meant to add to the list that both fit "frugal 5" and "thankful Thursday" and now it slipped my mind...!


Saturday 2nd of July 2022

Thankful for:

* Having gotten approved for WLS after being on the waiting list for more than 7 years now. And it being paid through our universal health care system (Canada) instead of having to pay 15 000$ out of pocket to have it done in a private setting like I first intended to do years ago and backed out of. I should get my surgery by the end of august. * Having access to a multitude of Youtube video, Instagram profiles and online forums about WLS so I can be as prepared as can be * That my husband is very supportive of me getting healthier, even if he`s scared of the surgery (I am too) * Having my in-laws visiting this week-end to help with renovations (we are treating them to an all-you-can-eat-sushi as a thank you, yum!) * That despite struggles with my DD, we still have (most of the time) an ok/good relationship.


Friday 1st of July 2022

Kristen, I'm puzzled at all these courses you're having to do before going to nursing school. In my state in Australia you just go straight to university after school and begin your degree.

I'm thankful for my two cats who only like me because I provide food and warmth. I love them though. Thankful for family. Thankful for Australia's amazing wildlife. Thankful for good coffee found everywhere, in part because of past Italian immigrants. Thankful for a kinder government.


Friday 1st of July 2022

I'm not sure how it works in every state in the U.S., but at my school, there are certain classes you have to take before you start the two-year R.N. program. For instance, you have to take Intro to Biology and Anatomy and Physiology 1 before you can even apply to the program, and you have to have some general ed. classes done, such as English, math, and so on.

Then once you get into the nursing program, the classes are 100% nursing-related.

I could put off developmental psych and microbiology and do them concurrently with the nursing program, but I figured I'd rather knock out everything I can beforehand. That way, my workload will be as manageable as possible when I'm in the nursing program.

Stephanie D

Friday 1st of July 2022

I am thankful for a bevy of really good doctors/healthcare providers:

1. Hubby's primary doctor ran labs during routine annual in April and discovered Jack's PSA ( prostate cancer test) was 10x higher than it was a year ago. Sent hubby to the urologist who cared for him during his bout with Prostate CA. 2. Urologist checked tumor marker in labwork, which was normal, but sent hubby for a prostate cancer specific PET scan in May to determine if the cancer had returned and/or metastasized. 3. PET scan showed prostate cancer returned, but confined to prostate only--no metastasis. However, the radiologist noticed a spot on hubby's liver, unrelated to the prostate cancer. 4. Urologist then sent hubby for an MRI of the abdomen in June to better diagnose the spot. MRI showed 2 cm (<1 inch) tumor on liver, so he referred Jack to oncologist. Treatment for the prostate CA will be on hold until the liver situation is taken care of. 5. Oncologist has determined Jack does not need chemo, nor any medications, but is referring him to surgeon for possible excision or ablation, and a follow-up appt at the end of August. As the tumor marker was normal, and the size is so small, she seemed to indicate this could be all the treatment Jack will need.

That was yesterday, and now we are waiting for the surgeon's office to schedule our appointment. Although it seemed to move slowly at the time, especially the wait between the PET scan and the MRI, this has all happened in just a few days over 2 months.

6. My PCP saw me for a blood pressure follow up last week, and even though my numbers are borderline, decided to wait before adding another medication. Her reasoning was that as I am still losing weight, and that stress might be a factor in my BP, adding another med might drop my BP too low. This is right in line with my goals of continuing to work on my health and reduce or erase the need for medications.

Most of all, I am grateful for prayers and my God who heard them. Only 2 people other than my hubby and myself know about his diagnoses (other than the health care providers, of course), and both of them have been praying for us. We haven't even told our daughter yet, waiting til we had some answers and some hope to give her, because she will worry so much. But we have felt God's peace and strength, and my husband has had NO symptoms whatsoever. He feels fine, and we are both thankful for that.


Friday 1st of July 2022

I am thankful for the visit of our son, daughter-in-law and grandson from Prague. We see them not often enough. And I am thankful that little Adam recognized and accepted me instantly even though he had seen me only on facetime for six month. I am thankful that between very hot days, we always had at least one cooler day so that the house did not heat up too much. I am thankful for the sunshine which made it easy to dry all laundry outside. I haven´t used my dryer since February, but sometimes I had to dry the laundry in the basement where it takes at least a day and doesn´t smell so good. I am thankul for the rain we had. Our garden looks much better than this time last year. I am thankful that for my birthday, I only got books, vouchers for restaurants, and lots of treats to eat and drink. No knick-knacks or other things I only had to find a place to display and the time to dust it. Hilde in Germany

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