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Five Frugal Things | plus a $15 offer from Top Cashback

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1. I bought marked-down soup.

Sonia and Zoe sometimes like to heat up cans of soup at lunchtime, and I happened to find a can of chicken noodle and a can of tomato soup on the markdown shelf.

So now they’re on my kitchen shelf.

marked down soup

2. I got a nightstand for Zoe from Facebook marketplace.

I wanted to find a solid wood nightstand that I could paint to match her bed exactly, rather than an already-white nightstand that wouldn’t be an exact match.

bed frame painted Cloud White

(Here’s Zoe’s bed that I painted this summer.)

So, I snagged this one from Facebook marketplace for $25. It’s Ethan Allen, so it’s solid wood.

Ethan Allen nightstand before

It’s got some surface damage, which is fine because I’m going to sand and paint it. And of course, I’ll put some new hardware on as well.

Ethan Allen nightstand before

Luckily, the weather is going to be pretty warm for the next few days, so I should be able to knock this out right away.

(Here’s how I paint wooden furniture.)

3. I bought and sold Snobs.

Julian Fellowes Snobs Review

Snobs is a book by Julian Fellowes, and the library didn’t have it. 

So, I bought a used copy, read it, and promptly sold it again.

used book shipping

4. I sold one more Halloween costume.

It was this one, which I wore back in 2015.

Halloween costumes

So, now I’m down to two costumes, and I’m wondering if maybe I would just prefer to give them away, rather than store them for another year.

5. I remembered to use Top Cashback for two online purchases.

(Top Cashback is a shopping portal that gives you a percentage of your purchase back as cash.)

I never say no to getting a few dollars back for a purchase I’d have made anyway (clothing for my girls).

And of course, I used a rewards credit card for the purchase as well.

If you are new to Top Cashback, there’s a bonus offer right now just for Frugal Girl readers. 

Here’s the deal: when you open an account and earn $10 in cashback, you get a $15 bonus (normally new members get $10).

With holiday shopping season approaching, it will be super easy to earn the $10 necessary to get your $15.  The offer is only good through November 6th.

What frugal things have you been up to? Share in the comments!

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Hawaii Planner

Sunday 3rd of November 2019

1) A bigger one, but I got promoted at work. It was a big career milestone promo, so I got a raise, and will get a larger bonus & qualify for more equity each year. I'm still struggling with my work/life tradeoffs dilemma, but it's nice to be recognized for my accomplishments. 2) Chased Lowes for issues with our door delivery. This has gone on for 6 months, so there will be compensation involved. I want to just give up, but I know that's not the right answer. 3) Sent all paperwork to hospital that didn't receive the payment we sent from my husband's HSA 4) Made (most) meals at home. Did have one splurge meal out on Halloween, when both kids were unexpectedly gone 5) Made the most of grocery store & pharmacy rewards to get things we need.


Friday 1st of November 2019

I'm late to the party but here are my FFT: 1. Went to free training for work with free food & cuppas 2. Training was on the other side of city so stopped for dinner & avoided peak hour home & had leftovers for dinner the next night- petrol was 1.62/L & saved 1hour's drive- admittedly food probably scuppered the saving but it was delicious & saved me from a hideous drive...:) 3. Going to bed a lot earlier a lot more - have more energy & less electricity used 4. Going to work earlier - quicker drive = less petrol 5. Really little thing but when I clean the toilet or as necessary I drop a few drops of tea tree oil in bowl, no nasty chemicals, really effective & I can't tell you how many years ago I bought the bottle...

Jennifer Y.

Wednesday 30th of October 2019

1. I stayed within my grocery budget for the month of September! I am on track with October as well! I am very excited by this because I budgeted $50 less than my typical monthly spending. 2. I stayed within my dining out budget for the month of September! I am on track with October as well! This was a tricky category to cut back because it required lots of commitment to cook most meals at home. 3. Carried my lunch to work everyday for the past two and half weeks. No trips to the vending machine either. 4. Found a forgotten suit jacket with my winter clothes. It wears well with my current work wardrobe. It feels new to me at no extra cost. 5. Just started using the Ibotta app, earned $20 sign up credit.


Friday 1st of November 2019

good for you Jennifer!

Cathy in NJ

Wednesday 30th of October 2019

1. Called the health insurance company when I got a provider bill for $200+ when I normally pay $10 for the lab test. It was a typo error on the providers part. I save at least $200. 2. Mended a lunch tote. The handle was frayed, so I cut the frayed side and used a lighter to stop the fraying on the web material and changed the configuration to a wristlet. 3. Replaced buttons on a shirt using the spare extra button from other shirts. 4. Shopped the garage and replaced a light bulb and continue to declutter the garage. 5. Decluttered skin care products and lotions over 3 years old. DDs skin felt burned after using an old lotion. She washed it off and all was well. I now know that the skin care products I have are safe. Avoiding injury is frugal.


Wednesday 30th of October 2019

Gosh, the Frugal five come up so quickly and I really have to put my thinking cap on this week!

1) DS2 is going to college to be a mechanical engineer. He has to design and make things using a 3-D printer and machines that I am not familiar with. He made a very heavy duty ice scraper. It weighs a ton and is thicker than a glass coke bottle but it's cool.

2) I sold a Door on ebay. We didn't need it and it's for local pick-up only. But, c'mon , it's a door...Who knew I could even do that. The best part is that we got it for free since the company sent us the wrong one and let us keep it.

3) I sold books that DS2 didn't want anymore on ebay. I sent it by media mail, which is so much cheaper than any other type of service by USPS.

4) After having surgery a couple of months ago, a big bill arrived from the hospital. I will call them tomorrow to see about a payment schedule. I've never done this before and don't know if they charge a fee or interest or what. If a fee is charged, I'll see if they'll waiver it somehow. Maybe by paying a larger amount each month? I'm not sure if I can haggle on it, but I'll try to avoid any extra fees.

5) I earned $35 in Swagbucks and $30 in rewards from my credit card. I intended to buy DS1 earbuds from Amazon for Christmas. Today, he showed me his earbuds (I had no idea he had them as he said he needed good ones and told me what name brand and style he wanted) and they were exactly what he told me he wanted. ::sigh:: Back to the drawing board.

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