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Thankful Thursday | a comment fix is coming!

This week, I am thankful:

that Mediavine is going to fix a comment problem!

Kristen's laptop with a small Snoopy sticker.

A number of you have had a weird problem where, only on your screen, your comment appears multiple times, sprinkled randomly throughout the comment section.

I’ve been sending screenshots and exchanging emails with Mediavine over this issue for weeks now, and they finally were able to replicate the problem on their end and figure out the issue.


The fix will roll out with the next update, so hang tight. Less-buggy comments are coming your way fairly soon.

I am extremely happy about this.

for a desk with a window seat

My desk has always been in a dark corner of the downstairs office, mainly because that’s where it fit.

But since Lisey’s bedroom is now empty (she’s at aviation mechanic school), we moved my desk in there, next to a window.

Kristen's desk next to a window.

Pardon me for yelling, but I AM SO HAPPY ABOUT THIS.

I really, really like natural light, and I almost never had any natural light in my downstairs office.

But now my desk has plenty of daylight all day long. I even have a plant on my desk!

Plus, this is going to be so much better for online classes; last semester I sat at the kitchen table, but now I can go into the bedroom and shut the door.

That’ll be much more convenient for me and for the rest of the household!

that I was able to switch A&P sections

You may remember that last semester, I had a really terrible biology professor.

two pages of biology homework.

Well, the profs were just announced for the fall A&P sections, and the reviews on my assigned professor were eerie echoes of my last-semester experience.

Nope, nope, nope. Not doing that again.

So, I did some research on the other available professors and switched to one that has promising reviews.

(In case you missed it, I’m doing pre-requisites for my eventual enrollment in a nursing program, and here’s why.)

for the recent rain

We’ve had a lot of rainfall in the last week, which is great because we had a serious dry spell in July/earlier August.

Raindrops on an orange tree leaf.

We probably are still in a deficit, but the deficit has to have shrunk by now.

raindrops on mum leaves.

that fall is coming

I am sorry to say that my extended forecast calls for nothing but humidity for weeks to come.

I felt kind of depressed when I scrolled through that. Really? Terrible humidity even through mid-September? Ugh.

But then I reminded myself that ok, fall IS coming.

The humidity WILL NOT stay forever.

One day, in the not-so-distant future, there will be a crisp, sunny day to enjoy, and I’m thankful for that.

fall leaves.

that I live in an area with four seasons

One of the reasons I like the Mid-Atlantic is that we get a pretty good mix of all four seasons.

At the end of summer, almost without fail, I end up feeling like I can’t stand any more humid air.

But right about the time I start feeling like that, the summer heat and humidity begin to fade.

Yellow October leaves by the river

And at the end of February, I start to feel really, really sick of the cold, gray days.

But shortly after that, in mid-March, the air starts to shift.

blooming forsythia.

So, yay for the seasonal switch-up!

that I didn’t have hyperemesis 60 years ago

I was listening to an episode of Sawbones about thalidomide, which was used for fighting nausea in pregnant women, and which, it turns out, causes birth defects.

Given my experience with hyperemesis 4x over, I would have been a likely candidate for this drug, especially if I lived outside the US.

(Mercifully, the FDA did not approve this for use in America.)

Anyway, listening to this episode made me thankful that I was pregnant in an era where there were safer anti-nausea drugs available.

Kristen 12 weeks pregnant with Zoe

That bump there is a 12-week Zoe

In a similar vein, I am thankful…

that I wasn’t pregnant hundreds of years ago

If I’d been a procreating adult before the advent of:

  • birth control
  • IV fluids
  • anti-nausea drugs

I probably would have just kept getting pregnant until I died from malnutrition/dehydration.

(I might have ended up like Charlotte Bronte!)

for how much U.S. food has improved in my lifetime

Mr. FG and I were talking to Sonia and Zoe about this at dinner the other night; when we were kids, tacos were kinda considered to be international food.

When I was a kid, I’d never heard of Thai food at all. Or hummus, chia, or quinoa.

And I’d never eaten a mango, a passionfruit, or a starfruit.

I definitely had never had chipotle chilies, which are now one of my favorite things.

orange chipotle cilantro sauce

I think both restaurant food and home-cooked food have become much, much more varied and interesting. What a delicious time to be alive!

What are you thankful for this week?

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Sunday 29th of August 2021

I'm so happy for you and your desk move - you are a trooper for having rolled with no light for so long and you deserve all the sunshine! You've also inspired me to get a new plant for back to school (maybe a succulent - I do not have a green thumb LOL). I'm also with you about the 4 lucky are we?

Kristen Wright

Saturday 28th of August 2021

Thanks Kristen for posting your positive outlook on things! I try to appreciate the little things too, but it's nice to see what others are thankful for. I am a mother/baby nurse and have worked part time since my oldest child was born 23 yrs ago. I feel like I have had the best of both worlds being in a career I love, but being able to be home most days/nights. I think you would make a great nurse, whichever area you find yourself working. Nursing provides so many areas in which we help people. My mom is a nurse, my husband's mom was a nurse, and one of his grandmothers was a nurse-all different areas of nursing!! Kindness and empathy are a HUGE part of nursing, and I think you exhibit both! Prayers for you as prepare for the journey❤

Rebekah in SoCal

Friday 27th of August 2021

I'm thankful

1) for the hummingbirds that I see outside my window. 2) That I've made it through the first two weeks of class and hopefully have the hang of things. 3) for my husband (celebrating an anniversary this week). 4) for leftovers--sometimes it's nice not the need to cook. 5) that I was able to talk to customer service, submit a receipt and get my FSA card unlocked.


Friday 27th of August 2021

This week I am thankful for my mother being a devoted grandmother to our new baby, that our heating got turned on again (Here, being cold has been more of a problem than the lack of AC), for the Relatively long maternal leave I get to take, For that dictation function in my phone that lets me comment and text while holding a sleeping baby.


Thursday 26th of August 2021

Grateful that my new classroom has almost one whole wall of windows and the view is of mature oak trees. Should be lovely through the seasons.

My new coworkers are nice and I think I will like them.

My car now has a new windshield but still needs a tune up to be road ready, so at least it's one step closer.

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