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Five Frugal Things | shorts, period undies, and more

Happy Wednesday, friends! It’s time for our usual mid-week frugal lists.

1. I got shorts for $6/pair.

My girls and I really like the linen pull-on shorts from Old Navy.

Old Navy shorts

I wanted to get a few pairs for this summer for us (some of the pairs from last summer don’t fit), and when I first looked, they were $25 a pair, and exempt from any coupon codes.

Rats. I abandoned my shopping cart.

But then when I checked a few days later, the shorts were marked down to $9.97.

Yes, please!

I had two $5 rewards from using my Old Navy credit card, so that brought the total price down to $6/pair.

And of course, I selected the slower shipping because it’s free.

2. I ordered period undies.

Because right now is as good a time as any to reduce dependence on disposables, right??

I’m still not willing to give up toilet paper (ha!), but I am happy to try something that cancels the need to buy pantiliners.

(I’m not planning to give up my silicone menstrual cup; my thought is that these will remove the need for any disposable backup liners.)

I ordered from Thinx, and I got two marked-down pairs, plus free shipping with a coupon code.

Here’s hoping they work out great!

(If you want to try Thinx, you can save up to 20% on your next Thinx purchase through this link.)

3. I used two discounts at CVS.

Sonia and I ran out of contact solution, which we usually buy at Costco.

Clear Care contact solution

I haven’t been to Costco at all for a long time, though, since I’ve been trying to really limit my shopping.

So, after Sonia’s allergy shot (a necessary appointment that has to keep happening), I stopped into CVS and got saline solution and enzymatic cleaner, plus some toilet paper (yay!).

CVS 30% mail coupon

Every little bit helps!

I used a mailed 30% off coupon, plus my $10 CVS Carepass credit.

(With CVS Carepass, you pay $5/month, and you get a number of benefits, but the main one is a $10 credit which is basically a 50% discount.)

4. I tried to get a car insurance discount.

I was unsuccessful, but I am giving myself credit for trying!

I thought we could maybe get a rate discount by updating our files to show that we are driving almost no miles. But sadly, the plan we are on does not change based on mileage, either up or down.

However, I did find out that a credit is being issued to us in May, since the insurer’s costs are so low right now.

And a second credit will come at the end of the year, based on the insurer’s expenses at year’s end.

5. I…

  • scheduled a septic tank pumping (maintenance is cheaper than repair!)
  • ate the last bit of peanut butter on a heel of bread
  • made 4 quarts of chicken broth
  • made more banana chocolate chip muffins to use up brown bananas
  • helped Lisey file for unemployment (gotta say, it reminded me of sending in for rebates or dealing with medical insurance. The system seems to be designed to make you give up!)
  • scanned my sole receipt with Fetch (more info plus a bonus code at this link)

Your turn! Share your five frugal things in the comments.

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Friday 8th of May 2020

Hi Kristen, I love your blog! 1. When searching for a Fitbit, definitely something for fun and not a necessity for me, I realized they sell them at Kohl's. I had a Kohl's gift card from Christmas that I didn't need at the time that I used to buy a simple Fitbit and I only had to pay the tax! 2. Our library has been posting story time online so we make sure to watch it every week for free entertainment for my 2 preschoolers. 3. This is unintentionally frugal, but we have been receiving refunds from many cancelled camps and activities for my kids, so we have been throwing a lot of that into savings for future vacations, etc, so we can enjoy the money when we feel safe to travel again. 4. As a runner, I have taken advantage of a couple of free running programs/challenges on Facebook for extras accountability without spending extra money. 5. I wanted some leggings from Thredup, and if you chose the "bundle" option you for free shipping, you just had to wait an extra week before they shipped it. I didn't need to add anything to my bundle but I waited to extra week to save the $6 shipping fee.


