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Lately, I’ve been…

listening to

-Podcasts….I go in fits and spurts with podcasts. I get really behind, and then I catch up on them all at once when I do things like a painting project.

Before Breakfast podcast

In my subscription list right now:

  • Before Breakfast (Laura Vanderkam)
  • How to Money
  • Solid Joys
  • Do You Even Blog?

-On the music front: The Japanese House, which Lisey thought I might like. And I do. The Japanese House is an English indie pop band (I think it’s just one person, though), and I like the relaxing feel of the music.

I am normally a person who is big on the lyrics of songs, but honestly, I have no idea what any of these songs are about lyrically. I just like the sound!


The Crown, of course. Sonia and I finished season four.

Charles and Diana in The Crown

A few notes:

  • I know The Crown is fiction, but I did some reading and, um, how in the world did I not know that Charles and Diana were troubled from the very beginning? I’d always thought that they were madly in love, at least at first. Which is, I suppose, what we the public were supposed to think.
  • Emma Corrin is amazing as Diana!
  • Episode 5, the one where the dude breaks into the palace, has a lot of f-bombs (just so you are not surprised.) Usually the language level on The Crown is pretty mild, but this episode was an exception.
  • Sonia and I are sad that we have to get used to a whole new set of actors next season. We had just now finally adjusted to this group. Sigh.


In The Crown-related news, we got the brand new HRH royal fashion book from the library and it is super fun to read/look through. I ostensibly put it on hold for Sonia, but I am enjoying it too! 

HRH fashion book

I put Diana: Her True Story on hold at the library because now we are a little bit obsessed with learning more about Diana.

I’m reading The Screwtape Letters, because somehow I never read this C.S. Lewis classic. And I recently finished A Grief Observed.

CS Lewis books

I finished Glitter and Glue, by Kelly Corrigan. She’s such a good writer; very honest, and she manages to be both deep and entertaining. This one is a memoir that is mainly about Kelly and her mom, but is also about motherhood and daughterhood in general.

(I feel like that sentence does a terrible job of explaining what this book is about, but I suppose that is why no one has ever hired me to write book jacket copy. (!!) Books are seriously hard to summarize.)

shopping for:

Last time I did a “lately” post (in October), I was shopping for a bookshelf for Sonia. And since then, I got a free one, which is now painted and installed in Sonia’s room.

sanded bookshelf

mid-project, obviously

I really need to take pictures of it so I can show you!

So, what am I shopping for lately, now that I’ve moved on from bookshelves?

Well, obviously I am doing some Christmas shopping. And part of that involved buying a blue Christmas tree.

blue christmas tree

I have never, ever bought a fake Christmas tree, much less a blue one. But I’ll show you what we’re doing with that once we get it all set up.

I will say, this is going to be even more unusual than our Christmas tree from last year:

Clay the Christmas Tree

Lisey named our 2019 tree Clay, which makes me laugh even now.

Also: I shopped for candy eyeballs yesterday because we plan to do our annual Christmas cookie decorating this coming Sunday. 

Christmas cookies

Christmas always seems to involve googly eyes at our house, and I love it. My kids make me laugh!

What have you been reading, watching, listening to, or shopping for lately?

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Cathy in NJ

Thursday 10th of December 2020

Can't wait to see the Blue Tree.

Reading : no joy just the news

Watching: The Crown Season 3 I loved all the stories about Winston Churchill too. Star Trek Enterprise the series from the early 2000's on Netflix Star Trek Discovery The Mandalorian... mostly for baby yoda Youtube: The Clutter Fairy - She makes so much sense and is quite witty and funny. She has changed my life and the condition of my home.


Thursday 10th of December 2020

So will the new tree have eyes and like cookies? Had to ask! Have a great holiday.


Thursday 10th of December 2020

My 92 year old Mom broke her hip and is convalescing at my house. We have been watching Virgin River on Netflix and my mom loves it! My daughters got me a subscription to Acorn TV last Christmas - it's British, Australian and New Zealand based shows - and I love just about everything on it. In books, I'm rereading Agatha Christie and some Jane Austen. My daughters like to tease me that I'm really just an old English woman :)


Thursday 10th of December 2020

I just finished Becoming by Michelle Obama. I was particularly interested in knowing what it is like to be in politics, in the White House, and to live that life. I found it a good read. Call the Midwife Christmas shows are available on PBS right now and just love that show.


Thursday 10th of December 2020

I am reading 'the sacred diary of adrian plass aged 37 3/4' for the nth time; it always makes me laugh so much I am watching utube vids on people hearing songs for the first time I am winning with paper organization (finally-its only taken 30 odd years ahem) my strategy is to put it in specific topic folders without sorting or tidying; I have nearly finished & then I will tackle it one folder at a time to whittle, recycle, shred, or arrange in order if I still keep it.

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