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Right now, I am…

-wishing that I could share a post with you about my new vacuum. The post is all written, but it needs some pictures. And I keep forgetting to take pictures before that darn sun sets every day. I will remember today!

-looking forward to the days getting longer, if only because there are more hours of photograph-worthy light. At least the shortest day is already behind us, and there are lighter days to look forward to.

-thinking about this New York Times article on busyness.

-and this one that Michael Pollan tweeted, about gut health (uh, the digestive gut.)

-related to the busyness article, hoping that we’ve created a life for our children where they have enough free, unstructured time. I think we have, and I don’t think I’ll wish I’d done that differently.

-remembering I need to ship a book that I sold on

-glad that I have plenty of saved cushioned shipping envelopes. I never have to buy anything except packing tape when I sell things online.

-appreciating that lets you print a media mail shipping label right from home, because I hate standing in post office waiting lines.

(actually, I sort of hate standing in line waiting anywhere.)

-thinking of making a green smoothie for breakfast.

-feeling pretty amazed by this series of photos, all of a dead tree. I don’t do much landscape photography, so I am very awed by people who are good at it.

-glad my muscle soreness is a better today. I took several fitness classes last week that were apparently a bit challenging for my muscles (the punching in martial arts classes makes it really painful to wipe counters the next day, just so you know.)

-smiling, thinking about Zoe playing the piano. She’s been dying to start, and I promised her that she could after Christmas. She can hardly wipe the grin off her face while she practices.

-relieved that dinner is mostly made. I have a batch of BBQ beef in the fridge, and I just need to bake some buns and roast some broccoli.

-pleased that I got a whole month’s worth of main dishes planned at the beginning of January. It was a fair amount of work to get it done, but it’s made the rest of the month a lot easier so far and I think I might try this again in February.

-planning my day. I have a to-do list written out, and that bodes well. I get so much more done when I have a plan!


How ’bout you?

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Monday 14th of January 2013

*Thinking it is late and I should get to bed. *Smiling that it was 50 degrees and sunny here (Maine) today. Enjoyed a wonderful walk outside!! *Planning for my day of projects... first up, painting my son's room. :) *Wondering what we will have for dinner tomorrow night. (Ugh) *Glad to know we are not alone in our quest for unscheduled time for our two boys. I often feel badly that they are not involved in as mch as their friends, but then remember how mch fun they have exploring the yard or building with Legos. L

Liz Botts

Monday 14th of January 2013

I always hope that we are creating enough unstructured free time. Sometimes it's hard to do, but I think in the end it is so worth it.

Skirnir Hamilton

Monday 14th of January 2013

*Warning* This is not going to be all positive.

Right now I am worried about my son's school. He just transferred in having completed half a year of precalculus and for some reason they want him to retake Algebra II and we, his parents, have refused, saying give him a chance. They are pressuring him quite a bit in class, which I don't think teachers should be doing to a 15 year old.

Trying to figure out how I should exercise, as walking around to music is beginning to get a bit boring and climbing stairs is hard! Maybe a mix it up day. Need to get that treadmill set up again soon.

Enjoying the lingering thoughts and tummy comfort of the homemade pizza we had for dinner. My son asked if we could do homemade pizza every week and sorry, but I like to do homemade bread once or twice a week, it won't always be pizza dough. There are so many other meals we love too!

Wishing I knew what I wanted to do with my life. Just moved to TN where my husband took a new job. Once things are settled down here, I need to decide if I am going to get a job or not. I don't have to work, as we live nicely on what he makes, but I like to have something to call my own that helps others. I just don't know if making yummy meals for my family, blogging and helping with my church's food pantry is where I should be putting my time. What does God want me to do? Why doesn't he ever tell me these things? I swear, if we are supposed to do what God wants us to do, why does He stay so darned cryptic?

Hoping the church I am going to will turn out to be a good home. I like the people and I can get involved there with their food pantry which dovetails nicely with my love of cooking and couponing. I know at least one or two songs per week at the contemporary worship service and am starting to run the powerpoint there once a month. But just don't like the sermons at all. I seem to disagree with something the pastor says every Sunday.

Okay, time to stop delaying and get that exercise in!


Monday 14th of January 2013

Oh, please don't feel like you need to add a disclaimer. :) Your current concerns seem like, well, concerns, not complaining.

I hope you can find a good part-time job or volunteer position that keeps you feeling fulfilled.

Jen @ Dear Mommy Brain

Monday 14th of January 2013

Thank you for the link to the gut health article! Very well written.


Monday 14th of January 2013

Right now, I am...

* enjoying cooler temps in south Texas * smiling because my sweet boy brought home an All-A report card * thinking ahead to the weekend because I want to complete some scrapbook pages in the birthday album and the sports album * rejoicing that God is good all of the time ~ even in the difficult times * listening to some lovely jazz music

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