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If they sold these in stores, I’d totally buy a pair.

For Zoe, not me.


Aren’t they adorable???




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The Frugal Girl » For those of you who asked….my camera equipment.

Wednesday 23rd of September 2009

[...] There are lots of wonderful things about the 50mm lens, but the best thing about it is that it is very, very fast, which allows me to shoot nice pictures without the flash even in very low light (like in a bowling alley). [...]


Monday 21st of September 2009

If they make it, you can buy it (the lane might even sell them to you.) Just be aware when something is made for commercial use, it has a commercial price. The exception to this I find is in cookware as a Restaurant Supply store is usually a pretty frugal place to shop at.


Saturday 19th of September 2009

You can but these; my chiropractor uses them on patients to check leg length disparity (or lack there of). When he gets back in town, I'll ask where he got his from. I would buy a pair for myself, but I think that might be grounds for divorce where I live! :D


Saturday 19th of September 2009

EM-I don't know if they'd look as good as these ones! I think these were brand new. lol

Angela, you could always adopt. Hee-hee.

My children do indeed act up and whine and fuss and do all the usual things that children do (the younger two especially have difficulty getting along with each other!). I just don't usually take pictures of them during those times. lol As children go, though, they are pretty good kids, and we are blessed to have them.

I think they're especially fun now that they're all getting a little bit older...we've really had some delightful times together on vacation, and it's reminded me how much I love our kids. :)


Saturday 19th of September 2009

Please stop making me sorry we don't have kids! I'm too old!

Seriously, your kids are beautiful and sweet. Do they ever throw tantrums/act up?

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