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Today, I am…

-working on my summer bucket list.

(ok, well, not right at THIS VERY MOMENT because I took a break to write this post!)

-drinking a kale/yogurt/berry smoothie. Made with my Vitamix, of course.

And homemade yogurt.

A kale smoothie in a glass mug.

-very happy that for the first time in forever, I don’t have oodles of things on my schedule this week.

-happy that Mr. FG had a good Father’s Day. It was pretty simple, but he picked some special foods to eat for breakfast and lunch, we played a game with the kids (I came in dead last, but that’s ok.), and we gave him presents (all of them were a hit!) and cards.

Ever since his birthday in February (the last gift-giving occasion for him), I’ve been keeping a running list of gift ideas for him on my phone. That made shopping for Father’s Day super easy!

-thankful that Mr. FG and I got to go away overnight to a wedding on Saturday. We left our kids home on their own overnight (only our second time doing that) and booked a hotel using my brother’s friends and family discount.

Parents of small people: the day really does come when it’s easy to leave your kids on their own. Woohoo!

-enjoying my colorful toes. I had a two-year-old pedicure gift certificate collecting dust, and I decided to use it before the wedding trip. So, my toes are looking fabulous.

I love how long a pedicure lasts vs. a manicure. Manicures are such a huge waste of money for me because I always mess up my fingernail polish well inside of 24 hours.

But my toes? They stay nice for ages.

-looking forward to getting rid of stuff this summer. I declutter my house from top to bottom every summer and as I worked on my bucket list this morning, I got all excited about the decluttering.

Maybe not so much about the process exactly…more about the result.


decluttering papers

-hoping to get Lisey out on the road for some driving practice. We got a little derailed due to her driver’s ed classes, so we need to get back on it!

-planning to plan my week out after I finish this post. I often do this on Sundays, but we were busy with Father’s Day stuff yesterday. Menu planning, here I come.

(I hate the process, but you know what’s worse than menu-planning? Having no plan at dinnertime!)

What are you up to today?

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Wednesday 21st of June 2017

Nice list! Can't wait for the day we will be able to leave the girls alone overnight, or just for the evening (they are 5 and 7, so we have a long time to go...)

Today I am: * working a shorter shift and enjoying this very much (9h30-3h30) * Planning my "divorce from sweets" by making a list of my 10 all-times favorites desserts, eating them all once in the next 2 weeks, saying a proper "goodbye" and quitting desserts for good (yeah, I know it might sound strange but I am addicted to sugar and I'm having a hard time controlling it, so I'm trying this method) * Going to watch my daughter's soccer game * Using my new-to-me treadmill (bought last week-end) * Starting a new book (I looooove books!)

Have a great day!


Wednesday 21st of June 2017

It does seem forever away at that stage...but it does happen eventually! You'll have independent kiddos one day.


Tuesday 20th of June 2017

Summer is really expensive for me. I tend to go to the mall more often. It is really tempting. Now, I need a few shirts and things to wear. Need a plan to tame the spending.


Tuesday 20th of June 2017

Instagram follower here..hope you are feeling better.

Trying to recover from a broke & now new washer..sick car tires..sick dog combined with a holiday so had to take to emergency vet..deposit on vacation..then a nail in the new tire. Of course it all hits at once. Ugh.

Thankful my dog is ok & my vet is awesome, glad my kid is driving on safe tires. Glad my washer is a nice one, the old one we could not find parts for. Happy that we are going to Asheville NC for about 2 weeks, I have never been to the mountains so our kids & families are all going so we are splitting costs.

Several more boxes packed up for Goodwill. Mostly glass things that I just don't need just don't want to dust or clean or move -out they go.


Tuesday 20th of June 2017

Summer bucket list: -Uber frugal month in July! -adjust to my 18 yo driving my car to work this summer, everyday! -paint basement stairs and clean out basement -declutter and toss old, too big clothes -rework a method book I'm writing -do one fun thing everyday! Here's to a wonderful summer everyone.


Tuesday 20th of June 2017

Drinking my delicious iced coffee Feeling motivated to come up with my own summer bucket list Looking forward to Thursday (my day off) Thankful for my husband

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