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Who needs expensive, consumery entertainment…

…when there is butter, sugar, and flour to be had?


I have yet to meet a kid who isn’t fascinated with the whole baking process.


Not to mention the happy eating that comes later.


Yes indeedy, this is where it’s at.


I will remind myself of this next time I am tempted to say “no” when my kids ask if they can help me bake.

And I am currently reminded to say thank you to my mom, who let me make a huge mess of her flour drawer for years. 😉 I learned from her how to bake bread, and she learned from my grandmother (Wednesday Baking probably wouldn’t exist without those two women!).

So, even though the mess increases ten-fold when I include my kids, I’m determined to say “yes” more often when they ask to bake. Because I wouldn’t be the baker I am today unless my mom and grandma had said “yes”.

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Wednesday 17th of March 2010

def true! i need to be more patient~


Tuesday 9th of February 2010

My daughter (13) loves to cook all kinds of things. I came home from work yesterday and she was making the finishing touches to a carrot cake for us all = took a piece to work for lunch today and it was delicious..... and she washes up all the utensils too!


Monday 16th of November 2009

We were in the drugstore yesterday and my son (8) stopped in front of a display with a kid baking set---cookie cutters, tiny spatula, apron, etc. He thought it was so cool. I was excited by the fact that he loves to bake with me---but the best part was, when I told him we've already got stuff that we can use instead of buying new stuff, he agreed with me and walked on by. Frugal training proceeding as planned!


Friday 13th of November 2009

Great pics! Reminds me of those wonderful times I propped my two daughters up on stools to help with the baking. Precious moments and as my mother used to say "You can always clean up later." My daughters are now 28 and 25 and are fabulous cooks and bakers and I am so thankful I involved them in food production from a young age. Good on you!


Friday 13th of November 2009

Oh, so true, Kristen, so true! Last night we made your "overnight cinnamon twists" -- now a family tradition for special occasions (my kids truly thank you) -- and the kitchen was a complete mess! Bedtime was delayed as well. But boy oh boy did my daughter have fun, and the pride in her eyes as she ate cinnamon twists this morning, on her birthday, was unmistakable. Plus, she was extremely pleased that she could bring them into class this morning for "snack time" to celebrate with her classmates.

Since she's asked for spaghetti and meatballs for dinner on her birthday, I thought I'd try the pull-apart garlic bread to go with it. I'm certain she'll want to help with that too... oy! another kitchen mess! Definitely worth it.

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