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For the love of omega-3’s

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walnuts and dates

I was recently reading about how most of us get too many omega-6 fatty acids and not enough omega-3 fatty acids, and then I read that walnuts are a good source of the 3’s.

Unfortunately, I don’t really like walnuts.

(Why can’t pecans be super duper nutritious??)

So, I’ve been trying some recipes that use walnuts (and dates and cocoa powder!).   If I get a winning method worked out, I’ll let you know.


I tried out a Caprese-ish recipe…go check it out!

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Monday 12th of May 2014

I put either walnuts or almonds into the muffins I make for my kids ~ 1/2 cup, but I have to grind it up or they don't like the texture.

I now make chocolate syrup for milk using dates. I'm hoping it boosts the nutritional value - don't know what happens when you boil dates? Anyway, I take #8 dates and blend with 1 cup water. Place in pan with 1/2 cup cocoa. Med high heat and stir until dissolved. Then I add 1 cup honey. Raise heat. Stir continuously. Bring to low boil. Simmer 3 minutes. Let cool. Add a dash of salt and splash of vanilla extract. I put in a Ball jar and place in fridge. Lasts a week. I started with 4 dates until my girls were used to the flavor then went to 6 and then 8. I tried 12, but it made the syrup way too thick.


Friday 9th of May 2014

my favorite dates/walnut recipe is "Food for the gods": These are totally great and I don't like dates or walnuts, plus they keep forever and are super moist. I usually add some flax or wheat germ or whatever to good!


Wednesday 7th of May 2014

Yummy!! Dates are an Amazing food.. My husbands family actually owns a date farm, so I cook and bake with dates a lot. I add them in my crockpot pot roast just put some dates in with the veggies and meat (sounds weird but it so yummy). I also make chocolate covered dates, pit a date put a piece of walnut in it then dip it in melted Chocolate, this is the most common dessert in our house. I have a lot of date recipes LOL.

Nancy from Mass

Thursday 8th of May 2014

OMG if i lived on a date farm i would eat nothing but dates. date smoothies, date oatmeal, date bread, date pasta (is that possible?) i just love dates...


Wednesday 7th of May 2014

That picture is making me hungry. I'd just stick it all in the blender with some water and ice...healthy milkshake. Or skip the ice and then it's pudding!


Wednesday 7th of May 2014

Okay, you inspired me. But I was cold, so I made hot-chocolate instead of a milkshake. I put water, walnuts, dates, ground chia seed, and cocoa powder in the blender, then warmed up the final product. Viola! omega-3 hot chocolate! It will be fun to hear how the recipes you are trying turn out.


Tuesday 6th of May 2014

All nuts are good for you. There are certain ones that boast higher nutritional value than others, but all plant foods that are minimally processed have beneficial nutrients. Pecans are a good source of protein, fiber and some very healthy fats. As a nutritionist, I often recommend to people that you not focus on individual nutrients. You will drive yourself crazy. Food science research often contradicts itself because it is so difficult to study nutrients. If scientists find that people who eat lots of tomatoes have a very low risk of heart disease, then they start looking for the key nutrient from the tomato. Someone discovers lycopene is in tomatoes and starts selling supplements. The supplement won't have the same effect as the whole food because the nutrient wasn't working alone in the tomato. It may have been the combination of lycopene with vitamin C or the fiber, or who knows. So my long way of getting to my point is, I wouldn't worry about the types of fat as long as you are eating a varied diet with lots of fruits and vegetables and other plant foods, like nuts, you will probably stay pretty healthy!

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