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WIS, WWA | plus a cat photo

What I Spent

Actually, let’s start out with a picture of Zoe and one of our rescue cat friends. 😉

Zoe and a cat

I got a $25 Hungry Harvest, I spent $39 at Panda Express, and I spent $90 on groceries.

So: $154 for this week.

I’m on budget, so I obviously am not doing any serious stocking up.

Two reasons:

  • I don’t really anticipate this turning into a nightmarish situation here in the U.S., particularly for people who are otherwise healthy (which is the situation here at my house).
  • Even if it does turn out worse than I think it will, we will be fine without stocking up. I always have lots of food at my house, between my pantry shelves and my chest freezer. It would take a long time for us to starve.

What We Ate


We ate chicken sausages on toasted buns, plus sweet potato fries (just frozen ones that I baked), and some fresh fruit.


Panda Express, and sadly I didn’t have my coupon with me!


Baked ziti, garlic breadsticks, and salad


Mr. FG and I went out together; I ordered chili, he got a grilled sandwich. 🙂 The girls had a rather snacky dinner, which pleased them just fine.


I made chicken and asparagus ramen bowls, which we ate with some fresh fruit.


I grilled burgers and asparagus, and on the side we had cucumbers and grapefruit halves.


I haven’t decided for sure yet. Sonia and Zoe might be going to visit a friend, so I won’t really know what to make until I know who I’m feeding!

What did you have for dinner this week?

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Cathy in NJ

Monday 9th of March 2020

I started stocking up the house back in December because the home supplies were getting low. I like to keep a certain level of supply on hand and had time off from work so off to ALDI. Ever since super storm Sandy I have always wanted supplies in the home.

When the situation emerged in early Jan, I stocked up even more. My mother, by profession, was a bacteriologist. So incubation period, number of diagnosed cases versus actual number of cases, containment, quarantine procedures etc was dinner table talk. I believe I have most of what I need for what comes next given I live between NYC and Philadelphia.

I say prayers every night for our collective American health.


Monday 9th of March 2020

Corona virus prepping has caused all kinds of ridiculousness over here, including stabbing sin the toilet paper aisle, and Costco staff being swarmed for it too. People are also buying ridiculous quantities of pasta and rice.

For myself, thanks to my habit of buying 45 pack paper, and buying the next pack when there’s a sale, I have no shortage on that front.

I’ve also got a full fridge, freezer, and pantry, and loads of pet food, so we won’t starve.

That said, I’ve done one tiny bit of prepping, but only due to the fact that I have both a connective tissue condition, and a bunch of autoimmune issues, all of which tend to get worse if I get sick. Because of that, I’ve made sure I have a minimum of 2 months worth of all my medications, so that if cases crop up near me I can quarantine myself as a preventative option.

Ruth Williams

Saturday 7th of March 2020

I always enjoy the pictures of your "rescue cat friends!" We have 3 cats at present (our all-time high was four until a couple of years ago), and all our fur babies have been rescues.

We, too, are not prepping for the coronavirus, because like you, we have plenty of food laid by in the pantry and freezer. I've always kept a couple of months worth of food in the house. That way you always have something to eat and don't need to rush out and buy milk, eggs, and bread when a storm is forecast!


Saturday 7th of March 2020

We cloth diaper, so I figure we're all set should the country run out of toilet paper! I live in Santa Clara County, where there are 24 cases of COVID-19 and the first "community-circulating" one was treated at the hospital next to the Y where I usually work out. My kids' field trips were just canceled for the month of March "out of an abundance of caution," though I'm not sure how canceling field trips but not school is going to help. I think they'd all be better off visiting the farm as planned than packed together in a classroom! And I'm not worried in either case. I've bought a few extra cans of food this week, and restocked toilet paper at my usual frequency. My brother might not be able to come visit in a few weeks because his employer is asking anyone who travels to CA or WA to self-isolate for two weeks.

This week, I made large batches of French dip sandwiches and chicken stir-fry, which my kids love. We also had kielbasa and cabbage, and ate dinner with our community group Wednesday night. The kids and I went out for a Costco pizza lunch, so I skipped making Friday pizzas, which I've otherwise been doing recently. Leftovers tonight, I think.


Saturday 7th of March 2020

Please let Zoe know her jacket is beyond fabulous!!


Saturday 7th of March 2020

I sure will!

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