Thursday 7th of May 2020

1. Earned a $10 gift card through Fetch Rewards. I was expecting to make $3 but hit the points jackpot buying diapers and wipes for a friend who can't leave the house. That $10 went toward replacing my broken hairbrush. 2. The hairbrush was just one of a number of things that broke in quick succession. In a month, we had repairs to the washer, dryer, fridge (those three covered by our home warranty, thank heavens); had to replace the can opener and TV remote (on our dime); and DH smashed his glasses in a grocery cart (free repair, although the lens is scratched down the side). So the frugal thing is it could have been so much worse! 3. My fabric stash has given me so much stuff to repair things around the house. I wanted to make a summer valance for the living room window and found two throw pillow covers to take apart and reuse that fabric, along with some coordinating fabric for tab tops and some muslin for the backing. No money spent! 4. More zero dollar decorating: I also rescued my antique trunk from my son's room, where it was languishing under a coat of dust, cleaned it up and put it in our living room to store everyone's laptops and keep them off the floor. Our house is a 1952 California-style ranch and has a nook with a fireplace as the living room. The room's too small for a coffee table, but that little trunk looks great under the window. 5. Did a huge amount of mending at one go: stitched up all the seams on a slipcover, altered a muzzle that is a little too big for the dog (she is high-strung and snaps at people when she is scared), and altered the neckline of a thrifted shirt to make it more modest and thus much more wearable.


Thursday 7th of May 2020

Hooray for frugality! Here are my 5 for today:

1. Had another homemade latte, and they’re easy to do! I just heat up milk in a mug in the microwave, and use a whisk to froth the milk up. I top the frothed milk with strong brewed coffee and then sprinkle cinnamon on top. It’s my frugal Starbucks-ish treat.

2. Ate a protein bar for breakfast that I’d gotten on sale. Makes for a cheap and frugal breakfast, and very fast too!

3. Will be staying in today, as I do most days. Enjoying quiet time to read.

4. Those books mentioned above - I purchased through a book outlet. Our libraries are closed, so I have treated myself to a few books online. (Reading is definitely my major form of entertainment!)

5. Since our gym is also closed down, we’ve been using our mini trampoline at home A LOT! If you research online, rebounding (bouncing on a trampoline) is an excellent exercise to burn fat and get the old lymphatic system cleaned out. Who knew!?!

Hawaii Planner

Thursday 7th of May 2020

Let's see, it's hard to remember! 1) I'm working on several large yard projects, to cut down the cost of having someone else help us. Pulling out ivy is a terrible project, but it causes rats to nest, and that's neither frugal nor fun. 2) Continuing to list items on eBay & making small sales. Packing all items in repurposed packaging 3) We are walking our neighbor's dog for her, as she can't get out right now. I've found many creative dog poop bag options around our house, vs tossing them. 4) Ate all meals at home, & we've done well with eating leftovers. 5) Picked up lemons that a neighbor had out with a "free" sign in their driveway. Juiced & now enjoy a bit of lemon juice in my water.


Thursday 7th of May 2020

1. Got petrol for 86 cents/L which is about what it was in 1988 here 2. Eating waaay less takeaway which is good but still getting one meal per week to support restaurants & have a break from cooking & usually covers 2 meals 3. I'm cooking more with my microwave - discovered trick from utube to wrap & rest potato in foil after cooking, makes a microwave baked potato pretty good. 4. Have made some excellent progress in tidying & decluttering which in turn is helping me be more efficient with lots of things, discovering hidden gems like a manual spice grinder I forgot I bought from a thrift store (still in box unused) & oddly helping me buy less as I develop skills to only buy what I really need or will be really beneficial 5. Found a plain greek yoghurt I really like to have with fruit & doubles as topping for nachos or creamy dressing instead of wasting a jar of mayo or sour cream I will never finish - no added sugar is a bonus ( NB I have no intention at this stage to go sugar free I love cake & chocolate but I am looking for ways to cut down on unnecessary sugar, e.g. when I have the energy I make a thick fasoloada ( tomato/beans/vegies to replace baked beans which have too much salt & sugar)


Thursday 7th of May 2020

woops that should read fasolada

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