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WIS, WWA | I ran out of milk.

What I Spent

This was not a week for a big shopping trip. After all, I spent $430 last week!

I did get a Hungry Harvest delivery ($25).

Hungry Harvest kale

Would I ever buy kale? Probably not. But when Hungry Harvest sends it to me, I eat it.

And two days ago, we ran out of milk.

I guess I didn’t buy enough to put into the freezer. Or my family drank more than usual?

I broke down and made a quick milk stop, where of course I picked up more than milk! I spent $30 there.

So, $55 for me this week.

Gimme some Oven kale salad

Kale salad recipe from Gimme Some Oven. Great way to use kale, especially if you hate cooked greens.

What We Ate


It was too hot to make pizza, so I made grilled meat and veggie kebabs and buttery bubble bread.

I hadn’t made that bread in a while, but one of the girls had requested it last time I made garlic pull-apart bread.

The outside of all the pieces in this bubble bread are slightly crispy and oh-so-buttery…highly recommend!

I’d forgotten that the dough recipe doesn’t call for any milk, so I didn’t even have to sub anything to make this safe for Sonia.

(Mercifully, butter doesn’t bother her.)


The weather cooled down, so I made homemade pizza.

homemade pepperoni pizza

Everyone knows the piece with the bubble in the crust is the best. 😉


We had beef au jus sandwiches on homemade French bread, with sautéed asparagus on the side.

beef au jus sandwiches


I made chicken, green bean, and pepper curry, which we ate with buttered naan (from Aldi).

chicken curry


I tried Pioneer Woman’s recipe for creamy chicken enchiladas.

Verdict: good, but I would spread some sauce on the bottom of the pan next time to keep the tortillas from getting stuck.

Sonia ate chicken noodle soup because

a) she doesn’t like Tex-Mex


b) I am not about to bend over backwards to make a dairy-free version of something she hates anyway.

She was thrilled to eat chicken noodle soup instead. 😉 


I tried a pork ramen recipe from Cook’s Country and I made soy-marinated eggs to go in the ramen (first time trying that at home)


I think I might try a recipe for chicken teriyaki from a recent Cook’s Country magazine.

What did you eat for dinner this week?

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Kym Parker

Sunday 24th of May 2020

Sunday - Fried Chicken

Monday - Meatloaf

Tuesday - Steak Sandwiches

Wednesday - McDonalds

Thursday - Nachos

Friday - Pizza

Saturday - BBQ Ribs

Hawaii Planner

Saturday 23rd of May 2020

I cook a few times a week, and then we have leftovers the rest of the nights:

-Egg roll in a bowl with samosas -Taco slaw with tortilla chips -Tacos -Taco pasta bake

Yes, I polled the crew for recipe ideas, and.... everyone likes tacos. Next time, I will set a limit on taco themed recipes.


Saturday 23rd of May 2020

Ooh, let’s see how many meals I can actually remember! (I need to start writing them down...)

Monday - Hmmm. This one I’m finding hard to remember. Maybe bacon and eggs with toast? (Breakfast for dinner!!)

Tuesday - Chickpea stirfry with lots of veggies and ginger; served over rice. (Veggies included onions, mushrooms, broccoli, celery & sliced peppers.)

Wednesday- Leftover chickpea stirfry with rice. (We do a lot of cooking one night and then making it stretch out for about two or three nights worth of dinners. Less cooking...and we LOVE leftovers.)

Thursday - Was going to make spaghetti with the defrosted ground beef, but we both (oddly) didn’t feel like it. So, whipped up a batch of curried beef with veggies instead. Served on brown rice.

Friday - Curried Beef and Veggies with rice (leftovers)

Saturday - Making a pasta throw-together meal using chicken sausages, veggies, olive oil, herbs and a bit of hot sauce. Hub bought a bag of frozen sliced onions and peppers that I’ll use in this. I’ll top mine with grated cheese. (No cheese for hubby; he’s lactose intolerant.)

Sunday - Leftover Veggie Sausage pasta.

Yay, I remembered more than I thought I would. Thanks for this awesome post!

P.S. Is anyone else still eating a lot of quarantine chocolate, or is that just me?

Abigail Ferguson

Saturday 23rd of May 2020

I actually made this Bubble Bread today and it was delicious and my 4yo adored making it! Thanks x

I can’t find a way to post a pic to show you.


Saturday 23rd of May 2020

Oh, fantastic! You can tag me (@thefrugalgirl) on Instagram or Facebook. Or you can email me (


Friday 22nd of May 2020

Let's see if I can remember everything we ate. Friday: we had Chinese takeaway. Thursday: I cooked oven fries and fish fingers for my daughter and I and spinach and feta triangles for everyone else. Wednesday: hearty vegetable soup based on a kit and sausages. Tuesday: sweet and sour chicken with sauce out of a jar and rice. Monday: I know we ate but I can't remember what.

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