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What is Hungry Harvest?

Updated 11/2020 to add a $10 discount code instead of the old $5 discount.

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Hungry Harvest kale

Sometimes when I write my menu posts, readers email me and ask, “What is Hungry Harvest?”

So I thought I should write a little Hungry Harvest FAQ post that I can link to each week!

Hungry Harvest is a company that rescues fruits and veggies.

They deliver this rescued produce to local doorsteps so that it can be used instead of thrown away.  Each Hungry Harvest customer is helping to prevent food waste.

What’s up with this food? Is it tasty?

This food is perfectly edible; it just wouldn’t have been sold in stores.

Sometimes the items are

  • too big
  • too small
  • oddly shaped
  • scarred

And sometimes, a grower just had too much produce to sell and couldn’t find a buyer.

Or perhaps they had a buyer, but the purchase fell through and now the producer is left with a bunch of unsold produce.

Hungry Harvest bridges the gap between these items and consumers by rescuing and then delivering them.

And I for one am delighted to help make sure these fruits and veggies get eaten instead of being thrown away.

Why doesn’t this food just get donated?

A lot of producers don’t have the infrastructure or the funds to get the extra food to a donation site. Hungry Harvest makes sure the food doesn’t go to waste, AND they donate produce as well (over 650,000 pounds as of this writing!)

So. The producer makes money on food they wouldn’t have been able to sell otherwise, and some of this food does indeed get donated to people who need it.

This seems like a win-win to me!

Is this produce a good deal?

That depends. If you compare it to shopping the cheapest items each week at Aldi, then it’s not cheaper.

But compared to regular grocery store prices, it’s a good deal!

Aside from the pricing, I like getting a Hungry Harvest box because it gently forces me to prepare and eat more produce.  I know for sure that we eat more produce because of having this box delivered.

I get the full harvest each week, which costs $25 and comes with 1 type of green, 2-4 types of veggies, and 2-4 types of fruit. 

The photos of harvests in this post are the full harvest size.

What if Hungry Harvest wants to send you terrible produce that you hate?


Hungry Harvest lets you opt out of produce that gives you the shivers.

If there’s something you know you will never, ever want to eat, just put it on your “never” list, and Hungry Harvest will substitute something else for you.

What if I want all veggies? All fruit? A small harvest? A big harvest?

Hungry Harvest has lots of options for you! And you can switch back and forth between sizes/options each week if you like.

What if I don’t want a delivery one week?

Hungry Harvest lets you skip deliveries as often as you want. Totally handy if you end up with more produce than you can eat, or if you are on vacation.

Just log on to your account and click on Skip Deliveries.

Can I get Hungry Harvest in my area?

Hungry Harvest delivers in Maryland, Washington, DC, Virginia, Greater Philadelphia, Southern New Jersey, Northern Delaware, South Florida, The Triangle Area in North Carolina & the Detroit Metro Area.

Check out Hungry Harvest’s current delivery areas right here.

Is there is a discount for signing up?

Yup, yup! Use my referral link or the button below for a $10 discount on your first harvest.


If I missed anything, leave a comment and I’ll do my best to answer your question.

P.S. If Hungry Harvest isn’t in your area, try the similar companies Imperfect Produce or Misfit Market.

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Rebecca in MD

Sunday 1st of November 2020

Enjoyed this post very much. I just signed up for Misfit Market in an effort to eat more organic produce and get more variety than available at my local Aldi (which I also LOVE). One thing I liked is that Misfit Market mentioned that all packaging is recyclable, and the boxes are made from recycled material that can be recycled again.


Tuesday 3rd of November 2020

Do you get to do some picking with Misfit? Hungry Harvest doesn't deliver to my zipcode but Misfit does. I've been thinking about trying them but not if I'm going to get a bunch of stuff that most of my family doesn't eat.


Monday 2nd of November 2020

We are in between seasons with our CSA and would like to try Misfits since they'll fit our needs. Care to share a referral code?


Thursday 25th of April 2019

If there is only one person can you get a delivery say once three or four weeks?


Wednesday 6th of February 2019

I've been using it to force me to meal plan! Since I know what I'm getting by Thursday (delivery is Saturday), I can usually search and find a decent number of recipes, and have time to check that I have the rest of the ingredients or Google for substitutes. It eliminates the whole paralyzed-by-too-many-choices conundrum.

Diane C.

Thursday 31st of January 2019

I agree that eating more fruits and vegetables is a good thing, but so is supporting your local purveyors. If we all stop shopping locally, one by one, those options will disappear. Just another aspect of this complex issue to consider.


Wednesday 30th of January 2019

It's not in my area, but I would like something that makes me stretch my list of veggies. We had to do that some for my AIP elimination diet, and now parsnips are a regular in our rotation. I still can't handle turnip root (always loved the greens, though) or rutabaga, although my husband likes them. Poor guy, he doesn't get them often, because he wants one serving and he's done, and I want none. Even one rutabaga is more than one serving for him, so...

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.