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Google saved me a trip to the vacuum repair store (+4 more frugal things)

1. I fixed my vacuum.

One of my kids was vacuuming and somehow the whole thing tipped over and got stuck in the non-upright position.

Miele twist won't stand up

I fiddled with it a bit and couldn’t get it to pop back up. I was about to give up, but I did a little googling and found the answer on a forum.

I just had to push a collar back while gently pushing the vacuum into the upright position. It took me a couple of tries, but I got it snapped back up correctly.  Yay!

Now I don’t have to take a trip to the vacuum repair man.

(The vacuum we have is the Miele Twist, and it looks like maybe the Miele Dynamic is the most modern version? My Miele was $399 and I bought it over six years ago.  Still going strong and I think it was worth it to pay for better quality.)

2. I made a Father’s Day card for Mr. FG.

This is not 100% about frugality.

Rather, I sometimes decide that I don’t feel like fussing with making a card, and then I go shop for one. And 9 times out of 10, I can’t find one that says what I want it to say.

Easy DIY Father's Day Card

I like cards that aren’t hyperbolic (no one is a perfect dad!), and it’s super hard to find one that says what I actually want to say.

Add to that the fact that cards run $5-7 these days, and I usually find myself freshly motivated to make a card.

(Another option I sometimes take is buying a pack of simple generic cards that can be used for any occasion.)

Because what YOU write in the card is far more important than what’s printed there, I think.

3. I cooked a Father’s Day meal at home.

I bought shrimp and scallops, which are not exactly in the budget every week.  However, if we took the six of us out to a sit-down restaurant for similar fare, we’d be well above $100 in a minute.

For $40 at the grocery store, though, I had the fixings for a seafood meal, plus enough for Monday’s lunch for Mr. FG.

4. I softened brown sugar with a bread heel.

It worked like magic!

soften brown sugar with breadac

You can see more photos and videos of the process on my Instagram highlights by clicking right here.

brown sugar

5. I helped Joshua find a secondhand dresser.

We found one he wanted to buy on Facebook marketplace and we’re picking it up tonight. Because my van is significantly better for furniture-hauling than his Civic is. 😉


What money-saving things have you done lately? Share in the comments.

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Thursday 20th of June 2019

I must say, those miele vacuums are totally worth the money. I have a home cleaning business and I use a miele canister vacuum. I clean anywhere from 2 to 5 houses a day and my meile has been going strong for over 2 years. Previous vacuums have broken after only a year. I'm upgrading my personal vacuum when I get a chance!


Thursday 20th of June 2019

1) We also did a fancy Father's day dinner at home - husband wanted to try a short rib/brisket/Chuck hamburger mix. It was around $6/lb. which is definitely not in our normal budget for ground beef. Also went for the fancy cheddar on top. And fancy buns. They were fancy hamburgers. Still spent less than half what we would have at a restaurant.

2) I started delivering for a grocery delivery service, because I have a bit of unexpected time off from school. I just learnt tonight that I also get free personal deliveries as a shopper.

3) Went a little overboard on fast food over the weekend, but I did choose to pickup a pizza and use a coupon, so instead of spending $25 on pizza dinner, it was only $9.

4) Took some books to a resale shop and got a $14 credit to spend in the store. Left with a cookbook, political book, and graphic novel and spent 50 cents out of pocket.

5) Going to call my insurance company tomorrow to find out the final cost of a hospital bill. If I pay it tomorrow, I should get a 15% discount, but I really want to verify the amount before paying.


Wednesday 19th of June 2019

1. We were out of state for an interview this past weekend. The church paid for the hotel. We saved money by packing snacks & eating the free breakfast AND the free dinner at the hotel (Drury). Our entertainment for our kids was the local park, the Hotel pool/TV & free popcorn:)

2. I've been saving plastic bags from apples, bread, potatoes & reusing creatively as bags again.

3. I've been line drying more clothes in the summer & the clothes look fresher for it.

4. I clipped online coupons.

5. We're doing a lot of free summer fun for the kids, such as VBS, library programs, play dates and splash pads. We splurged on one week of dance camp.


Wednesday 19th of June 2019

The handle on my 20 year old crockpot lid broke off. I found a replacement handle on Amazon for $6. Hubby attached it tonight.

Frugal daughter and her frugal BF found living room furniture on Facebook Marketplace (I'm so proud, sniff)


Wednesday 19th of June 2019

Also I made Fathers Day BBQ food for my DH, my Dad, my brother and all the family. Used new recipes, and it came out great. Saved at least $75 over local BBQ takeout

Bought Father's day cards and gift wrap at Dollar Tree, total of $4 (less than one Hallmark). I really like Dollar Tree cards. DH gift was expensive rain jacket for camping and hiking, but it was on sale and a replacement for a 20 year old one that disintegrated last season. So I see it as a good investment

Cyndi Rienstra

Wednesday 19th of June 2019

1. Received a $30 gift card from Inboxdollars for Regal and took my hub to movies on $5.50 Tuesday and still almost have enough to go twice more! 2. Found a beautiful large glass garden globe at Goodwill for $1.99 3. Found sone nice pansies at Walmart on clearance for $1.50 a six pack 4. Painted rooms in a friends new house for free but she gave me a $50 Texas Roadhouse Gift card 5. Having a yard sale Saturday!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.